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Fairfield, Ohio Substance Abuse Trends

Fairfield, OH is a city of just under 45,000 people located in both Butler and Hamilton Counties. It is just a 30-minute drive to Cincinnati and has become one of the most popular suburbs around the city to start a family. Fairfield is broken up into three different zip codes. 45014 is the primary zip of the city, there are small portions of it in zips 45011 & 45069. There are around 18,000 households in Fairfield, Ohio. Almost 35% of them had children under the age of 18 living in that residence. Almost half of all homes had married couples living together. This means that the city is primarily made up of young families and teenagers. 

People aged between 13-25 are more prone to abusing mood and mind-altering substances. Teenagers have some of the highest rates of substance abuse issues in Fairfield. Thirty years ago drug abuse was nowhere near as prevalent of an issue in Ohio as it is now. While the use of some drugs, such as powder and crack cocaine have lowered, the use of prescription drugs and opiates have risen slightly, but have caused absolute devastation in Ohio. 

Overdose Statistics

Ohio has seen a heartbreaking increase in opiate-related deaths throughout the state. The number of people who lost their lives due to an overdose in the Buckeye State continues to rise year by year. Cities and the suburbs that surround them have seen the largest increase in opioid overdoses. The number of overdose deaths in Butler County has nearly doubled from 2013 to 2017. There were 868 fatal overdose deaths in the area over that four year period, a vast majority of them were linked to heroin and fentanyl.

From 2013-2017 fatal overdoses in Fairfield, OH rose by nearly 65%. There were a total of 77 overdose deaths in this small town over that time frame. The number of people in this area who passed away in 2018 due to an opiate overdose are not yet available, but experts believe it will be the worst year in the city’s history.

Annual rates of overdose deaths in Hamilton County, Ohio from 2013 to 2017, increased by 101%. During this time 344 people died from a drug overdose. Of this number, 218 died at home. Almost 40% of those who died were between the ages of 35 and 49, people aged 18-34 made up another 45% of deaths, and those aged 49 and older were the remaining 15%.

What Drugs are Teenagers Using?

The most popular substances among high school students in Fairfield are marijuana, alcohol, and MDMA. Overall drug use among high school students is down throughout the United States, Fairfield is no exception to this trend. The use of cigarettes has plummeted, being replaced with e-cigarettes and vaporizer pens. 11% of Fairfield high school students reported using nicotine via a vaporizer within the 30 days prior to the survey.

In November of 2017, a survey was conducted with Fairfield, OH high schoolers regarding drug use and abuse. Of the 3,380 students surveyed in Fairfield, 0.2 % admitted using heroin in the last 30 days. The latest survey results are consistent with national data, where less than 0.1 percent of children between the ages of 12 and 17 used heroin in 2016 and 2015, according to the U.S. branch of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA and the Health and Human Services Department.

12.9% of students surveyed in Fairfield, Ohio reported having at least one alcoholic beverage within 30 days prior to the survey. This is nearly a 10% decrease from 2008 where 22% of students reported having consumed alcohol. 8.5% of students admitting to using marijuana within the past 30 days. This is also a significant decrease when compared to 2008 where 12% of students said they used the drug. 2.8% of Fairfield, OH students admitting to using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons within the past 30 days. This is also a decrease when compared to the 6% that admitted to using them in 2014.

If you or someone you care about are currently struggling with drug abuse in Fairfield, please seek out professional help. Detox centers and rehabs in Ohio help those who are struggling with substance abuse issues overcome the physical and mental withdrawals and find a new way of life. There are several treatment programs in Fairfield, OH. Some are privately owned and only accept health insurance or private payment, while other rehabs in the area are state-funded. 

Fairfield Ohio Drug and Alcohol Detox Options 

The time spent at a detox center in Fairfield, Ohio varies from person to person, the average stay is five to eight days. Detox is important. It enables the body of the person to remove harmful substances and overcome withdrawals. Detoxes in Ohio are designed to help offset the physical pain associated with substance dependence. This is also a time when the user in a safe environment can clear his/her mind and handle cravings. Detox is necessary for anyone who is physically hooked on substances. This is especially the case for alcohol and benzodiazepines since a non-medical detox can be fatal.

Once detox is completed, the best option for the person struggling is to enter an inpatient rehabilitation center near Fairfield, OH. The client will then have access to support groups, therapy sessions, and relapse prevention courses. This will all take place while in a safe environment. Most clients will stay around 28 days in one of these programs, but that time can vary from person to person. 

Inpatient Treatment Centers in Fairfield

Some inpatient rehabs in Fairfield offer a level of care called dual diagnosis. This means that any underlying mental health problems will be addressed. More than 70 percent of Fairfield, OH residents who entered a rehab center for substance abuse issues also struggle with underlying mental health problems. The most commonly diagnosed problems are anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. If these problems remain unresolved, that person’s chance of turning back to their substance of abuse will increase. 

There are people who are struggling with drug/alcohol abuse who will not be able to enter a rehab center in Fairfield, Ohio due to personal or professional reasons. Of course, entering a treatment center is ideal and will help increase the chance of that person achieving long term success. If it is absolutely not an option one can enter an outpatient program in the area. These programs usually meet for a few hours a day, 2-4 days a week. Clients will have access to group and individual therapy sessions and mandatory drug testing will take place. This helps keep clients accountable and work on their recovery. Some people who complete an inpatient treatment program in Fairfield will continue their care plan at an outpatient facility.

Help Locating Meetings in Fairfield, Ohio

After completing any level of treatment in Ohio, it is always suggested that one participates in some type of support group beyond what is available in rehabs and ambulatory centers. Among the most popular are 12 step groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous(NA). While these are the most well known, they are far from the only options. New support groups such as Celebrate Recovery and SMART Recovery have become more accessible to those trying to recover from substance abuse issues. 

SMART and Celebrate Recovery have become increasingly popular recovery support groups. SMART is a science-based approach to substance abuse recovery and Celebrate Recovery is a faith-based recovery method. Meetings for SMART, Celebrate and 12 step groups are all free to attend and open to anyone who wants help with their problems with substance abuse.

Fairfield AA Meeting finder: https://aacincinnati.org/meetings/?tsml-day=1&tsml-region=fairfield

Fairfield NA Meeting finder: https://www.na.org:443/meetingsearch/map-results.php?country=USA&state=OH&city=fairfield&zip=&street=&within=20&day=0&lang=&orderby=distance

Refuge Recovery Meetings: https://refugerecovery.org/meetings?tsml-day=any&tsml-region=ohio

Celebrate Recovery Meetings: https://locator.crgroups.info/

SMART Recovery Meetings: https://www.smartrecoverytest.org/local/meetings/

Modern technology has helped make it much easier than ever to find support groups in Fairfield, Ohio. Meetings take place every day within city limits and throughout the county. There are even some meetings held online in video chat and text chat rooms.

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