Ohio Life-Skills Addiction Therapy Program

In order to help the individual function in the outside world while maintaining their recovery, it is absolutely critical that the newly recovering addict is taught basic life skills. For many substance abusers, the basics of living day to day were either forgotten in the haze of addiction or were never learned in their formative years. Without these foundations in place, the addict slips further into their addictive behaviors and is unable to interact with and relate to their environment in a healthy fashion. An Ohio life skills addiction therapy program can help those new in recovery to learn and sharpen these essential living skills to help ease the shock of moving back to everyday life.

like-skills addiction therapy in Ohio

The Importance of Life-Skills Addiction Therapy in Ohio and they Ways It Helps the Recovering Addict

There are several important aspects of an Ohio life skills addiction therapy program that helps addicts feel empowered and gain the confidence and self-esteem they need to resume their lives and maintain their recovery. Are you ready to transform your life today? Call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center at 800-481-8457 and take the first step towards your new life.

The following are the essential benefits of life skills training in Ohio:

Developing a Daily Routine

While having a daily routine may seem obvious to most people, people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol can often forget the most basic life skills. It is important to implement a routine which is structured and includes a sleep schedule, regular exercise, work and family commitments and recovery-related activities. When the newly recovering addict learns how to plan their day, they are able to stay productive and can prioritize those things that will help their recovery.

Employment Coaching

An Ohio life skills addiction therapy program also benefits the newly recovering addict in the fact they can obtain employment coaching in order to help them find a job so they can be self-sufficient. It is common for addicts to lose their jobs and experience lengthy unemployment due to their drug and alcohol use. Through the help of an employment coach, those new in recovery learn how to present themselves for an interview, write a quality resume as well as to learn how to locate and use all the available resources that are needed to obtain employment. Finding and being able to maintain gainful employment is another crucial building block in helping to boost the self-esteem of the addict as well as teach them self-sufficiency.

Budgeting Finances

Along with finding and maintaining employment, learning how to budget one’s finances is another essential component of an Ohio life skills addiction therapy program that addicts need to be taught in order to be successful in their recovery. While in active addiction, any income the addict may have received went towards drugs or alcohol while basic necessities such as food, utilities, and other bills were neglected. With the help of a financial advisor or other professionals, those new in recovery learn how to put together a monthly budget and how to prioritize expenses. Once those basic building blocks are in place, those in recovery can also learn ways on how to save and invest the money they earn in order to provide long-term financial stability and peace of mind.

Learning New Hobbies and Pursuing New Interests

Those who are in recovery are strongly encouraged to enjoy activities such as reading, learning a musical instrument, learning to cook or other hobbies and interests which had taken a backseat to their addiction. These activities can help an individual enjoy life and can help them establish new friendships. These activities can also help fill the recovering addict’s day with those things that promote growth and change.

Positive and Healthy Communication Skills

Most importantly, the teaching of life skills while in treatment benefits those new in recovery by showing them how to communicate and interact with family, friends and other loved ones in a positive and healthy manner. Learning these skills will help the addict reconnect and rebuild relationships, and as a result, they become stronger and genuine. Along with reconnecting with family and loved ones, people in recovery are also taught how to work through those emotional issues which could be hindering their growth as recovering people. Additionally, recovering people learn how to form new friendships and learn strategies on how to avoid those stressful situations can lead to relapse.

Life Skills Training Is Essential For Recovery: Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Can Help!

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center provides clients with a clean and comfortable living environment that closely resembles the living environment they will ultimately return to when they leave treatment. As part of our life skills addiction therapy program in Ohio, clients will be given weekly budgets and will learn to shop at the local grocery store as the means reinforce money management and budgeting skills. Additionally, clients will also learn to cook, clean and perform other daily activities for themselves. By performing these tasks, clients will learn how to apply these skills to their everyday lives.

Are you ready to transform your life today? Call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center and take the first step towards your new life.

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