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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Detox, and Recovery Meetings

Cuyahoga Falls OH rehabs, Substance Abuse Trends, and Statistics

Cuyahoga Falls, OH is located in Summit County and is separated into four zip codes; 44221, 44222, 44223, 44224. The most recent population census done on the area showed just under 50,000 residents who call Cuyahoga Falls home. The residents of this city are dispersed through the 22,250 homes, over half of which are occupied by families. The average age throughout Cuyahoga Falls is 38.5, which means many of the families in the area are young families who have children and teens who live in the home with them.

Throughout all of Ohio and the United States, teenagers will experiment with mood and mind-altering substances. Over the past decade, the overall percentage of teens who are using drugs has lowered, but some of the substances that they are now using are more dangerous than years prior. The most commonly used are alcohol and marijuana. While these substances are not good for one’s health, especially at that age, they are not as harmful as some others. Heroin, molly, and prescription pills are now in our schools and being used by teens at alarming rates.

Even innocent experimentation with these drugs is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.

What Are the Signs of Drug Addiction?

Knowing the signs of drug abuse is very beneficial. Anyone, especially teens, who struggle with drugs will display a variety of behavioral and physical changes. They will fall into financial trouble, may find themselves with legal problems, can become easily irritated, and will have a shift in their sleeping patterns. If you find any drug paraphernalia, such as small plastic bags or little pill caps, then that is a telltale sign that one is using drugs. If you or your teenager is struggling with drug addiction then it is time to get them into a rehab center in Cuyahoga Falls.

There is no definitive single way to prevent teens from trying drugs and alcohol, but there are a few approaches that have proven to lower teen substance abuse rates. Parents are strongly advised to speak to their children about the dangers of using drugs. Some parents will allow their teens to drink, but only in their own homes. They do this in hopes that it will build a level of trust while allowing them to make sure their teen is safe while they consume alcohol. Parents who have a sit-down dinner with their kids at least three times a week see lower substance abuse rates than those who do not.

If you believe a loved one is struggling with drugs and/or alcohol, please do not hesitate to contact our toll-free line at any time. An addiction specialist is standing by ready to help you in any way that they can. If a rehab center in Ohio is not a good match for you, we will work hard to find you one that fits your individual needs. Calls are free of charge and completely confidential.

Treatment and Rehab Options in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

Struggling with substance abuse disorder can and will cause a variety of issues in one’s life. Anyone who is looking to get clean and sober should seek professional assistance from a Cuyahoga Falls rehab center. Before entering one of these treatment centers, we strongly suggest going to a detox center in Summit County. Most drug rehabs will not allow admission unless one has already finished withdrawing from their substance of choice. Not only is it very difficult to treat someone in the midst of withdrawals it can also be dangerous.

It is imperative that anyone struggling with substance abuse issues receive the help they deserve and need. Staying away from substances that alter mood and mind without proper assistance without professional help is no easy task. Having a detox in Cuyahoga Falls picked out will help make this stressful time less worrisome. 

Is Detox Necessary?

Detoxification is the process in which the body repairs itself. Chemicals have accumulated over time and the way that the user’s brain functions have been altered. Many substances that alter mood and mind are both physically and mentally addictive, one faces a variety of debilitating symptoms of withdrawal without proper help. It is not an easy task to try to get clean without the help of an Ohio detox center; at home, detoxes are rarely successful. The substances have made the user more spontaneous and has changed the way they handle stress, anger, and sadness. 

It will be much easier to get clean with proper medication and medical supervision. Drugs designed to help ease withdrawals can be prescribed and administered by detoxes in Cuyahoga Falls. These meds will help clients sleep well, remain comfortable, and help lower cravings. They’ll not only feel better, but they’ll be safe as well. Benzodiazepine and alcohol-related withdrawals have the potential to be life-threatening. One is at risk of having a seizure without the right medicines in the right doses. One will spend around 5-8 days in detox. This can vary from person to person.

