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Why Do College Students Abuse Adderall?

A recent study on Adderall use in college students reports that anywhere from 7-33% of all college students abuse Adderall at some point during their college years. Research has also concluded that more than half of the students who were prescribed Adderall were asked to sell their pills by peers. What this represents is a consistent, growing problem in college-aged individuals that has yet to be eradicated and may never be.

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Adderall is a prescription stimulant that is most commonly used to treat those who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. This drug works by increasing the activity of a handful of neurotransmitters in the brain including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Those who have difficulty focusing benefit from the use of Adderall, as it helps to balance out brain chemistry enough to allow them to be attentive. Those who do not have ADHD, however, often experience the opposite effect, meaning that they get a jolt of energy and exuberance as a result of their use. No matter the reason for using Adderall, an individual can quickly become addicted to it, which is dangerous and potentially deadly.

So, why is Adderall one of the most abused drugs in college-aged individuals? One main reason is that Adderall is most commonly prescribed to teenagers and young adults, as the symptoms associated with ADHD are most noticeable in a school environment. However, that is certainly not the only reason why Adderall is abused so significantly in those between the ages of 18-25.

The Connection Between College Students and Adderall

There are several drivers behind the high rates of Adderall abuse in college students, but the most common are easily parental pressure and peer pressure.

Many college students have parents that are strict and/or expect excellent grades at all times. As a result, students can feel intense pressure to live up to their parents’ expectations. On the other hand, students can feel just as much pressure to be accepted by their peers, including those peers who pressure them into using Adderall to fit in.

But, these drivers are not the only reason why college students and Adderall have such a strong connection.

Energy and focus related to school work

Adderall first started out as being a drug that could easily help keep students awake and able to focus on their studies. Students “borrow” Adderall from other students who are

prescribed it as well as buy it from local dealers. So, when a big test is coming up or a paper is due, some college students turn to Adderall to help them get it all done.

Stay sharp during tests

It is most common for college students to pop some Adderall right before taking a big test. This not only helps them stay fully attentive and focused, but it also helps them work faster. Gone are the fears of running out of time or getting distracted. However, relying on Adderall to assist in test taking can lead to using it for other purposes, which can ultimately become extremely problematic.

Stay awake while partying

College is not only synonymous with studies, but also synonymous with parties. Part of the big draw to going to college is attending big parties where drinks flow freely and everyone collects funny stories to tell the next morning. The parties that occur on campuses across the country often go on long into the night and sometimes into the early morning. The same can be said for attending nightclubs or going to bars with classmates. Being the stimulant that it is, college students abuse Adderall on the party scene to help keep them awake long enough for the party. It might sound silly to think that young adults need help staying awake, but when you are studying, working, and engaging in activities, these students can get burned out just as easily as anyone else.

Combat the effects of other substance abuse

As just mentioned, there is a lot of drinking and drug use that occurs on and off college campuses among college-aged students. Alcohol is easily the most widely abused mind-altering substance in these settings. Alcohol is a depressant substance, meaning that it works to slow down the functions of the body. So, college students who have too much to drink are likely to grow tired faster or even pass out. To be able to keep up with drinking and hanging out with friends, some college students turn to the use of Adderall to combat these and other effects.

Treatment for College Students Addicted to Adderall

When in college, it can be exceptionally challenging to determine who is casually using drugs or who is simply experimenting with them, especially when students primarily interact with each other most outside of class. It has always been difficult to make this type of determination, especially when it seems like everyone around is abusing drugs and alcohol, too. However, for those individuals who need help and are able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, there is treatment available.

College-aged students can participate in one or more types of addiction treatment depending on the severity of their needs. If a college student is deeply addicted to drugs or alcohol, it may benefit them most to put a pause on school and attend a residential treatment program as quickly as possible. Another college student might not have such a severe addiction and can participate in outpatient treatment while balancing their studies.

Regardless of what situation a college-student is in, help is available.

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