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Meth Is Becoming Prevalent Again In Ohio

While Ohio has been facing a drug epidemic with the substance Fentanyl, which has recently found its way in cocaine and other substances besides heroin, there has been a drug that has seen a massive resurgence. That substance would be crystal meth. Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine, it
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Staging An Intervention For A Drug Addict

An intervention is a highly stressful, yet important event for all involved. Family and friends get together to help the person they love see that they need to get help. The person struggling needs to know that the people around them love and support them but need something to change

Opioid Addiction Treatment in Ohio

The opioid epidemic continues to affect people in every state of the United States. However, Ohio holds the second-highest rate of opioid abuse when compared to other states. According to research conducted in 2017, Ohio had a rate of 39.2 opioid-related deaths per 100,000 persons. Nationally, the rate of opioid-related

Seniors and Addiction

Typically when people imagine an addict, they picture someone in their mid-20s. However, addiction is becoming a common problem among the elderly population. In fact, most senior citizens suffering from addiction are dependent upon alcohol or prescription pills. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), up

Sexual Assault and Addiction

In the United States, 1 out of 6 women and 1 out of 33 men will be the victim of a rape attempt. Additionally, according to RAINN, government authorities respond to a report of child sexual abuse every 8 minutes. While these numbers are alarmingly high, these are only the

Gabapentin Abuse is on the Rise: Ohio Officials Consider Making Changes

Gabapentin, an opioid alternative, is being abused at an alarming rate across Ohio. As a result, state officials are considering reclassifying this drug as a controlled substance. Gabapentin (Neurontin) is typically prescribed to treat seizures and nerve pain in adults. This drug became more popular amidst the opioid crisis in
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Crystal Meth: Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Meth, or crystal methamphetamine, is an illegal man-made substance that belongs to the Methamphetamine class of drugs. Some forms of methamphetamines are legal and prescribed to treat the side-effects of mental disorders such as attention-deficit disorder (ADD). However, crystal methamphetamine has no medicinal value. Crystal meth is made with the
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Dealing with an Addict in Denial 

The life of an addict is a difficult life, but the life of an addict’s loved one can be just as difficult. When someone you love is caught in substance abuse or chemical dependence, it can hurt you to watch them make the wrong decisions and continually harm themselves. You
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Ohio Front and Center for Surging Overdoses from Fentanyl-laced Cocaine 

Federal and Ohio state officials are making progress in the fight against opioid overdoses, but it seems that every time some good is done, something new comes along to undo it. This is the case all over Ohio where fentanyl-laced cocaine has caused skyrocketing overdose numbers, particularly in African American
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Alternatives to the 12 Steps 

Getting sober is a uniquely personal experience. There are undoubtedly certain proven methods and therapies to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction in Ohio but not every method works for everyone.  One of the most popular forms of addiction treatment in the world is working the steps of