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Big Pharma and the Drug Epidemic

The chances of you reading this article and having known somebody close or a friend of somebody close who has overdosed or struggled with the battles of addiction is extremely high. The drug epidemic in this country is an ever growing problem that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The “war on drugs” as it’s been so infamously called throughout the years, has been classified as a joke by many members of congress and our own United States government. Addiction and alcoholic thinking will always be around, despite how hard our government cracks down on such matters. On the other hand, there are things that can be done to not only stop the crime but to limit the amount of deaths and incarcerations that follow along with the disease every year. Unfortunately, one of the largest problems out there in regards to drug addiction is the problem with legal drugs that are hitting the streets and the DEA is ready to start making some drastic changes if possible. Yet, sometimes with the way things are- it’s the drug lobbyists who rake in the money and have the final say.

The Green Stuff

It’s all about who brings in the green stuff. No were not speaking about marijuana, nor are we speaking about fresh vegetables or anything of that matter. We’re of course referring to the big bucks. To the dismay of many, the ones with money are the ones who call all the final shots in this country. Unbeknownst to most, the president is more or less the spokesperson for the affairs of the United States, but rarely do they ever make a deciding factor on something particularly. This country and the majority of the world for that matter is run by those who fund it all. We’re speaking of course, not just of the drug lobbyists but all the lobbyists in our country.

Whether it be from the Rothschilds owning all the central banking systems, to the big wig oil companies such as Exxon/Valdese who essentially make travel in all forms possible, and then to the tobacco/pharmaceutical companies that market products to the world that slowly suck out your soul, one way or another, these are the people that make everything possible despite what were told to believe. These are the companies and families that fund our government and make our ever flip flopping republic/democracy of a government keep running efficiently.

Unfortunately, speaking of such matters of narcotics and the lobbying in America for it brings up the touchy discussion of politics. For the record, there is no political affiliation specifically in these writings. That being said, one of the biggest things needing to be touched on is the addiction to LEGAL drugs– the ones that are being produced and sold right over the counter to you. This can be in the form of painkillers and cough syrups prescriptions being taken advantage of, or it can be as simple as little Johnny buying a pack of cigarettes from the store. One way or another, though, these are just a few of the things sparking off this drug epidemic taking over the lives of alcoholic thinkers. With insurance companies following close behind, it’s the drug and pharmaceutical industry that lobbies more money for the politicians in Washington than any other big company.

money in prescription pill bottles

The projections for 2017 are for all these legal prescription drugs to start going up in price. It is believed that some of the largest lobbyists for Big Pharma are in a bit of a standoff with Congress. PhRMA or the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America have been leading this standoff and finally weaseled their way into Congress. Somehow, PhRMA was able to rub toes with the right people and have something called Medicare Part D reformed where the prices to Medicare patients was not apt for change at all in the future. Basically, somehow or another, PhRMA and the other pharmaceutical lobbyists have gotten their point to the right select people and had a backwards law passed that allowed them to set in stone prices and essentially nobody can ever dispute or know the difference. Negotiating prices with congress or the people is off the table and thus making prescription drugs very accessible to those in need or those who don’t need but know how to pull the right strings. Hence you have this ever growing drug epidemic that is taking out addicts and alcoholics left and right as they drop like flies.  Yet is there anything being done in a preventative manner to stop all these premature deaths? Yes but not much is the answer to that. There are solutions and lobbyists out there are not condoning or advocating, but trying to shut down pharmaceutical companies and those profiting off the misery of the sick. Addiction and alcoholism are, in fact, diseases and not something to be toyed around with when it can be as simple as life or death for some of us chemically dependent beings. Sure sure, this can all be viewed as population control in this ever growing world but that’s not the idea when there’s so many people losing their lives at such early ages. That’s the price we pay more or less when you need help from an entity that doesn’t work in favor or on behalf of the entity it’s helping or protecting. The question is how many lives are these money laundering big shots at the top of the food chain going to take before enough is finally enough? When exactly will the soul-sucking end and the real cures and healthier methods of medicine get produced? Hopefully, the sun shines in this direction before the drug epidemic gets more catastrophic.

Fight the Power

Life likes to sneak up on people but addiction and alcoholism grab you up by the ankles and flip your whole world upside down. It gets old quick- but there are alternatives to being chemically dependent. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-800-481-8457 or visit oarcstaging.wpengine.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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