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Most Popular Group Therapy Programs In Ohio

If you or a family member is on the road to recovery from the ravages of substance abuse, it can feel at times as though you are alone in your journey. To a significant degree, you are responsible for doing the things that are absolutely necessary to keep you clean and sober. As you undergo the process of drug treatment, an important lesson that you learn in the fact that you cannot recover completely in isolation. A vital component in helping you achieve and maintain your sobriety is through the feedback, encouragement and support that is found in group therapy programs in Ohio

Group therapy in Ohio allows those new in recovery to interact with those who are traveling a similar path. Group therapy will also help those in recovery put into practice the essential life skills they need to adequately take care of themselves on a daily basis. More importantly, group therapy helps addicts develop the healthy and effective communication skills they need to repair relationships with family and friends as well as develop new relationships.

The following are the most popular types of group therapy that are popular in drug treatment programs in Ohio. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse and would like to know more about the benefits of group therapy in your recovery, call the addiction professionals at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center toll-free today.

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Self-Help Groups

When we start a discussion on addiction group therapy programs in Ohio, we must mention mutual self-help support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Many drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Ohio and elsewhere in the United States base their programs and services on 12-step philosophy, and active participation within these groups is crucial in helping the individual overcome their addiction. These mutual self-help sober support groups are made up of people who share a common condition and a common goal. Groups like AA and NA are self-run and are offered in a variety of meeting formats. These meetings are free of charge and focus on mutual support and ultimately the achievement of abstinence in recovery.

Psychotherapy Groups

Commonly known as talk therapy, Group psychotherapy is another popular group therapy program in Ohio. Group psychotherapy is based on the understanding that the relationships that are built between people are necessary to regulate all aspects of daily living. These talk therapy groups focus on what members can do in the present moment and helps members work together to form a cohesive group in which they can freely share their victories and setbacks in a safe and supportive environment. Therapists that utilize psychotherapy in a group setting must practice empathy in order for individual group members to communicate freely with each other.

Cognitive Therapy Groups

Another one of the popular types of group therapy utilized in drug treatment in Ohio is cognitive therapy groups. These specific groups utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and other similar therapy styles that will help newly recovering addicts identify those particular patterns of behavior that have kept them stuck in their drug addiction. Therapists in cognitive therapy groups work with clients in control their thought processes and their addictive behaviors and help give them the tools to cope with the stressors and triggers they encounter in a more proactive fashion and without having to resort to the use of drugs and alcohol.

Dynamic Group Therapy

Dynamic group therapy is yet another popular group therapy option in Ohio that drug and alcohol rehab facilities utilize to help addicts address and overcome behaviors that keep people stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction. Dynamic group therapy in Ohio focuses on an addict’s deficits in both regulating their own behavior and any defects in character the addict may possess. This unique type of group therapy gives clients the supportive environment to examine the common issues that are shared withing the group. This cohesiveness allows each member to overcome feelings of isolation and shame, as well as establish a safe environment with the goal of learning how to effectively control their emotions and feelings.

Relapse Prevention Groups

For those who have just completed or about to complete a drug treatment program, it is an important milestone that should be celebrated. While successfully completing a drug treatment program may give people the impression their recovery journey has ended, the reality is that the real work in their recovery is just beginning. The first few months of recovery is when addicts are at their most vulnerable, and it is important for people new in sobriety to have the extra support needed to make this transition much easier. Relapse prevention support groups are a major fixture of aftercare programs in Ohio and are designed to help clients identify the triggers in their environment that have the potential to lead them to relapse. In these groups, clients work on refining coping skills and leans heavily on peer support, continued involvement in 12-step groups, and the utilization of educational programming that will help addicts better understand addiction as a disease.

Network Therapy

One of the biggest factors in the long-term success of people in recovery is the presence of a substantial support network comprising of family and friends who are fully supportive of a person’s decision to live a sober lifestyle. In order to help those new in recovery nurture those bonds, drug rehab programs in Ohio may offer network therapy as part of an aftercare program. This popular group therapy option in Ohio involves using the social network of the newly recovering addict in a group format to provide support for behavioral change and relapse prevention. Cognitive-behavioral therapy provides the foundations for network therapy, and its ultimate goals are to help clients achieve and maintain their hard-earned sobriety.

Call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center For Group Therapy Programs That Work

When you are seeking a drug treatment program that addresses your unique and specific needs, group therapy is a must. The experienced addiction professionals at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center are able to utilize a wide variety of group therapy techniques that can be individually tailored to meet you specific needs, and will give you the tools you need to make your recovery a reality.

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