Cuyahoga Falls Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Once detox is complete, it is highly recommended that one continue their care at a rehab center in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. As important as detox is, it does little to help with the mental side of addiction/alcoholism. Working on the underlying issues related to drug addiction and alcoholism is imperative. One has to learn how to deal with cravings and resist the urge to revert back to their old habits. Rehabs and treatment centers in Ohio will help clients build a strong foundation for their recovery. Anyone who is in a rehab center will have access to therapists and will be able to participate in group therapy sessions. Some programs will offer one-on-one therapy sessions, art therapy, music therapy, and other courses/groups. Clients will learn how to handle cravings which will help prevent a relapse from occurring in the future. 

Cuyahoga Falls also has dual diagnosis rehabs. These facilities will help those struggling to address any underlying issues which they may be struggling with. About 75% of those who suffer from substance abuse disorder also have mental health problems. The most commonly diagnosed issues are depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. Left untreated, these problems can easily lead to a relapse. Substance abuse is just the problem that everyone can see, the issues often go far deeper than just drugs and alcohol. 

Treatment centers in Ohio are, on average, 28-45 days long. Typically, a treatment plan is designed around the individual needs of each client. Some people may complete their care plans in a month’s time, while others may need more time. If you are currently struggling with substance abuse issues, or someone you care about is, please do not hesitate to contact our phone line at any time. A specialist in addiction is ready to assist you in this difficult time however they can. If we can’t get you into our rehabilitation program, we’ll help you find a treatment center near you that fits your individual needs. Calls are always completely confidential and free of charge. 

Sober Support Groups, Outpatient Treatment, and Meetings in Cuyahoga Falls

It is much easier to continue on the right track if one has built a strong sober support group. A sober support group is anyone involved in that person’s life who wants them to stay clean/sober and is willing to help them through this difficult time.  Whether it’s something as simple as being there for them when they need someone to speak with or if they need a ride to a meeting or to IOP. Sober support groups help keep one motivated and on the right track. A great way to build one of these groups is to attend some form of aftercare, whether it be continued treatment or some type of meetings.

Commonly referred to as IOP, intensive outpatient is one of the most common forms of aftercare. IOP will work on the issues addressed while in treatment, but one not be under their care 24/7. Groups are going to take place for a few days a week for an hour or more each time. 

What is Extended Care?

If IOP is not an option, it is a good idea for one to attend meetings in their area. The anonymous meetings based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are one of the most well-known and established groups. For almost a hundred years, these sober groups have met and now host groups throughout the world. There are various branches of AA including, Narcotics Anonymous, that each focus on a different substance. No matter what group one attends, they all have the same message and teachings. They promote total abstinence from all substances and help address underlying issues using their 12 step approach. 

Many Cuyahoga Falls rehabs and treatment centers are 12 Step based. Anyone who attended a rehab is probably familiar with this program, but beyond AA and the branches of it, there are many other options out there. 

Cuyahoga Falls AA Meeting finder: https://akronaa.org/meetings/?tsml-day=5&tsml-region=cuyahoga-falls

Cuyahoga Falls NA Meeting finder: https://www.na.org:443/meetingsearch/map-results.php?country=USA&state=OH&city=Cuyahoga%20Falls&zip=&street=&within=10&day=0&lang=&orderby=distance

What’s a Good Alternative to the Twelve Steps?

A variety of support groups have been set up over the past 20 years. They hold meetings to help fighting addicts and alcoholics recover from a state of mind and body that is hopeless. SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, and Refuge Recovery is among the most well-known and readily available. 

Each of these programs is quite different and with a unique mindset addresses the issue of substance abuse. Celebrate Recovery is based on Jesus Christ’s teachings and focuses heavily on religion and faith. SMART Recovery is more of an approach based on science and different theories. Refuge Recovery is designed around Buddhist principles and as part of the recovery process uses meditation and mindfulness training. All of these groups are open to anyone seeking to overcome the problems of substance abuse. SMART, Celebrate, and Refuge Recovery meetings are held in-person and online. Follow the links below to find a meeting in your area to find out more about these groups.

Refuge Recovery Meetings: https://refugerecovery.org/meetings?tsml-day=any&tsml-region=ohio

Celebrate Recovery Meetings: https://locator.crgroups.info/

SMART Recovery Meetings: https://www.smartrecoverytest.org/local/meetings/

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