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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Violet, OH

Violet is a township in Fairfield County, Ohio that is just southeast of Columbus. It currently has just under 45,000 residents. Violet shares some of the same substance abuse issues as its larger sibling city to the northwest and many other cities throughout Ohio. Addiction and mental health issues continue to increase throughout the city and drug overdose deaths have nearly doubled in Fairfield County over the past two years. If someone is struggling with drugs or alcohol, then entering a Violet drug and alcohol rehab center is very highly recommended. Programs like these can not only help someone change their life, they may save someone’s life given the drastic increase in overdose deaths in recent years.

Addiction Resources in Violet

The drug situation in Violet is serious, and it is only escalating. That being said, there are people working to reduce the dangers and the problems caused by drugs in the community. These include community, government, and social service organizations. These groups are providing helpful resources to increase awareness of the problem, spreading prevention resources, and providing access to care for anyone who wants help. Just a few of the organizations responding to the substance abuse problem in Violet include:

  • Fairfield County Alcohol, Drug Abuse, & Mental Health Board: This is a government organization that works to provide connection to care for anyone struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues. Their website lists a helpful resource page where they list providers that provide a wide range of recovery services to the people of Violet and Fairfield County.
  • The Recovery Center: This is a substance abuse and mental health treatment center that began as a community service by the Fairfield County Health Department. It is now its own organization and continues to provide care to those in need throughout Violet and Fairfield County.
  • Lutheran Social Services Mission of Fairfield County: This is a charitable organization that provides a homeless shelter as well as a wide range of resources to help people recover from homeless and get on their feet financially.
  • The Lighthouse: This is a domestic violence prevention and recovery organization. They provide a 24/7 crisis line as well as a wide range of social services to people experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Fairfield County 211: This is a community and social service program that provides a hotline by dialing 211 as well as a resource finder tool on their website. Anyone can find all different kinds of services throughout Violet and Fairfield County.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Violet

Depending on the substance someone has been using, the amounts they used, and the length of time they used it may be necessary to undergo medical detox to safely stop using the substance. Certain drugs and alcohol can produce painful, dangerous, or even deadly side effects if someone suddenly stops using them. Entering a Violet drug and alcohol detox center can reduce the discomfort and the danger of withdrawal. More than this, centers like Ohio Addiction Recovery Center can help someone find further care and treatment once detox has been completed.

Our premier drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus is covered by most insurance plans. We also provide free transportation to and from treatment anywhere in Ohio. We offer detox, residential rehab, partial hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and recovery housing. To see if you qualify or to verify your benefits, call us today at 800-481-8457.

Recovery Meetings In Violet

During their time in our addiction treatment program, we encourage our clients to make new connections and friendships in their local recovery fellowships and programs. Everyone’s addiction is a little different, and so everyone’s recovery will look a little different too. There is no single “right” way to recover, and thankfully there are many different recovery programs available in Violet. A few examples of these programs include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: The AA Central Ohio Group Fellowship website provides a meeting search tool to find AA meetings across Violet Township. This recovery program is for anyone who wants to stop drinking alcohol.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: The Narcotics Anonymous World Services website provides a meeting finder to look up NA meetings anywhere in the world. They currently list 6 NA meetings per week within 10 miles of Pickerington, Ohio. This recovery program is for anyone with a desire to stop using drugs.

The programs mentioned above are both 12-Step programs, but there are other types of recovery groups as well. These can include religious-focused recovery programs or self-help groups. Some of these groups that hold meetings in Violet Township include:

  • Celebrate Recovery: This is a Christian-oriented recovery program. They currently hold 11 meetings per week within 25 miles of Pickerington.
  • SMART Recovery: The name of this recovery program is an acronym for Self Management And Recovery Training. They currently hold 4 SMART Recovery meetings within 25 miles of Pickerington, Ohio.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Violet, Ohio

Violet shares many of the issues that are prevalent elsewhere in Ohio. Drugs are more widely available, overdoses are on the rise, and drug-related crime is on the rise as well. As far as drug overdose deaths are concerned, there has been a sharp increase in just the last year and a half. In January of 2020, there were 32 drug overdose deaths in Fairfield County. In July of 2021, this number had increased to 55 drug overdose deaths. This number may still rise, as there are some cases that are pending investigation.

Another issue that contributes to the drug abuse problem in Violet is its proximity to the much larger city of Columbus. It is increasingly looking like Violet may be a storage and staging area for drug distribution throughout Columbus and the surrounding areas. For example, late in 2021 a man was arrested in Pickerington for drug trafficking throughout Fairfield and Franklin counties. He was found in possession of four pounds of cocaine, over 20 pounds of marijuana, and hundreds of ecstasy and oxycodone pills. This is just the most recent case of this sort, but there have been many others over the past few years. 

Violet’s proximity to interstate I-70 is another contributor to its utility as a staging area for drug trafficking and distribution. I-70 begins in Baltimore, Maryland, and runs all the way across the country to western Utah. This makes a very profitable drug corridor as it provides access to most of the central United States. Baltimore has long been known as a major drug trafficking entry point to the country, and as drugs move their way throughout the country, many of them pass through Violet.

There has been an escalating trend over the past few years for drugs throughout Ohio to contain unusual cutting agents, and Violet is no exception. Fentanyl, carfentanil, atropine, phenacetin, and diphenhydramine are just a few of the non-traditional cutting agents which have been found in drugs in Violet recently. While these are the most dangerous, there are several other dozen compounds that have been used as cutting agents more and more frequently over recent years. In recent years, crystal meth, fentanyl, and gabapentin have grown in popularity throughout Violet and the nearby areas. There have also been multiple reports of counterfeit Xanax pills that contain fentanyl which has contributed to the sharp rise in overdose deaths recently.

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