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Why Relapse Addiction Therapy is So Important

As with most diseases, with addiction comes the potential for relapse. A relapse is not a moral failing, rather simply part of the disease. While those in recovery are constantly striving to maintain their sobriety in an effort to prevent relapse, sometimes it just happens. For some, relapse is something that happens suddenly and without notice, while for others, relapse occurs over time. Whatever the reasons are, finding one’s way back from relapse is just as important as any other step on their road to recovery.

Relapse does not erase all the hard work and effort that an individual has put into his or her recovery. It is a bump in the road that has countless twists and turns. In an effort to help individuals navigate that road, a powerful method of care known relapse addiction therapy can be implemented.

Relapse addiction therapy is a form of therapy that helps recovering addicts and alcoholics learn how to prevent relapse from occurring within their lives. There is certainly no guarantee that with this treatment, individuals will remain sober for the rest of their lives. However, what can be guaranteed is that individuals can develop skills that will help them avoid relapsing as well as skills that will help them get back on track again if they do.

The Importance of Relapse Addiction Therapy

Every part of one’s recovery has its importance. Learning how to communicate effectively with others is important in helping individuals prevent interpersonal conflict and the residual stress that arguing can cause. Establishing ways to follow a structured schedule can help individuals maintain order in their lives. And, reaching out to others in an effort to build a strong support system can keep individuals driven to maintain their recovery. Relapse addiction therapy, just like these parts of recovery, is also extremely important.

Encourages introspection

Right from the beginning, relapse addiction therapy is going to motivate individuals to engage in personal introspection. This introspection is very important, as through this process of examining one’s mental and emotional processes, individuals can identify what triggers them, what their instinctual reactions are, and what negative consequences occur when they act on those instincts. Relapse addiction therapy, while it not only helps individuals identify these things, helps individuals begin to understand that they can do things to prevent triggers and manage the immediate instincts they might have to go use again.

Additionally, when in relapse addiction therapy, individuals can become comfortable with utilizing introspection, which is a priceless skill that can be used throughout one’s life. Introspection can lead to humbleness, healthy problem-solving, and increased overall wellness.

Provides skills

Arguably the most important part of relapse addiction therapy is that it provides individuals with a number of skills designed to help keep them from relapsing. Some of the skills that individuals learn through relapse addiction therapy include the following:

  • Having action plans put in place when triggered in a public space
  • Knowing what people, places, and things to avoid so that sobriety is not tested
  • Learning the power of saying “no” and harnessing how to use it
  • Understanding how to get back on track should a relapse occur
  • Knowing what types of behaviors can lead to relapse

Each one of these skills, plus several others, can be utilized for as long as one needs them, as they are timeless, effective, and proven methods of preventing relapse.

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Highlights the importance of support

Relapse addiction therapy is usually done in a group therapy setting, which is extremely beneficial for participants because it helps to put a spotlight on just how important it is to invite in others and allow them to offer support. Many individuals who are in recovery still struggle with interpersonal skills, especially when it comes to trusting others. However, the group therapy setting in which relapse addiction therapy is conducted can help show individuals that they will be more successful in their recovery with the support of others than they will be without.

Inspires self-confidence

Someone who has spent time being addicted to drugs and/or alcohol often struggles with a number of personal things. One of those things can be self-confidence. For some, their lack of self-confidence served as a trigger for their addiction, while for others, any and all self-confidence they had prior to their addiction has been significantly diminished.

Relapse addiction therapy can help restore some of that self-confidence. This specific type of therapy works taking the power away from the addiction and giving it back to the individual. Giving someone who has struggled with low self-confidence the opportunity to do something as important as keeping themselves sober can help build that confidence, especially when he or she utilizes the skills he or she learns and succeeds because of it.

Without relapse addiction therapy, those individuals who begin their recovery may struggle with cravings and temptations to use again. Not having the right tools at their disposal leave them susceptible to relapse, which can serve as a gateway for addiction to become active once more.

Get Help

There is nothing easy about addiction. No matter how high you have gotten or how low you have felt emotional, nothing can compare to knowing how to navigate your own sobriety. While figuring out how to do this can be complex and often times frustrating, once you are able to protect yourself and manage your disease, the better off you will be.

Nothing is standing in the way between you and your own health and wellbeing. If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, do not spend one more second using. If you are in recovery but do not have the tools to maintain your sobriety, pump the breaks. If you have relapsed, stop what you are doing. Go get the professional help that you need in order to take the power back from your addiction and utilize it to better manage your life.

Do not wait any longer. The sooner you ask for help, the more successful you can be. Call us now. We can help.

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