alcohol rehab

What to Look for in a Quality Alcohol Rehab

Changes in healthcare, insurance, and social stigma have allowed more alcoholics than ever before to get the help they need. With more alcoholics coming out of the woodwork for treatment, more alcohol rehab and treatment facilities have opened across the country. This is good and bad news for alcoholics. More
addiction therapy

Proposed Ohio State Rules on Opioid Treatment Facing Debate

In a state that sees the second-most opioid deaths per capita – how do you make a dent? There have been numerous programs and rules floated around Ohio over the last couple years and while several new strategies have been successfully implemented, there’s still plenty of debate on the best
holistic therapy

What to Expect in Holistic Therapy

Struggles with mental health have long been stigmatized but every new year brings progress that allows sufferers to get the treatment they deserve. Mental health’s emergence from the shadows has allowed several new therapies to pop up in the country – including holistic therapy. Holistic therapy is new to the
Medical Marijuana

Can Medical Marijuana Help Ohio’s Opioid Crisis?

It’s difficult to meet someone who hasn’t been affected by the ongoing opioid crisis. Thousands of husbands, daughters, and friends have fallen victim to opioids’ addiction and power leaving public health and law enforcement officials scrambling to find answers. But what about fighting drug use with drug use? That’s what

Signs Of A Crack Addiction

Most people don’t think they will ever struggle with addiction, especially not a crack addiction. Addiction, in general, isn’t really at the top of people’s “When I grow up I want to be a…” list, however, over the last few decades, addiction rates have been continuing to rise, and stimulant

Ohio Drug Court Cuts New Felonies in Half

Ohio may be one of the hardest hit states in the ongoing opioid epidemic but local officials and court systems are doing their best to turn those numbers around. Now one local Ohio drug court may have become an example for the rest of the country in battling crimes associated
Overdose rates in Ohio

Ohio’s Overdose Death Rates Still 2nd In The Country

The Buckeye State has been one of the hardest hit areas of the nationwide opioid crisis. Despite early 2018 numbers showing a decrease in overall opioid-related deaths Ohio still ranked second in opioid deaths per capita in 2017 according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) The
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Can Equine Therapy Help in Addiction Recovery?

When it’s time to get sober, there are many different therapies and techniques to get you there. Anyone quitting drugs or alcohol will need a proper detox and initial treatment period to safely flush the drugs from their body, but recovery isn’t over once drugs are flushed from your system.
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What is a Chronic Relapser?

Addiction is difficult on everyone, but some addicts and alcoholics are undoubtedly worse than others. Some can get clean their very first try, most take a few tries, but some have prolonged troubles kicking their habit for good. These people are known as chronic relapsers. Let’s learn more about sufferers
sober supports

What to Look for in Good Sober Supports

You can think of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol as drowning. They’re treading water, but their head is slowly going under. That person needs a lifeline – or several. When you decide to stop drinking or using drugs, you’ll need to create a network of support and lifelines to