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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Findlay

Findlay is a medium-sized city in northwest Ohio. It is the county seat of Hancock County and currently has just over 43,000 residents. Even though Findlay is a fairly rural city, there is a massive drug problem in the city. Its location along I-75 makes it a frequent stop for drug traffickers moving drugs throughout the state. The same drugs that have seen increased availability in the larger cities, such as nearby Toledo, have also seen increased availability in Findlay. If someone is struggling with drugs or alcohol, the first step toward recovery is to enter a Findlay drug and alcohol rehab center. These centers can provide support and guidance for early recovery, and help someone begin the journey of long-term recovery.

Substance Abuse In Findlay

The city of Findlay has seen sharp rises in the presence of crack and crystal meth with a drop in the availability of heroin and opioid painkillers. That being said, the crack and meth available around Findlay have been shown to contain increasing amounts of fentanyl and carfentanyl, and norfentanyl over the past few years. This is extremely dangerous in general, but especially when these drugs are used to cut non-opioid drugs. When someone has little to no tolerance to opioids and uses a drug containing fentanyl or its more powerful derivative carfentanyl, an overdose is much more likely than if someone were to have a tolerance to opioids.

The increasing presence of fentanyl in Findlay is very alarming, as when this drug becomes more accessible, overdoses usually increase shortly afterward. The region immediately surrounding Findlay has shown the highest presence of fentanyl across all of Ohio. In 2020, over 55,000 people tested positive for fentanyl among law enforcement drug tests. This is a larger number than in any other region in the state. This is strange since the presence of heroin and opioids has decreased, but as mentioned above, this also illustrates the increasing use of fentanyl as an adulterant or cutting agent in non-opioid drugs such as cocaine, crack, and crystal meth.

The fact that Findlay lies right alongside I-75 in between Toledo and Dayton also means that Findlay has become a hub for drug trafficking throughout northeastern Ohio as well. The drug trade in Ohio has been booming over the last few decades and Findlay is positioned right in the middle of much of this. Ohio is close enough to Canada that it is a major point of entry into the United States for drugs coming from Canada and drugs going to Canada from Mexico. With I-75 providing a straight shot from North to South it is a major thoroughfare for drugs moving across America. Findlay’s location alongside 75 means that as drugs pass through the city, many are inevitably diverted for local sale.

Findlay’s Response To Substance Abuse

Findlay is an average-sized city, although it has a much larger than average problem with drugs. There are several community organizations, government programs, and non-profit groups that are working within Findlay to resolve the problem by providing helpful community resources for people struggling with drug or alcohol use in Findlay. Just a few of these helpful programs and groups in Findlay include:

  • Hancock County Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services: This government organization works to improve access to addiction recovery and mental health treatment services across Hancock county.
  • Unison Health: This organization provides treatment services for mental health and substance abuse issues and also provides a 24/7 crisis hotline at 1-419-214-4673.
  • Blanchard Valley Health System: This non-profit healthcare group provides a variety of healthcare services including crisis stabilization centers in case of substance abuse or mental health-related crisis.
  • A Renewed Mind: This non-profit organization works to provide care for substance abuse and mental health issues to residents of Hancock County and the surrounding areas.
  • FOCUS: This is a peer-led recovery organization that provides volunteers to assist people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Drug and Alcohol Detox & Rehab in Findlay

Using drugs and alcohol can be dangerous, but even quitting certain drugs and alcohol can pose its own risks. Depending on the substance someone has been using, it may be dangerous or even fatal to suddenly quit using it altogether. In particular, alcohol and benzodiazepines can cause potentially deadly side effects if suddenly quit. If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs or alcohol, the safest option to quit is to enter a Findlay drug and alcohol detox center. Having medications and medical supervision at hand can greatly reduce the risks of quitting drugs and alcohol while also reducing the discomfort of the experience. Once the withdrawal process is complete, someone may choose to enter a rehab program to strengthen their newfound sobriety.

Addiction Recovery In Findlay

While entering Ohio Addiction Recovery Center’s Findlay drug and alcohol rehab center will make a solid beginning in recovery, we encourage our clients to seek out a recovery fellowship of their choice and begin forging new relationships with others in recovery. Sobriety is a long-term prospect, so laying down new roots is crucial for someone to have the support and guidance they will need throughout their recovery.

There are many different kinds of recovery fellowships around Findlay including 12-Step-based, religious groups, and support groups. Someone would benefit from finding a recovery fellowship that they can identify with and people they can relate to. A few of the 12-Step recovery fellowships around Findlay include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: The Area 55 of Alcoholics Anonymous website provides a list of AA meetings in and around Findlay.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: The Narcotics Anonymous World Services website provides a list of over a dozen NA meetings near Findlay each week.
  • Cocaine Anonymous: The CA Ohio website provides a list of CA meetings in and around Findlay each week.

Aside from 12-Step groups, there are other recovery fellowships near Findlay. These include Chrisitan-focused recovery groups, Buddhist fellowships, and training-based recovery support groups such as:

  • Celebrate Recovery: A Christian-based recovery program, they hold 1 meeting in the heart of Findlay each week and there are several more groups that meet within 50 miles of Findlay on a weekly basis.
  • Recovery Dharma: A Buddhist-inspired recovery group, they have several meetings across Ohio each week and also provide a list of dozens of virtual meetings every day.

While there are many recovery groups for people who have struggled with drugs or alcohol themselves, there are also support groups for the friends and families of people struggling with addiction. Being close to someone who struggles with addiction can be a very difficult or even traumatic experience. Finding support, care, and guidance from others who have been through these difficulties can be extremely helpful and healing. Some of these groups near Findlay include:

  • Al-Anon: A support group for the friends and family of people struggling with substance abuse, this website lists multiple meetings each week in and around Findlay.

Need More Help? Recovery Is A Phone Call Away

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center offers free transportation to and from treatment, no matter where you are in Ohio! We offer medical detox, residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and sober living in Central Ohio. When it comes to addiction treatment, you shouldn’t settle for just any treatment center. With our evidence-based model, individualized treatment plans, and state of the art facility, our program was voted the best addiction treatment center in Ohio by Newsweek.

We accept most insurance plans. If you are worried about work, school, or legal matters, our comprehensive case management team can help you navigate a path to recovery. If you think you’re ready for the next step, call us today at (800) 481-8457 to speak with a compassionate specialist.

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