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CDC’s New Report Shows 30% Jump In Opioid Overdoses Last Year

If you’re hoping that our efforts to alleviate the opioid epidemic have borne fruit, a new study released by the CDC suggests that opioid overdoses are actually on the rise. So how bad is opioid abuse getting? And is there anything we can do about this ongoing problem? Genesis Of

Kasich Proposes Tougher Rules for Opioids Distributors

There are so many seemingly unanswered questions in life. Why did Mark David Chapman shoot John Lennon? Why do people eat Applejacks if they don’t taste like apples? Why are people dying left and right from a chemically laden plague that seems to have no end in sight? There is an

6 Things Our Holistic Rehab Has to Offer

A fondly remembered author by the name of Shel Silverstein once wrote in one of his many books, “There is a voice inside of you, that whispers all day long. (I feel this is right for me, I know that this is wrong.) No teacher, preacher, parent, friend, or wise

Signs of Depression  

Do you ever have those days, or rather weeks of just waking up and this psychological funk just hits you with a punch? Haven’t even gotten a yawn out and the heaviness just shows up. Thoughts of the future and past begin to fester into this rather humongous monster of

Kellyanne Conway’s Opioid Cabinet Cuts Drug Czar Out of Picture

Imagination is the underbelly to the conscious rhythms we frolic through on a day to day basis. Without imagination, think about how bland and gray the world would be. People like Walt Disney wouldn’t have created Mickey Mouse. Brand names would disappear, entertainment would vanish, and everything as we know

Organ Donor Rates Increase in Ohio Due to Overdose Deaths

The complications of addiction are seemingly ever increasing for the United States. If it’s not a crack epidemic in the 1980s, then it’s an opioid crisis in the 2010s. Brains are fried, veins are collapsed, and livers are damaged. Alcoholic thinking seems to really hit home for this once great

Police Warn of New Drug “Rizzy” Eating at Skin    

Lately, everybody is crazy about all these dark fictional characters and their story origins. There’s the Twilight saga and it’s an amalgamation of vampire drama. There are Batman and his victimized orphan crime fighting. There’s even an 8 season series of some random guy and his friends forever evading zombies

More Ohio and Kentucky Counties Sue Drug Distributors

As we paddle thru life, there are experiences undergone that leave no mark whatsoever upon our ever fragile psyche. Maybe you saw a pretty painting in a museum that one time, or maybe even you dropped an egg on the floor while making a large Sunday breakfast- it happens. Big
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Ohio’s Foster Care System Feeling the Effects from the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic claimed more lives in 2017 than any year before it. To add insult to injury, more laws and regulations were put out than any year before it either. The statistics are more than real and the figures are rising. Plain and simple: the United States is suffering

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues in Sobriety

3 seasons down and it’s that time of the year again. The one where we rush from one heat source to the next. The one where we struggle to smoke a cigarette outside because your chest feels ready to cave in at any given moment. The one where a hot