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When you make the commitment to seek inpatient addiction treatment in Ohio to address your addiction, you are making a major commitment of both your time and money. There are many different options available to you in regards to treatment, and the program you ultimately choose must have the programs and support you need to effectively address your substance abuse and give you the best chance at meaningful long-term recovery. If you are looking for drug treatment that will deliver the results that you desire, the structure and programming found in an Ohio inpatient treatment rehab will give you the best chance at maintaining your sobriety.

inpatient addiction treatment in Ohio

What is Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Ohio?

When an addict enters an Ohio inpatient addiction treatment program, they enter a safe, secure and highly supervised residential environment to receive intensive therapy and counseling. Patients in an Ohio inpatient treatment center live in the facility and are isolated from the distractions and temptations that are present in their home environment. When clients are removed from their home environment, they can solely focus on addressing the underlying causes of their addiction. Additionally, they will also acquire the tools and support they need to continue working their individual program of recovery once they complete inpatient treatment.

The average length of a residential inpatient treatment program is 28 days. However, if your addiction is severe or if you have underlying complications that will make the recovery process more challenging, you can enter treatment programs that last for 60 days and even longer. No matter the length of your stay, the main goal of inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is to give you the time, space and attention you need to work through your substance abuse issues in a supportive environment.

Why is an Ohio Inpatient Drug Rehab Necessary?

The structure and programming found in an inpatient treatment center in Ohio provides the best chances at long-term recovery. In certain situations, inpatient drug treatment is absolutely necessary for addicts to beat addiction once and for all. For example, an Ohio inpatient drug treatment is necessary if you had prior and unsuccessful treatment attempts in an outpatient setting. With the increased supervision and more intense programming schedule, an Ohio inpatient program may help you truly move past your addiction.

Secondly, an inpatient treatment program in Ohio is necessary if you have low levels of motivation towards the recovery process. In this type of treatment program, you are removed from drugs and alcohol and you are surrounded by staff and peers who have or are going through similar experiences. In an inpatient setting, it is harder to fake your way through treatment when you are being held more accountable for your actions.

Thirdly, undergoing treatment at an Ohio inpatient  treatment center is necessary if you have underlying medical and/or mental issues. Substance abuse in of itself is seen as a symptom of a deeper issue. Through the medical detox process at an inpatient rehab, you can be evaluated for any co-occurring disorders that can make your recovery more difficult. In the event that any co-occurring disorder is discovered, treatment staff can create an individualized treatment plan that specifically targets those deeper issues. Once those issues are resolved, the chances of a full recovery will dramatically increase.

Why Ohio Addiction Recovery Center is Your First Choice for Inpatient Treatment 

When you come to Ohio Addiction Recovery Center for inpatient treatment, our safe and drug-free environment will make you feel right at home. With our inpatient treatment programs, you will have the privacy and personal space you need while being able to socialize with other residents. You will receive around-the-clock care and will be carefully monitored through every step of your stay with us. We offer a full continuum of care that includes medical detox, counseling and psychotherapy and a variety of holistic therapies that will help restore your mind, body and spirit. With your whole body in total harmony, you can truly be free from your addiction to drugs and alcohol and you can experience hope, healing and serenity at the deepest levels.

Your First Step Towards Recovery Begins with Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

Drug and alcohol addiction can have devastating impacts on your life and those people that you love the most. When you are truly ready to get clean and sober, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center will provide you the tools and support you need to be truly happy, healthy and successful in your recovery. At Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, our experienced detox staff, therapists and medical staff are committed to making your recovery their top priority.

If you are ready to make the commitment to high quality inpatient treatment in Ohio, call us toll free at 1-800-481-8457. With the help of Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, you can make recovery a reality–starting today.

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