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Ohio Mayor Seeks Emergency Response Center for Opioid Crisis

There’s heaviness in the air for some as addiction slowly gases the masses and begins to fatally sweep across the nation. For too many years now opioids of all forms, primarily pharmaceuticals like painkillers, have been tormenting addicts and alcoholics in the United States. Innocent people are dying prematurely while the greedy ones continue to profit regardless of “customer” life or death. Addiction allows all this to happen.

The nation as a whole is suffering, but the state of Ohio seems to be bleeding out. Chemical showers of opioid induced misery have riddled their way into the flesh and grain of the great state. To give you an idea, 11 Ohioans are dying a day- 11 Ohioans! That is insane. These are people dying of a preventable death while pharmaceutical companies push their garbage through to dealers and docs- both spilling them out like M&Ms.

Everybody just wants to feel “better”- but it comes with a price. With addiction fueling the state and rest of the country, there’s so much argument as to what needs to be done. Creating an Ohio emergency response center is a step in the right direction.

In Walks the Cavalry

Unfortunately, the plague of opioid-related addiction doesn’t just stop because Narcan is more readily available or somebody is incarcerated. This epidemic is going to take much more preparation and financial aid. It has gotten to a point where the Midwestern state now has invested interest in an Ohio emergency response center.

David Foster Wallace once said, “Most substance-addicted people are also addicted to thinking, meaning they have a compulsive and unhealthy relationship with their own thinking.” The problem with our world today is the amount of recognition that alcoholic thinking gets for the detrimental wake it creates on its path. Well, there are some that want nothing more than to change that with the concept of the Ohio emergency response center.  

The Ohio Mayor’s Alliance formed for the sole purpose of representing the people of Ohio. With things continually worsening in regards to the opioid epidemic, it was time for a few Ohio big-city mayors to step in. Speaking on behalf of their cities:

  • John Cranley of Cincinnati
  • Lydia Mihalik of Findlay
  • Tim DeGeeter of Parma
  • Andrew Ginther of Columbus
  • Don Patterson of Kettering

All of the above-mentioned names signed a letter processed in urgency to Republican Gov. John Kasich and forwarded to Senate President Larry Obhof, House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and Attorney General Mike DeWine in reference to the crisis at hand and the action needed for preventative measures to be taken. Apparently, they’re collectively seeing an issue at hand.

man overdosing on heroin

Let Them Speak

The letter written to Kasich from the Alliance addressed a conglomeration of issues stemming from the epidemic at hand. The letter stated, “From our perspective on the front lines, it has become clear that a more coordinated and comprehensive strategy between all levels of government is urgently needed.” There was also reference to President Donald Trump’s recent declaration of the opioid epidemic now being a national emergency. Many are hopeful that this is a turning point in things with presidential recognition of the issue being announced.

On top of the recommendation for the Ohio emergency response center, the alliance of mayors also composed a series of other ideas needing implantation effective immediately. The Ohio emergency response center would serve as an opioid crisis relief center like the same how some states like Alaska have incident command structures to battle their own war against opioids. The nation is being attacked by addiction head on- Ohio just happens to be at the top of the list of most inflicted.

The Possibilities at Hand

With the Ohio emergency response center in place, the collective of mayors believe that having the “natural disaster” center of sorts will make other preventative measures easier. This bit of ease includes the passing along of safety information, coordinating and sharing crisis resources, and insurance policy updates being among a few of the ideas. These thoughts can then be implemented into a strategy that helps the rest of the country in chemical combat.

One of the largest factors in the Ohio Mayor’s Alliance letter was the need for examination when it came to the state’s Medicaid policies. Reviewing the Ohio Department of Insurance and the policies related to detoxification and addiction treatment services could be a large turning point for the 7th most populated state.  This, in turn, could go on to open up more opportunities securing federal and philanthropic funds aimed at aiding the Ohio emergency response center or generally funding any addiction services.

Future Visions

So far in 2017, the Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich has done much more than the political leaders of other states likely would. Respectably, Kasich has established an Opiate Action Team amongst the political members of his cabinet. He is involved with the Ohio state lawsuit against multiple pharmaceutical companies as well as made many public declarations on the opioid epidemic at hand. It is without doubt that Kasich welcomed the letter with open arms when statements like “We are witnessing an unfolding catastrophe, unparalleled in our state’s recent history, and more needs to be done by all of us to confront this deadly epidemic,” were written in the letter by the alliance.

The Ohio emergency response center, of course, isn’t a final solution to the pharmaceutical misery that is spreading, but it sure has helped gain the attention of many big players- including the president of the United States. Hopefully, we will begin to see change as the rest of 2017 plays out and the group recommendations take weight.

Don’t Wind Up as 1 of the 11

There’s not a doubt in the world of the correlation between addiction and the increasing overdoses/deaths. Ohio is in the middle of a “War on Drugs” it didn’t ask for and we the people are struggling to keep watching ourselves and loved ones fighting with little resolve or aid offered. If you or a loved one is ready to choose life and put the torment behind, please call1-800-481-8457 or visit oarcstaging.wpengine.com. We have a trained team of specialists waiting to gladly take your call and discuss the substance abuse treatment options available to create the happiest of futures ahead.

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