Violet, Ohio Substance Abuse Trends

Violet, OH is also known as Violet Township, Ohio is part of Fairfield county which is right outside of the state’s capital city of Columbus. The population of Violet, Ohio has nearly doubled over the past 20 years and is now at nearly 40,000 compared to 26,914 that called Violet, OH home in 2000. The recent spike of residents has to lead to higher rates of drug addiction and substance abuse in the area. Anyone struggling should seek professional help from a rehab center or detox facility in Violet Township. 

These programs are designed to help those struggling with substance abuse disorders safely and comfortably overcome their issues. Ten years ago, there were far fewer overdose deaths throughout the area. Opiates and crack have become a prominent issue in Columbus and those drugs have now become a serious issue in surrounding towns. Rehabs in Violet, OH have become an absolute necessity over the past decade. 

Drug addiction throughout Ohio has become an absolute epidemic. The Buckeye State has some of the highest rates of overdose deaths in the country. Accidental drug overdose is now the number one cause of accidental death in the state. More people passed away in Ohio last year due to drugs than car accidents and gun deaths combined. It is the most prevalent issue that is currently happening in Ohio.


Overdose Statistics in Violet, OH

Overdoses in Ohio rose to a record 4,854 in 2017. This was a 20 percent increase compared to 2016. Fatal overdose deaths in Violet have increased every year for the past eight years. It all started with the rise of prescription painkiller abuse. A large portion of those who became hooked on these pills eventually turned to heroin, a cheaper and more powerful alternative. The demand for heroin rose and the supply couldn’t match it. Soon drug dealers began cutting heroin with fentanyl and carfentanil. These are powerful synthetic opiates that can be over 1,000X more potent than pure heroin. 

As soon as fentanyl entered Violet, OH the number of residents who began passing away due to an overdose rose significantly. These synthetic opioids accounted for nearly three-fourths of overdose deaths in 2017, claiming the lives of 3,431 people. That was 46 percent higher than in 2016. Most Violet Township residents who struggle with addiction issues related to opiates travel into Columbus to purchase their drugs. 

Thankfully, the local government in Violet Township has taken action to help those struggling and has given the public access to the life-saving drug Naloxone. Naloxone is used to help reverse the effects of an opiate overdose. All EMS responders in Violet now carry this drug and township residents can obtain it and participate in training classes so they know how to properly administer it. 


What Are the Primary Drug Threats?

While opiates are the number one cause of accidental death in the state, opioids as a whole are not the most commonly abused mood and mind-altering substance in Ohio. Alcohol and marijuana are the most popular substances, especially among young people. Those who are not of legal drinking age have some of the state’s highest alcohol abuse rates. Some experts blame these high alcohol abuse rates on the many large universities that are in Ohio.  The prevalence of excessive drinking in adults aged 18 to 44 is 25.4%. This is significantly higher than adults aged 45 to 64 at 16 percent and adults aged 65 or older at 7.4 percent.

It is common throughout the United States for high school students to experiment with alcohol and marijuana. If that experimentation turns into abuse it can become a serious issue. Violet, OH  has a median age of 39 ½, 80% of residents own their home. This typically means that most of the people who reside in Violet Township plan to call this townhome for a long time and have kids in middle school or high school. 

Educating our youth about the dangers of substance abuse will help prevent young people from turning to drugs. Some students will turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to fit in, others will use them to cope with underlying issues. Any young person struggling with substance abuse issues should receive help from a detox or rehab center in Violet, OH. There aren’t many treatment centers in Violet Township, but thankfully Columbus has a good amount of rehabs and detoxes.


Violet, Oh Substance Abuse Statistics

As mentioned above, opiates are the deadliest and most dangerous substance being used in Violet Township. There are many other mood and mind-altering substances that are an issue throughout this small town. Alcohol and marijuana use are among the most common, but the use of cocaine, crack, meth, and prescription pills have also become an issue in Violet. 

Local law enforcement report that methamphetamines are now almost as easily obtainable as heroin and fentanyl. While the number of people who struggle with meth addiction in Violet Township has only increased slightly over the past few years, experts believe that it will rise significantly over the next decade. 

Cocaine has been a problem in the midwest for decades. Ever since the cocaine boom of the 1970s and 1980s, it has remained a drug threat to the state. Cocaine addiction in smaller towns is less prominent when compared to urban areas, but when that town is a suburb of a city addiction and abuse rates increase.

Deaths related to cocaine in Ohio increased 39 percent from 1,109 in 2016 to 1,540 in 2017.

The number of Ohioans who passed away from an accidental overdose involving crystal meth or other psychostimulants jumped from 9 in 2010 to 517 last year.

Fentanyl has been found in both cocaine and meth, which has fueled the increase in fatal overdoses in the state.

Approximately 1,800 residents of Ohio have been arrested 10+ times for an OVI (drunk driving). This is a small portion of overall OVI arrests in the state, but these are the most severe offenders.

According to an analysis by The Columbus Dispatch, about 70% of Ohioans who were arrested for drunk driving were charged with a first offense.

A first conviction for driving while a handicapped person carries a mandatory three – day prison sentence or three days in a driver intervention program, plus a six – month suspension.

Medical marijuana is legal in Violet, OH, recreational use is not. Possession of under 3 ounces of marijuana has been decriminalized. This means that anyone convicted will face a fine of $150 but no jail time.

Medical providers in Ohio wrote 85.8 prescriptions for opioids per 100 people in 2015 totaling just under 10 million total prescriptions. This is higher than the national average that same year 70 prescriptions per 100 people.


Support Groups and Rehabs in Violet Township

Anyone struggling with substance abuse disorder or addiction should seek out help for their issues. The longer that they use drugs and/or alcohol the harder it will be for them to find a new way of life. Some people might enter a rehab center in Violet Township, while others will seek out help from support groups. 

Most people who attend support groups in Violet Township do so after completing some type of detox and/or treatment center. Detoxes in Ohio are designed to help people who are physically addicted to substances safely overcome the withdrawal symptoms. Once completing detox some might look for more help from a rehab center in Ohio. A rehab center is designed to help those struggling overcome intense mental cravings and will teach them tools that can be implemented if those cravings arise in the future. Some programs will also help with underlying mental health issues. These treatment centers are referred to as dual diagnosis programs.

Some of the most common support groups in the Columbus area are twelve-step meetings. This includes Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other anonymous groups. These groups are open to anyone who struggles with substance abuse issues and wants to find a better way of life. All anonymous groups are free to attend and take place throughout the day and night. These groups are not rehab centers or detoxes, they are a place for struggling addicts and alcoholics to share their experience, strength, and hope. 

Violet AA Meeting finder:

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There are also support groups for family members of addicts and alcoholics. These groups are called Naranon and Alanon. Also free to attend, they help family members connect with other people who are in a situation similar to their own. They will learn how to correctly support and handle their loved one’s substance abuse issues.