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Ohio Short-Term Rehab

For many people who seek help for their substance abuse, an extended stay in a residential rehab program in Ohio will be their best choice. These rehab centers provide the best chance for those struggling with substance abuse issues to fully address their substance abuse issues. In these structured and supervised treatment programs, addicts and alcoholics will receive a full range of care to help them through their problems. The best option for anyone struggling with substance abuse issues is to enter a detox program and rehab center in Ohio.

These programs work together to help one overcome both the physical and mental aspects of substance abuse. It is important that these facilities address both the surface issues and any underlying issues that may be occurring. When a program helps a struggling addict address the totality of their addiction in body, mind, and spirit; their chance of getting and staying clean will rise substantially. While these programs are very effective and successful, they may not be ideal for everyone.

If you or a loved one are seeking quality drug rehab center in Ohio, but are unable to commit to an extended time away from family and work obligations, our Ohio short-term drug rehab programs might be for you. These short-term facilities feature the same effective treatment options found in our other programs but are delivered in a highly intensive environment. The is far less downtime in a short-term rehab center in Ohio. Since time is of the essence the client and staff will have to work extra hard to reach recovery goals in the set time frame.

While our short-term programs occur in a condensed time-frame, you will still receive the same quality services and compassionate care from our experienced treatment staff. Just like the other best rehab centers in Ohio, a treatment plan will be individually designed. When this is done, each client will have a different experience while in treatment that is catered to each person’s specific needs and goals. It is extremely important that the rehab program addresses both the surface issue of substance abuse and any underlying issues that the client might be struggling with.

Around three quarters of all addicts and alcoholics have problems related to their mental health. The most commonly diagnosed issues are depression and anxiety. It is imperative that any underlying mental health issues are addressed while in a short-term rehab center in Ohio. If these problems are not handled accordingly they can easily cause a relapse to occur in the future.

The Benefits of Our Short-Term Rehab Center in Ohio

It is a strong belief among all addiction professionals that treatment cannot follow a “one size fits all” philosophy. Not only does each addict have specific and unique needs when it comes to treatment, but each addict may also have certain attitudes when it comes to the treatment itself. As stated earlier, an intensive inpatient drug treatment program provides the best options for people to fully recover from addiction and experience long-term recovery. However, not all addicts may benefit from this arrangement.

As also stated earlier, some addicts may not be able to commit to a longer-term inpatient treatment program due to work or family commitments. In situations such as these, an Ohio short-term drug rehab program is an ideal treatment option. Addicts may be reluctant in committing long-term to a treatment program and feel these programs simply won’t help them overcome their drug and/or alcohol addiction. An Ohio short-term drug treatment program s a short enough period that people who are otherwise unwilling to try a program might be willing to commit to it.

Ohio short-term rehabilitation centers also give addicts enough time to regain their health and vitality. In a 28 to 30 day program, addicts will be able to detox and begin to get used to being sober again. This allows them to think more clearly, and they are more likely to make sound decisions after the rehab period has ended. Additionally, many who choose an Ohio short-term drug rehab program often choose to extend their stay after the 30-day program ends so they can get additional help staying sober. See if short term treatment is right for you, call us today at 800-481-8457. A specialist is always standing by ready to help you through this difficult time however possible. Calls are free of charge and always confidential.

What are the Components of an Ohio Short-Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program?

Medical Detoxification

Admitting to and detox center in Ohio is one of the first and most important steps on the road to recovery. Without repairing the body the mind will never be able to better itself. Drugs have physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable, painful, and even life-threatening if not properly treated. In order to minimize the potential danger of these withdrawal symptoms, you must first undergo medical detoxification in a safe, secure, and medically supervised environment. An Ohio short-term drug treatment program can help you with detox arrangements and may even be able to detox you right in their facility.

During the detox process, medication management, nutrition, and various other therapies will be combined to help best treat each individual. These tools will be used to make the withdrawal process more tolerable and safe for the client. Additionally, experienced treatment staff will also conduct a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose any co-occurring mental or physical illness that may impede the recovery process.

Structured Services and Care

Once you are medically and psychologically stable, you are able to start working on your individualized treatment plan designed around your specific needs. This overall treatment plan is created from a wide variety of treatment services such as individual sessions, group therapy, life skills, coping skills training, holistic healing, and therapeutic techniques; among others. During this phase, you will gain the tools and get the encouragement and support you need to overcome your drug addiction. All clients will be able to learn the tools needed to help them avoid triggers, resist cravings, and prevent relapse.

Aftercare Programs

Because of the condensed time frame found in an Ohio short-term rehab program, attending some form of continued care or aftercare programs is highly recommended. Commonly called outpatient rehab or IOP, this is a great way to stay on the right track and working on your recovery. The programming and care found in these aftercare programs will help clients understand the triggers and daily stressors that can lead to relapse. They can acquire and refine the necessary healthy life and coping skills that are needed to deal with cravings and urges to use in a constructive manner without reverting back to drug use.

Ohio Short-Term Rehab Treatment Programs Can Open the Door to Lifelong Recovery

For drug treatment to be truly effective, it needs to provide addicts with highly individualized treatment programs in a format that best fits their needs. For those who may be hesitant of making a long term commitment to treatment, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center offers short-term rehab options. This is for those who are unable to commit to a 28+ day program due to outside obligations. While residential inpatient care for a month is always ideal, we understand some people just cannot do that.  Our goal is to provide quality treatment services in a highly intensive and structured format. Our Ohio short-term addiction rehab programs may provide the spark addicts need for their recovery.

Don’t wait another day to address your substance abuse issues; call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center toll-free right now at 800-481-8457 and get the help and support you need to get and stay sober. One of our addiction professionals is always standing by ready to help you through this challenging time in any way that they can. Calls into our office are always free of charge and completely confidential.

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