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Heroin and Opiate Detox in Columbus, OH

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. If you or a loved one are in the grips of heroin addiction, you know that you are in the fight for your life. You want to quit heroin for good, but you feel that you are too far in and that recovery simply isn’t possible. The truth is: recovery is possible and closer than you think! If you understand the process and have a plan in place, recovery from opiate addiction doesn’t have to be scary. An essential part of that plan is to undergo treatment at a heroin detox center, such as Ohio Addiction Recovery Center.

Ohio has been absolutely devastated by the opiate epidemic that our country is currently facing. Substances like heroin and fentanyl have made their way throughout the Buckeye State causing incomprehensible heartbreak and a tragic loss of life. In 2016, 4,050 people died of a fatal overdose, 3,613 of which were related to opiates. In 2015, 3,050 people died of an overdose and in 2014, 2,531 passed away. Overdose deaths linked to heroin and fentanyl have been a long-standing issue in the Buckeye State. Many of those who are struggling will fail to get clean due to the painful withdrawals associated with opiate withdrawals. Thankfully, there are heroin detoxes in Ohio that will help those addicted safely and comfortably overcome withdrawal symptoms. Want to Learn more about Ohio Addiction Recovery Center?

Why Can’t I Quit Heroin On My Own?

You may ask yourself why going to an Ohio heroin detox center is important for your recovery. You may be thinking about trying to quit on your own or trying methods of self-detoxification in order to fight your addiction to heroin. These methods are highly dangerous and are rarely successful. Heroin has a tremendous impact on your nervous system, and if you try to stop your use abruptly it will produce withdrawal symptoms that are extremely painful and uncomfortable. Secondly, without the professional help that is provided by an Ohio heroin detox facility, any sobriety that you do achieve might be short-lived. It is possible you will find yourself back in the vicious cycle of heroin addiction.

The intense mental withdrawals associated with heroin last longer than the physical symptoms. One will experience varying levels of physical discomfort for about a month after their last use, but cravings, mood swings, and overall restlessness. If nothing is done to help with these issues then one will have a higher chance of relapsing. Learning how to handle cravings and overcome them is essential. To learn more about the detox process and why entering a facility might be the best for you contact us today at 800-481-8457.

What Can You Expect From Our Heroin Detox Center in Ohio?

In your search for an Ohio heroin detox center, you may have concerns regarding the detox process itself and may fear the pain and discomfort that is associated with withdrawal. While heroin withdrawal can be extremely unpleasant, an Ohio heroin detox center can help make withdrawal less painful and tolerable. Without proper medication, one will experience some intense withdrawal symptoms, including cold sweats, increased anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, a runny nose, mood swings, insomnia, and restlessness. These feelings can easily lead one to turn back to their substance of choice for relief.

When one undergoes heroin detox treatment in Ohio, they will receive medication in proper doses to help them comfortably and successfully wean off heroin. Some of the drugs used in heroin detox are addictive, so it is important that they are administered and taken properly. No one wants to trade one addiction for another. Once one enters a detox center, there are three important goals that will be achieved once you are completed with the detox process.

The first goal of heroin detox in Ohio is to use all available medical interventions to help minimize the discomfort associated with withdrawal and get you to a substance-free state. This can be a combination of medications such as Suboxone or Naloxone, IV therapy, nutritional therapy or a host of other therapeutic options. Secondly, detox staff will perform comprehensive medical and psychological evaluations in order to identify any co-occurring disorders that may present difficulties in your recovery process. Oftentimes heroin use is a symptom of a deeper underlying issue, and if those issues are not addressed you are at greater risk for relapse.

An Ohio heroin detox center will help you get over the worst of the withdrawals. Upon completing a detox, it is highly recommended that you enter a rehab program, such as Ohio Addiction Recovery Center. These programs are designed to help prepare you for your transition back into the real world. While the heroin detox process in Ohio will make you look and feel better, detox in itself is not considered drug treatment. While you may be free of the physical effects of heroin, you must address the underlying issues that are the cause of your heroin addiction. Addressing these root causes of your substance abuse will give you the best chance at achieving a meaningful, long-term recovery.

The most important facet of undergoing heroin detox at our facility is that you will receive around the clock monitoring from expert detox staff and you will be in an environment that is safe, secure and away from the triggers and temptations of your home environment. This type of setting will help you focus your energies on the recovery process and getting the tools and support you need in order to accomplish that goal. To start your recovery today contact us at 800-481-8457.

Are You Ready To Recover? Call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Today

If you are truly ready to make the commitment to heroin treatment and are looking for an Ohio heroin detox center, there are many options in our state. From corner to corner, Cleveland to Cincinnati, there are rehab and detox options for you. We are located in Columbus, but can also help you find a heroin detox center near you. The treatment professionals at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center can help you kick your heroin addiction by providing a safe, comfortable, and secure facility to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Our experienced detox and treatment staff will help minimize the pain and discomfort associated with the withdrawal process by the use of carefully prescribed medications. We also incorporate a variety of therapeutic techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy and relapse prevention. These approaches combined with a variety of others will help you regain both your physical and psychological vitality. Each client will also receive a comprehensive physical and mental evaluation to screen for any underlying issues and can create an initial and individualized treatment plan that best suits your specific and unique needs.

You have been thinking about recovery, don’t put it off or hope that you can ride out your heroin addiction; now is the time to act. Call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center toll-free line today. We are here to answer any questions and concerns you might have. An Ohio heroin detox program can make all the difference in the world. Please, do not try to do this alone. A better life is possible, no one should have to try and overcome opiate withdrawals alone. A specialist is always standing by our toll-free line, 800-481-8457, ready to help you in any way that they can. Calls are always free of charge and completely confidential.

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