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What is Spirituality in Recovery?

There’s much more to addiction than chemical dependence. Chemical dependence keeps the brain and body addicted to drugs or alcohol but if that’s all there was to addiction, there’d be no such thing as relapse. People addicted to drugs or alcohol could detox, and that would be the end of
Opioid Crisis Drug Court

Landmark Opioid Case Brought by Ohio Counties Moves Forward 

Ohio has seen more opioid deaths and addictions per capita than any other state except for West Virginia. There is more of a need for inpatient treatment in Ohio now than ever. Thousands of Ohio residents have suffered through the pains of opioid addiction and now two Ohio counties are
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5 Ways Alcohol Abuse Can Damage Your Body

Most know the classic problems that come from alcohol abuse like mental confusion and liver problems, but drinking damages every part of the human body. There are all types of alcoholic drinking,  if you think you or a loved one has an alcohol problem, it’s best to seek treatment before
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Dealing with Stress in Recovery 

Quitting drugs or alcohol is the most stressful thing an addict or alcoholic can undertake in their life. It takes a strong combination of positivity, counseling, and moral courage to finally quit, but even when you do your darndest – things don’t always work out. In recovery, this is called
Find Commitment In AA

The Importance of Having a Home Group and Commitments in Your Fellowship

There are dozens of different tools and resources to help keep yourself sober and happy, but 12 step meetings are among the best. 12 step meetings provide accountability, fellowship, and allows you to get feedback you won’t find anywhere else.  Upon discharge from a drug treatment center committing to a

How to Choose Between Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous 

If you’ve made the decision to turn your life around by getting sober – it’s time to find resources. Deciding to leave booze or pills behind is the first step in getting your life back, but there are many steps that follow that decision, like 12 step meetings.  12-step meetings

Winners Announced in Ohio’s Opioid Technology Challenge

After the Trump Administration declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency both the federal government down to small Ohio towns have been doing everything they can to relieve the state of its deadly drug addiction. Grants have been given out, new programs have formed, and the numbers of non-fentanyl
3rd step

What Does the 3rd Step Really Mean?

Walking into 12-step meetings for the first time after leaving inpatient treatment is an intimidating first step, no pun intended. The people are friendly, there are free snacks and coffee, and everyone listens to you when you talk about your problems – what’s so scary about that? For many, the
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Is Suboxone Maintenance Good or Bad?

Opioids have been responsible for thousands of preventable deaths across the U.S. over the last several years but federal authorities down to small-town governments are doing all they can to stem the flow of death and overdose. New treatments and methods include more community health centers, better training for first
Sober Living

Why Sober Living is Important After Treatment 

When you quit drinking or using drugs, everything is supposed to get better, right? While getting clean can be freeing it can also be jarring and frightening which can send some right back to addiction. If you’ve been using drugs or drinking heavily for years, learning how to live your