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Our Activities & Holistic Addiction Treatment in Ohio

At OARC, we’re committed to providing a unique, engaging, and effective addiction treatment experience for our clients. A core component to our philosophy is the belief that addiction doesn’t occur in a vacuum. For most people, a combination of underlying factors contributed to their substance abuse. 

With our holistic approach, we aim to treat the whole person, identifying all contributing factors to their addiction and what solutions can be applied for sustained recovery. Psychotherapy is just one piece of the puzzle. Holistic therapies go beyond mental health to also treat physical and spiritual health. Below, learn about all of the holistic offerings and activities at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine is an approach to healthcare that addresses the whole person rather than one specific condition. It is primarily used in the treatment of mental health conditions, including addiction, because mental health is heavily affected by outside factors. 

Holistic addiction treatment addresses the psychological, societal, spiritual, familial, and biological dimensions of substance use disorders. This approach enables our clients to commence growth in all areas of their lives that may have contributed to their addiction. It can also introduce new practices or beliefs that support lasting recovery.

Holistic Therapies at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

In addition to addiction psychotherapy, the day-to-day in our residential drug and alcohol rehab incorporates various holistic therapies. These include:

Art therapy: Whether drawing, painting, collaging, or other artistic mediums, our clients explore art therapy while in treatment. Art therapy has been shown to have multiple benefits, such as emotional expression, stress reduction, self-discovery, enhanced self-esteem, improved communication, and more. This fun bonding activity encourages self-reflection and a deeper understanding of one’s identity and personal experiences. Some of our clients even discover a hidden talent or new hobby!

Animal therapy: At OARC, we strongly believe in the healing power of animals, and have always incorporated animals into our program. We currently have a beloved licensed therapy dog on-site! Therapy dogs provide emotional support, mood enhancement, stress reduction, social engagement, distraction from negative thoughts, and more. If you don’t like dogs, that’s ok too. Our highly trained service dog can respect your privacy.

Fitness & Yoga: Physical fitness is often ignored when someone is in the grips of an addiction. Our program incorporates light exercise to help improve both physical and mental health. Exercise can also help relieve lingering withdrawal symptoms, improve sleep, and regulate mood. Substance abuse can alter chemical balance in the brain and exercise is a proven way to help correct imbalance.

Adventure therapy: Because our rehab is a 30-45 day inpatient program, we know some people can start to develop “cabin fever.” You’ll have opportunities for weekend excursions for adventure therapy, which is not only fun but has other therapeutic benefits. Clients engage in team building, communication skills, physical exercise, and confidence-building. Adventures can include ropes courses, rock climbing, obstacle courses, hiking, and more.

Addiction education: In addition to group therapy, clients also engage in various classes to help them better understand addiction, mental health, and coping skills. Clients learn about brain function, triggers, nutrition, and more.

Relapse prevention: Relapse prevention and aftercare planning are also an important part of our program. Though many of our clients come to miss our program and staff – the goal is that they never come back! Developing relapse prevention strategies gives our clients the tools to maintain recovery outside of our facility.

Music therapy: Some groups incorporate music therapy, which has been proven to have various therapeutic benefits. Music can improve mood, enhance cognitive function, and even treat pain! 

Alumni activities: When you leave our care, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in touch with fellow staff and alumni. Our Alumni Coordinator plans quarterly alumni events, such as the zoo, bowling, roller skating, and more. These events aren’t just for fun – staying connected with alumni is proven to improve treatment outcomes and support lasting recovery.

Other Activities At OARC

Aside from proven holistic therapies, we also just like to have fun! At OARC, we have an Activities Director responsible for planning and conducting various games and activities throughout the week for our clients during their free time. Some of our regular activities include:

  • Team Jeopardy
  • Karaoke
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Art contests
  • “The Price is Right” 
  • Crafts
  • Theme weeks

Our Activities Director also has a “store” where clients can purchase items with “bonus bucks.” Bonus bucks are given out throughout the week to clients who go above and beyond, have good behavior, or just stand out for one reason or another. They may even get bonus bucks for winning games. These can be used to buy snacks, candy, soda, extra phone passes, and more.

We know addiction treatment can be daunting and emotionally draining, so we strive incorporate as much fun as possible. We find these activities are immensely helpful for building trust and morale among our population.

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