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Police Warn of New Drug “Rizzy” Eating at Skin    

Lately, everybody is crazy about all these dark fictional characters and their story origins. There’s the Twilight saga and it’s an amalgamation of vampire drama. There are Batman and his victimized orphan crime fighting. There’s even an 8 season series of some random guy and his friends forever evading zombies after the apocalypse. 8 seasons of it! People just eat their fictitious escapisms up like the zombies “eat them”.

Speaking of eating. What happens when fiction becomes nonfiction and/or imagination becomes reality? What then? Nobody has ever heard of the 8 season series about drug abuse and the ludicrous things addicts will do to fill that obsession. Nor has anybody heard of a superhero named Rotting Flesh man, or a villain for that matter. No, they sure haven’t, but such are the realities that drugs like “rizzy” are creating today.  

Rizzy is a powder that is used as a flower centerpiece maker. That’s the insanity of alcoholic thinking so far in 2018. As if the opioid epidemic wasn’t enough. We now have a chemical used for flowers that are being introduced to the heroin in Ohio and surrounding areas; surely to spread nationwide. Rizzy is bound to potentially turn an army of heroin addicts into literal zombies as their flesh rots away from the inside. Addiction statistics are sure to slingshot soon.

A New Type of Flower Children

Of all the mental agony and miserable experiences that can be thought up for a person to go through, heroin addicts are pretty high up the totem pole. In reality, chemical dependency can sneak up on the strongest of individuals. Our fictional vicariousness would love to be immune to addiction like the heroes in our stories, but alas disease does not stray from us because of any sort of writer’s block. We have no say over the one(s) writing our story.

Not everyone is destined to battle this disease, but those who are destined can’t run nor hide from it. Heroin is the best finder in a game of hide and seek with addiction. Usually, it finds it’s addict predictably nodding off, and that’s kind of when the game is in heroin’s hands. Adding rizzy to the mix is essentially just begging for death. Unfortunately, however, begging for death probably isn’t what will be on most’ mind who begin injecting the heroin/rizzy concoction into their bloodstream. It’ll be about getting as high as possible. Russian roulette with flower powder. Into the bloodstream to create a bloodbath. The worst part is that this is just a minor limit to how far chemical dependency will take some.

Dead Skin, Live Body

As tolerances rise with heroin dependency, what started out as a cheap way to get high becomes expensive. When applying rizzy to the opiate mix, it might as well be synthetic drug itself. Real or fake, it’s contributing to the euphoric effect that the extreme junkies using it are looking for. Fake drugs can still provide real death and real skin rotting problems. However, the underlying problem with the drugs is that they are too good. Seriously- everything we know is constantly getting stronger. Addicts and alcoholics of the like are always looking for a way to strengthen their booze or double their high. Give them rizzy, a concentrate used to keep flowers fresher for longer, and they’ll create a new super heroin that’s eating people alive.

It truly is the despicable truth of it all. Designer drugs and unresearched chemicals are creating whole new generations of narcotics. It’s not just the old school stuff like LSD, cocaine, or marijuana anymore. Aside from rizzy, people are ingesting just about any additives they can and coming up with names for them. Some of the designer drugs out there having similar detrimental effects as rizzy include:

  • Flakka
  • Krokodil
  • Spice
  • Bath Salts
  • The Whole “2C” Family

One of these new age designer drugs even goes on to contain gasoline as part of its mixture and still, people are willingly putting it into their systems to find a good high. I guess it really boils down to what your definition of “worth it” is. Sometimes addiction has no bounds sadly. It’s a sick disease that requires legitimate help and prevention.

Watch Out Ohio

Cleveland, OH

Heroin literally takes away all incentive to do anything but get more heroin. It provides such a meaningless life that Ohio is more than accustomed to seeing. Overdose statistics continue to rise while law enforcement and medical services seem to always be too many steps behind. To their credit, it’s not from lack of trying but more from the conventional idea of supply and demand winning. Dealers will always supply addicts. The cycle will always be turning, it’s just a matter of whether or not you want to be involved with it. Too many addicts of Ohio find themselves sucked into the opioid epidemic completely by accident.

It’s a vicious revolving door that has now had many addicts willingly absorbing plant nutrients into their bodies from a package that specifically says “Toxic. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Call Doctor immediately if ingested”. Although rizzy is meant to be a flower petal catalyst, it seems that the only thing blooming so far is the rotten flesh of humans.

Dying to Live or Living to Die

If there is a hell on earth, being a heroin addict could win first place. It’s a grueling pain that alcoholic thinking drags individuals through until they make the choice for life or death. Rizzy sounds like something out of science fiction, but rest assured it’s not. For some, avoiding this one will only be possible thru recovery. Recovery of which takes patience and it takes help. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-800-481-8457 or visit oarcstaging.wpengine.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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