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Cigna to Stop Covering Oxycontin Prescriptions

Basic human nature shows us that we are creatures of survival. We adapt to the times as the times are a changing. Like it or not, the world continues to spin at its own pace regardless of our readiness. To survive we have to offend and defend. We must know

DOJ Gives Southern Ohio $2.9 Million to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Whenever you think of a story being told you think of the typical beginning, middle, and end. This is to be expected, but seeing as we cannot see into the future, nobody can be definite which chapter is which while discovering life and all that it has to offer. This
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6 Ways to Train Yourself to be Mindful in Sobriety

The human mind is like having an infinite number sided dice and rolling it repeatedly just to see what may be the outcome. Sure it might land on the same sides twice- anything is possible, but ultimately there will be a different result most of the time for the dice tossed.
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Franklin County, Ohio is seeing a Spike of 88% in Overdose Rates

“Normal to the spider is chaos to the fly,” said the philosophical author Charles Addams. This is something that should resonate with all as we look into our daily routines and reflect on life. There are so many walks of life out there that it would be unfathomable to think

How to Identify the Victim Mentality

As we stumble blindly through this world learning the daily tricks of the trade, most who aren’t oblivious to their emotions cycle through an onslaught of dissimilar feelings throughout the course of their day. From Hulk like emotions resembling anger, to a simple bliss that may remind us of Winnie
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Ohio Drug Overdose Deaths Up 33%

Over the last several decades we’ve seen some pretty weird trends that people surprisingly hopped onto. We saw disco come and go, the pet rock didn’t stay for long, and don’t forget mullet haircuts (or even worse- the rooster top man buns that started appearing). Most of these things made

Ohio Mayor Seeks Emergency Response Center for Opioid Crisis

There’s heaviness in the air for some as addiction slowly gases the masses and begins to fatally sweep across the nation. For too many years now opioids of all forms, primarily pharmaceuticals like painkillers, have been tormenting addicts and alcoholics in the United States. Innocent people are dying prematurely while

With Alcoholism on the Rise, 1 in 8 are now Reported Alcoholics

Alcohol addiction: the blindfolded disease. It’s the one that everybody talks about but you don’t always see right in front of you. Some call them spirits- others call them liquors, but the nickname matters not when the gloom is delivered the same. Alcoholic beverages of sorts have been around probably
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5 Types of People to Avoid in Rehab

A doctor known by the name of Suess once wrote, “Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them”. A statement that couldn’t be any truer as all of us blindly feel our way through life balancing on that teeter totter of juvenile behavior and mature wisdom. Of course,
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5 Ways to be a Good Friend to Your Newly Sober Loved One

Relationships are a beautiful thing when two living beings can coexist and provide happiness to one another. Whether that is a platonic relationship or that with a lover, the idea of two people with completely different genetic make ups and opinions have the ability to care so much for each