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The Benefits of Long-Term Drug Treatment

For many who struggle with drug addiction, it is a disease that often takes years to develop and has devastating impacts on their physical, mental and spiritual health. When the addict makes the commitment to get clean and sober for good, they must find a treatment program that fits their unique and specific needs. While the right combination of detox, therapy and relapse prevention education is extremely important to ensure long-term success, the most important factor in looking for quality drug treatment is the length of time the program lasts.

In order to have the best chance to achieve and maintain lifelong sobriety, entering and successfully completing a long-term drug treatment program in Ohio will provide those seeking recovery the tools and support they need to make their dream of lasting recovery a reality.

Long Term Drug Treatment in Ohio and How It Can Benefit Those Seeking Recovery

In their search for drug treatment, addicts will find that many rehabs offer treatment programs that last 28 days. While this type of treatment program is widely accepted as “standard” in the treatment community, programs of this length may not be sufficient in tackling all the underlying issues that can keep the addict stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction. It is estimated that only 3 of every 100 people who attend a 28-day program will stay sober for one year or longer.

To increase the odds of achieving meaningful and long-lasting sobriety, it is highly recommended those struggling with substance abuse undergo a long-term drug treatment programs that lasts 90 days and longer. Research shows that people completing at least 90 days of treatment have significantly lower relapse rates than those who stay for shorter amounts of time.

The benefits of long-term drug rehab in Ohio are numerous. First and foremost, long-term drug and alcohol treatment isn’t dominated by the detox process. Medical detoxification may take up a significant portion of a 30-day drug rehab program . While detox is a critical part of the process, it is not in itself treatment and requires therapy and other essential treatment services in order to get to the underlying issues of one’s addiction. Long-term drug treatment in Ohio also gives addicts plenty of time to put into practice the life and coping skills that are needed to successfully navigate daily life.

Those who undergo an extended drug treatment program in Ohio will be able to work with addiction professionals in putting together a comprehensive relapse prevention program. This relapse prevention program will help newly recovering addicts deal with drug cravings, stress and other triggers that commonly cause a relapse.  Most importantly, long-term drug rehab gives the addict the tools they need to repair their relationships with family and other loved ones that were ruined due to their substance abuse.

How Ohio Addiction Recovery Center’s Long-Term Men’s Drug Rehab Can Help You Find Lifelong Sobriety

If you are seeking quality long-term drug rehab for yourself or a loved one in Ohio, the addiction professionals at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center have created a long-term men’s drug program that will give you the best chance at making lifelong recovery a reality. Located in the heart of Columbus. Ohio Addiction Recovery Center features a complete continuum of care that provides all of our clients the opportunity to attack the disease of addiction head on with an emphasis on cultivating essential life skills that will lead to newly recovering addicts leading a healthy, fulfilled and active lifestyle in recovery.

When you are admitted to our Ohio long-term men’s drug treatment program, you will work with an experienced therapist that will work closely with you throughout the first 120 days of your treatment. in order to build  a solid foundation built through a personal relationship with one clinician. You will have every opportunity to take part in multiple forms of addiction treatment throughout your stay with us. Our men’s extended drug treatment program in Ohio is a three-phase model that is effective, proven to work and will give you the tools you need to be successful in sobriety. These phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Intensive Inpatient Treatment

As with all clients who enter our program, you will take part in intensive inpatient treatment for at least 30 days with the ultimate goal of motivating you to stay on for the entire 60-day program. While in our inpatient program in Ohio, you have the chance to work with your therapist as well as your peers in recovery in order to gain the skills and support you need in order to move forward in recovery with confidence. The combination of individual and group therapy along with life skills training will help you to cope with the triggers of substance abuse as well as understanding the underlying reasons for your addiction. During the inpatient phase, all clients will also be able to take part in innovative holistic-based therapies such as equine therapy, ropes courses, nutrition groups and other activities which help build effective communication skills.

Phase 2: Intensive Outpatient Programming

Once intensive inpatient treatment is successfully completed, you are able to transition into our 60-day intensive outpatient program (IOP) which features a sober living component. The IOP will meet 3 days a week, and you will continue to work with your primary therapist in individual counseling sessions. While in this transitional living situation, you will be subject to a 10pm curfew, minimum weekly meeting attendance, and mandatory house meetings two times per week. Additionally, we will provide transportation to and from work, to and from meetings and from interviews for employment.

Phase 3: Transitional Care

The third phase of our Ohio men’s long-term treatment program is providing you the additional support and motivation you need as you gradually transition back into your normal daily life and routine. We employ a step-down approach in which you still are living in sober living, but you but are only required to attend outpatient counseling one day a week. Additionally, you will also have one individual session with your outpatient therapist every week. While our addiction professionals are preparing you for your re-entry back into your day-to-day life, we will continue to provide you with additional life skills training and relapse prevention education while helping you become familiar with the resources within your community that will help you stay sober.

Are you ready to make the commitment to your health, your future, and your recovery? Call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center toll-free today and learn more about how our men’s long-term treatment program can help you build a better future.

2 responses to “The Benefits of Long-Term Drug Treatment

  • Carlene Davis-Dale

    8 years ago

    good information. Since 12/9/15, my heroin addict son has been in drug rehab 2 times and returning last week for the 3rd time. At 60 days, he went to a 3/4 sober living house. The first two weeks were ok and everything went down hill from then. He overdosed twice within 2 days. I feel he needs a long-term treatment program vs. the drug rehab treatment he has returned to. He is manipulative and has become familiar with the program where he is at and ‘knows how to work the system’.

  • I really like that these long term centers can also help with transitional care. In my opinion, those times when the patient is moving to a new environment are when they’ll have the highest chance of relapsing. Plus, I think that extra support when the patient goes back to their daily life is really awesome. The patient never has to feel like they are alone.

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