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Benefits of Telehealth in Addiction Treatment

Healthcare professionals have been faced with the challenge of continuing to provide quality care to their patients in the midst of a deadly, widespread pandemic. Going to the doctor’s office, a therapy session, or even to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription can potentially expose people to COVID-19. Therefore, most everything related to maintaining good physical and mental health has been adjusted to work around COVID-19, including in-person appointments and meetings related to addiction treatment.

Those who were already participating in addiction treatment prior to the spread of COVID-19 have been forced to change their course of care as it relates to human-to-human contact. Plus, those who were on the verge of getting help or who are in need of it right now are beginning a very personal, challenging journey at a time when everyone is learning how to adapt to the new world around us.

Thankfully, healthcare professionals have been able to continue to care for their patients through telehealth options. Platforms like Zoom and Google Chat are connecting patients and providers face-to-face with one another and several appointments and sessions are being conducted over the phone. While this approach to addiction treatment is uncharted territory for all, there are several benefits of telehealth for patients and providers alike.

Benefits of Telehealth in Addiction Treatment

Just because the United States is faced with a deadly pandemic does not mean that everything else stays still. People in recovery and those who are trying to get sober need addiction treatment, regardless of if it’s in person or through telehealth addiction treatment. Of course it can be easy to assume that telehealth appointments won’t be as effective, but as time has passed, they have proven to be just the opposite. Consider the following:

Access to mental health services

People who were already participating in addiction treatment prior to the coronavirus pandemic can continue to access the services they need in order to continue on with their recovery. Of course, much has changed when it comes to addiction treatment because of the pandemic, but a huge majority of services can still be provided. Telehealth is a perfect example of the continued access people have to their mental healthcare providers and addiction specialists. Whether on a phone call or a video call, patients can still engage in individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and more. For some, telehealth has made getting treatment much easier than before, as it is something that can easily fit into their everyday lives no matter where they are.

No delays, cancellations, or wait times

It can be a real setback to have a therapy session canceled or to wait on your provider to finish up with the patient before you. In some cases, these issues can cause patients to give up on their recovery, especially when they experience frequent cancellations or delays. Since telehealth is so accessible, these issues no longer exist and instead work to motivate patients to stay on track with their recovery. Conversely, if a patient needs to make a cancellation, the wait time for rescheduling is likely less, as providers are able to fit more patients into their days than before.

Provides opportunities for those who are unable to travel for their care

Many people attempting to recover from addiction are in a low place in their lives, especially when they begin the process. They may not have a form of transportation to get to and from treatment sessions and they may not have the funds or insurance to enroll in an inpatient treatment program. They may even live in secluded areas far from the hustle and bustle of cities and large towns where providers often work. But because telehealth is now an option for addiction treatment, these people can get the help they need without having to fight back against some of these common obstacles to addiction treatment.

Helps maintain physical health

One of the biggest concerns all Americans are facing today is finding ways to keep themselves healthy during this pandemic. Telehealth addiction treatment eliminates that concern as patients can engage in therapy sessions, process groups, or even AA or NA meetings online or over the phone. So, not only are people able to get the help they need, but they are able to do so in a way that does not expose them to the potential of contracting the coronavirus.

Helps people in crisis

Telehealth makes it possible for those working in the field of addiction treatment to begin treating those who are in crisis. People who are still actively addicted to drugs or alcohol and who want to stop can still reach out for help to get sober, which is extremely important now more than ever. The pandemic has challenged everyone and has undoubtedly caused an increase in rates of substance abuse. Telehealth continues to provide struggling addicts and alcoholics with an “out” for when they are ready to stop using for good.

In times of crisis, such as the time we are all living in now, it is important to continue to find ways to accomplish desired goals, including getting sober. Through telehealth services, those individuals who want this for themselves can still do so in a safe, effective manner. Plus, the more effort they put into their telehealthcare, the more they will gain out of it.

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