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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Columbus, Ohio

Alcohol still remains one of the most widely used and abused substances in the United States. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol dependence or addiction issues, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center can help. Our Ohio based treatment center offers alcohol rehab programs that will help you fully address and overcome your alcohol addiction. Our alcohol rehab center in Ohio is individually tailored to meet each client’s unique and specific needs. Treatment is not a one size fits all type of therapy. Each client has specific struggles and a unique story. Our staff will design a treatment plan for each individual.

Additionally, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center center offers all of our clients a wide variety of evidence-based treatment programs and different levels of care that will fit each client’s specific treatment and recovery needs. No rehab program should utilize just one recovery method. Any program that offers various approaches to help clients overcome substance abuse issues are often more successful.

Our Alcohol Rehab Center in Ohio is Effective and Proven to Work

When someone enters the alcohol detox and treatment program at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, life-long sobriety is the ultimate goal. Our experienced and compassionate staff is experienced in helping clients develop the skills necessary to get sober and stay sober. Our top-rated Ohio rehab program helps individuals address the root causes of their alcoholism. The over-consumption of alcohol is merely the surface issues that everyone can see. A majority of people with substance abuse disorder have underlying issues that must be addressed.

With the help of our clinical staff, we will teach clients how to manage triggers, incorporate life skills, coping mechanisms, and utilize aftercare programs. This will help those new in recovery to avoid relapse and build a strong recovery foundation. Through a client’s stay, the staff at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center will be proactive every step of the way in providing the best and most effective care for all of our clients. To learn more about the care we offer at our facility contact us today at 800-481-8457. You will not be charged to speak with our staff or to have an over the phone evaluation done.

What are the Essential Components of our Ohio Alcohol Rehab Programs?

If you are looking to quit alcohol once and for all, finding professional help from an Ohio alcohol rehab center such as Ohio Addiction Recovery Center is an absolute necessity. Doing this alone is never suggested. not only is it rarely successful, but it can also be dangerous. Alcohol withdrawals are extremely painful, mentally draining, and in severe cases can actually be fatal. Proper medications must be administered during alcohol detox to help ease withdrawal pains and lower the chance of a seizure occurring.

Upon completing an Ohio alcohol detox program one will transition into a rehab or treatment center. When you or a loved one come to Ohio Addiction Recovery Center to undergo treatment, you will follow an individualized and highly structured treatment program that is made up of the following essential steps:

Medical Detoxification

In order to minimize the potential danger of the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting alcohol, you must first undergo medical detoxification. During the detox process, staff may administer medications and utilize other interventions in an environment that is completely safe and highly supervised. Additionally, experienced treatment staff will also conduct a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose any co-occurring mental health issues that may make your recovery more difficult. Over 70% of addicts and alcoholics struggle with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or another mental health problem. If the event that a co-occurring disorder is discovered, treatment staff can create an initial treatment plan that will address those specific issues. These problems must be addressed or one’s chance of relapsing will increase.

Intensive Therapy and Treatment Programming

Once you are stable and substance-free, you will then enter an Ohio alcohol rehab center. Our Ohio alcohol addiction treatment programs can be individually tailored from a wide variety of treatment services such as individual therapy, group session, life skills training, coping mechanism training, and other essential treatment services. During this phase, you will gain the tools and get the encouragement and support you need to overcome your addiction to alcohol.

One typically stays in a rehab center for 28-45 days, but this time can vary from person to person. As mentioned earlier, we design treatment plans for each client’s individual needs. This results in varying times in treatment. Inpatient rehabs in Ohio are the most intense form of therapy. Clients reside in the program and are under the care and supervision of the staff throughout the day and night. Upon completion of inpatient treatment, it is strongly recommended that one continues on the road to recovery and attends aftercare programs.

Aftercare Programs

To give you the added support and encouragement you need as you leave formal drug treatment, aftercare programs such as outpatient drug rehab and sober living are highly recommended. These treatment options will help you understand the triggers and other factors that can lead to relapse. Intensive outpatient (IOP) allows you to continue to master the life and coping skills that are needed. They will also learn additional relapse prevention tools and will learn how to deal with cravings and urges to use in a constructive manner without reverting back to drug use. We offer a full continuum of care at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center call us today at 800-481-8457 to find out more.

We Offer Ohio Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs That Fit Your Needs

At Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, we realize that every addict is unique and a standard approach to treatment will fail to address an individual’s alcoholism in its entirety. We offer our Ohio alcohol treatment programs in a variety of formats that best suit you and your story. In addition to the intensive structure of inpatient treatment, we also offer our Ohio alcohol rehab programs in an intensive outpatient format.

With intensive outpatient treatment, you will be able to receive quality treatment services while being able to meet your family, work, and school commitments. We also offer both short-term and long-term programs. Our alcohol rehab programs in Ohio are 12-Step based to provide you the support and empowerment you need in order to make your recovery a reality. At Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, our number one goal is to give you the care, tools, and support you need to step confidently into a new life filled with health, happiness, and sobriety.

Call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Today

Alcohol abuse has ruined countless lives throughout the United States. It’s not the struggling individual that suffers from their alcoholism, but many of their loved ones will feel the devastation. If you are ready to make the ultimate commitment to your health and future, call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center right now. Our Ohio alcohol addiction rehab programs have been thoroughly researched and proven to work. Throughout your stay with us, our experienced staff will provide you with a full continuum of care to store your health in mind, body, and spirit.

Don’t wait another day; pick up the phone and contact us today at 800-481-8457. An alcohol abuse specialist is always standing by ready to help you through this difficult time in any way that they can. Whether you just need some advice, have some questions, or would like to know more about our alcohol rehab in Ohio, we can help. If we are unable to get you into our treatment program we will help you locate one that matches your specific needs. Calls are always free of charge and completely confidential. A better life is possible and it might just be a phone call away.

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  • OARC is a fantastic place if you willing and ready to change your life. The councilors and technicians are fantastic and will help you in your recovery. The intensive … read more outpatient program is one of a kind, it is truly remarkable and will help you battle your addiction but also help you with your emotions to make you a better person.
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    up at your sober living home at 11:00 pm when they know someone is having a bad day just to be there for
    you on their time off then you know they care!
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  • This place and all the wonderful people who work here TRULY saved my life. I’m so grateful for Andrew and Sunshine (John) who are the higher ups. So kind and caring. … read more My counselors Bethany, Cami, Jenny and caseworker Jenn was absolutely amazing 🤩. I worked through a lot of suppressed emotions which allowed me to forgive myself and love Myself. Now I can truly say I’m able to love everyone I come into contact with and it’s truly AMAZING! I thank the Techs Michelle, Hailey, Susan, Zach, Holley and Byron. I also want to thank psychiatrist Jen, Nurse Practitioner Erin and the nurse Hedi, Teresa, Brooke and anyone else who helped me along my journey! I made some loving and caring friends I’m so grateful for. I’m so happy and thankful to you OARC! I hope to get a job here next year. I want to help others like myself. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Much love and light to this Family of caring human angels 😇
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