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Why Choose Ohio Addiction Recovery Center?

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, getting sober and achieving long-term recovery requires determination and desire. It is important to find an addiction recovery center in Ohio that provides the services and support that are needed for you or your loved one to achieve total freedom from addiction. Ohio Addiction Recovery Center is the premier addiction recovery center in the state that will provide you the tools needed to break free from substance abuse.


Core Components:

  • Life Skill Oriented
  • Research-based
  • 12-Step Based
  • Experienced Staff
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Wellness-Focused

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    Welcome To Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

    "Recovery Close to Home" At Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

    Our Approach

    Ohio Addiction Recovery Center's highly trained addiction specialists work closely with each client to determine their strengths and weaknesses while formulating a holistic treatment plan tailored to their specific needs as the means to help each individual realize the dream of addiction free living.

    Our Facility

    Our treatment facility which is set right outside central Columbus Ohio. With all necessities located nearby to help provide clients with a new start from the hopeless world of active drug and alcohol addiction.

    Treatment Services

    Ohio Addiction Recovery Center supports clients through the many stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our continuum of care programs and treatment services are designed to ensure that each client receives the appropriate level of care needed to achieve lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

    Ohio Addiction Recovery Center: Your First Choice for Treatment and Recovery

    Making the decision to undergo drug treatment is one of the most important decisions someone can make in their life. However, with the many Ohio addiction treatment facilities that are currently providing services, making the best choice can be difficult and frustrating. The experienced staff at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center realizes this and have created a multitude of programming and treatment options that can be tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of each client. Throughout every phase of treatment, you can be assured that the counseling, therapy and other interventions offered by Ohio Addiction Recovery Center are evidence-based, effective and will give you or your loved one the best chance at achieving long-term recovery and lifelong serenity. Ultimately, our experienced staff will address the powerlessness that you feel regarding your substance abuse, address the unhealthy and destructive attitudes and behaviors that accompany substance abuse, and help put together a recovery plan that will provide the blueprint to long-term recovery.

    What Services Does Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Offer to Those Suffering with Addiction?

    From the beginning of treatment through completion, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center will provide you and your loved ones the programming, encouragement and support that will help the entire family heal from the devastating effects of addiction. If you are in need of help getting a loved one to treatment and are having difficulty getting through to them, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center features an in-house intervention team that can help you communicate with your loved one the importance of drug treatment. Since many drugs have physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can make the recovery process unpleasant, we also offer medical detoxification services with full medical monitoring and supervision. Our center also features a top-notch rehab facility which allows patients to completely immerse themselves in treatment, and with its small patient to staff ratio, you will get the individual attention that you need. For those whose work or family commitments may prevent them from undergoing formal inpatient drug treatment, we also provide excellent intensive outpatient and other outpatient program options. Additionally, we offer those who complete drug treatment sober living arrangement so the transition back into your daily life can be as seamless as possible.

    The Choice is Simple: Turn to Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

    You have many choices regarding addiction recovery programs in Ohio. While you have many choices, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center should be your first choice. We feature qualified, experienced and licensed staff that respect the confidentiality and integrity of each client. Our facilities are run by knowledgeable and licensed staff in a clean and safe environment. Our counseling and therapy programs have a proven track record of success and are backed up by studies done by impartial outside sources. These programs can be flexed to fit the specific and unique needs of each client and can be easily adaptable in group and one-on-one settings. Additionally, we offer comprehensive outpatient and aftercare programs that help reinforce healthy life and coping skills. If you are seeking drug treatment services for yourself or for a loved one, don’t wait another day.

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    X Covid Practices and Procedures

    Staff -

    Before an employee arrives to the building, they must complete the online COVID questionnaire. If an employee answers yes to 3 or more questions they must contact the DON immediately and await further instruction.

    Upon arrival for their shift, all staff must enter through the main entrance and immediately sanitize hands, and are checked for temperature. Temperature checks are logged into the sign-in sheet. Any employee with a temperature or is showing signs of illness will be sent home.

    All staff are required to wear a mask at all times except when actively eating while on break. Employee breaks are limited to designated areas. Employees are required to disinfect any surfaces touched in the breakroom area.

    Visitors -

    Until further notice, no outside visitors will be allowed entry into the building unless an exception is made by the Executive Director.

    Admissions -

    Prior to entering the building, all new admission are tested for COVID-19 using the CareStart rapid test. All new patients will enter through the front entrance, must immediately sanitize hands, and have their temperature taken.

    Every new admission goes through a COVID-19 pre-screening and will be tested upon admission. No patients are permitted to enter the main unit without a negative test result.

    Employees are mandated to wear PPE while intaking a new admission. This includes gloves & a mask.

    Patient Activities -

    Until further notice, patients will not be permitted to leave the building for non-essential activities.

    Patients and staff are to maintain a distance of 6ft at all possible times. When possible, group room chairs are placed 6ft apart. Group facilitators are to conduct groups from a minimum of 6ft distance and masks are to be worn.

    Individual counseling sessions are to occur with a 6ft distance and masks are to be worn.

    Environment -

    Housekeeping has increased procedures for wiping down commonly used surfaces with disinfectant, this will occur steadily throughout the day.

    Vehicles have been supplied with Lysol, gloves, and sanitizing wipes to be used before and after vehicle entry.

    Hand sanitizing stations are posted throughout the facility.

    CDC publications on reducing the spread of germs and proper handwashing guidelines are posted throughout the facility.

    Call with any further questions about our Covid procedures