Gabapentin Abuse is on the Rise: Ohio Officials Consider Making Changes

Gabapentin, an opioid alternative, is being abused at an alarming rate across Ohio. As a result, state officials are considering reclassifying this drug as a controlled substance. Gabapentin (Neurontin) is typically prescribed to treat seizures and nerve pain in adults. This drug became more popular amidst the opioid crisis in
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Crystal Meth: Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Meth, or crystal methamphetamine, is an illegal man-made substance that belongs to the Methamphetamine class of drugs. Some forms of methamphetamines are legal and prescribed to treat the side-effects of mental disorders such as attention-deficit disorder (ADD). However, crystal methamphetamine has no medicinal value. Crystal meth is made with the
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Dealing with an Addict in Denial 

The life of an addict is a difficult life, but the life of an addict’s loved one can be just as difficult. When someone you love is caught in substance abuse or chemical dependence, it can hurt you to watch them make the wrong decisions and continually harm themselves. You
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Ohio Front and Center for Surging Overdoses from Fentanyl-laced Cocaine 

Federal and Ohio state officials are making progress in the fight against opioid overdoses, but it seems that every time some good is done, something new comes along to undo it. This is the case all over Ohio where fentanyl-laced cocaine has caused skyrocketing overdose numbers, particularly in African American
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Alternatives to the 12 Steps 

Getting sober is a uniquely personal experience. There are undoubtedly certain proven methods and therapies to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction in Ohio but not every method works for everyone.  One of the most popular forms of addiction treatment in the world is working the steps of
Sober through the holidays

Staying Sober Through the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us which means merriment, family, and cheer. Unfortunately, the holiday season also means dealing with dysfunctional family, stressing yourself out on events and gift-giving, and lots of temptation. Staying sober through the holidays can be difficult for many reasons, but you can make it through
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Starting a New Job in Early Recovery

Getting sober is likely the most stressful life event you’ll have ever to go through. Getting sober puts your brain and body through the wringer – but you can come out clean on the other side of going through inpatient treatment. In early recovery, you want to limit stressful situations
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What is the Pink Cloud?

Let’s imagine a scenario. You filled your body with drugs or alcohol for twenty straight years but finally decided to get sober. You went through a professional drug detox to properly flush all substances from your body and enrolled in an inpatient treatment center for proper counseling and relapse prevention.
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Meditation in Recovery for Beginners 

When you first quit drugs or alcohol, you need all possible tools to help your recovery. There are several drug and alcohol treatment methods that most people know about it including counseling, drug detox, and 12-step meetings but lately, a more ancient tool is being used – meditation.  No one
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Ohio Authorities Seize Shocking Amount of Fentanyl 

The U.S. opioid crisis has caused thousands of deaths and overdoses across the entire country but there aren’t many states who have been hit as hard as Ohio. Ohio suffers from the second-largest opioid death rate per capita behind only West Virginia and has seen hundreds of families and friends