Overdose rates in Ohio

Ohio’s Overdose Death Rates Still 2nd In The Country

The Buckeye State has been one of the hardest hit areas of the nationwide opioid crisis. Despite early 2018 numbers showing a decrease in overall opioid-related deaths Ohio still ranked second in opioid deaths per capita in 2017 according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) The
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Can Equine Therapy Help in Addiction Recovery?

When it’s time to get sober, there are many different therapies and techniques to get you there. Anyone quitting drugs or alcohol will need a proper detox and initial treatment period to safely flush the drugs from their body, but recovery isn’t over once drugs are flushed from your system.
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What is a Chronic Relapser?

Addiction is difficult on everyone, but some addicts and alcoholics are undoubtedly worse than others. Some can get clean their very first try, most take a few tries, but some have prolonged troubles kicking their habit for good. These people are known as chronic relapsers. Let’s learn more about sufferers
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What to Look for in Good Sober Supports

You can think of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol as drowning. They’re treading water, but their head is slowly going under. That person needs a lifeline – or several. When you decide to stop drinking or using drugs, you’ll need to create a network of support and lifelines to
Overdose rate

Number of Fatal Overdoses Are Dwindling in Dayton

In 2016 President Trump’s administration declared the opioid crisis ravaging the U.S. a national public health emergency. Opioids have been destroying neighborhoods and families at a rising rate since the early 2000s but one of the cities and states hit the hardest is now be setting an example for the
Drug Intervention

Why The 28 Day Treatment Model May Not Work for You

If you’ve decided your drug or alcohol addiction has become too much to handle your best and safest bet is checking yourself into an inpatient drug treatment facility or rehab. There are dozens of different rehabs and detoxes across the country, but they have many similarities including the traditional length
Suboxone Maintenance

Akron, Ohio Street Dealers Fueling Drug Crisis In West Virginia

The opioid crisis has resulted in thousands of overdoses and deaths across all parts of the country but there’s no doubt that some states are hurting worse than others. Currently, West Virginia leads the nation in opioid deaths per capita followed closely behind by Ohio. Officials in West Virginia may

How Our Chronic Relapse Program Can Help You

There’s much more to drug and alcohol treatment than a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone’s addiction is different and trying to help everyone with the same therapies and techniques won’t cut it. As the stigma behind addiction weakens, more money has gone into treatment programs which have led to more specialization. You

How Ohio has Already Spent Federal Opioid Money

The entire nation is facing a brutal opioid epidemic, but some states have been hit harder than others. West Virginia is currently the capital of opioid abuse in deaths per capita but Ohio is a close second. The Trump Administration is working directly with government departments and governors to help
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When Should I have an Alcohol Intervention for a Loved One?

If you’ve watched enough TV you’ve probably come across the popular program Intervention. Interventions have been utilized for decades but have become more popular recently through a combination of pop culture, the proliferation of treatment options, and less stigma surrounding alcohol abuse. Unfortunately watching shows about interventions will not make