Opioid Crisis

Ohio Rep Presents Comprehensive Package To Fight Opioid Crisis

Opioids including prescription pills and illicit substances like heroin have been ravaging the United States for multiple decades now, but the rates of deaths, overdose, and addiction have reached alarming levels over the past few years. No state is immune from the national opioid crisis but some states like Ohio
heroin addict

7 Signs of a Heroin Addiction

The United States is experiencing an opioid crisis and one of the most popular forms of opioids doesn’t come from a doctor but a dealer – heroin. When many users lose access to prescription opioids or prescription users want something more powerful they turn to heroin. It’s cheap, it’s powerful,
Long-Term Rehab

Who Would Benefit Best from Long-Term Rehab?

If you’ve decided you want to kick your alcoholism or drug addiction you will need a plan. The best plans start with an addiction treatment program. If you’ve been researching treatment for you or a loved one you can be overwhelmed by the options. There’s intensive outpatient, short-term inpatient, long-term
Veteran Addiction

Veterans and Addiction

American soldiers serve tirelessly to protect and defend our country, but the mental, emotional, and physical toll can often carry a heavy burden when they return to civilian life. Most people are aware of the staggering rates of PTSD affecting our troops. Something much more unspoken is the prevalence of

How Ohio Hospitals are Battling the Opioid Epidemic

Today it’s hard to meet someone whose life hasn’t been affected by the opioid epidemic. We have all lost family and friends as the opioid crisis marches on – but help is on the way. Ohio has been harshly hit by the current epidemic, falling only behind West Virginia in
government spending

Federal Government Sends Ohio $71.5 Million to Combat Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is felt nation-wide, but some states have been hit worse than others. Ohio has been one of the most ravaged states during the ongoing crisis. The Buckeye State trails only West Virginia for the number of deaths per capita related to drug use and much of those
12 steps

Benefits of a 12-Step Based Program

There are many ways to get over an addiction, but 12-step based programs have proven among the most popular and proof-positive across the world. 12-step meetings have existed for several decades and are used to help treat a variety of addictions from alcoholism to anxiety and everything in-between. 12-step meetings
deadly drugs

Deadliest Drugs to Detox From

Detox is not a pleasant experience. During detox, your brain and body go into panic mode as they reach for the drug they’ve become dependent on. Detox and drug withdrawal vary from drug to drug, and person to person – but it’s never fun. While detoxing from any drug is
college students

What are Collegiate Recovery Centers?

As the stigma of addiction and other mental diseases slowly moves out of the shadows, more people are now attempting to get sober while they’re younger. Any young drug addict or alcoholic who has talked to other addicts is usually told one thing, “I wish I had started getting better
opioid crisis

Attorney General Sessions Speaks on Opioid Crisis in Cleveland

In October 2017 President Trump’s administration declared the growing opioid crisis a national public emergency, bringing the growing crisis out from the shadows and into the forefront. Recently Attorney General Jeff Sessions addressed the crisis at a convention in Cleveland. The Attorney General’s talking points were aimed at three concrete