Sober Living

Why Sober Living is Important After Treatment 

When you quit drinking or using drugs, everything is supposed to get better, right? While getting clean can be freeing it can also be jarring and frightening which can send some right back to addiction. If you’ve been using drugs or drinking heavily for years, learning how to live your

Ohio Opens Heartland High: First School for Students with Addiction 

Not many states have seen the consequences of the opioid crisis like Ohio. The Buckeye State has more overdose deaths per capita than any other state but West Virginia, and law enforcement and public health officials are doing all they can to reverse the trend.  Current strategies include better access
heroin detox

What is It Like to Detox from Heroin?

Heroin is one of the most difficult drugs to detox from, as it leads to painful withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings. If you’re ready to quit heroin for good or are thinking about going to treatment, you’re probably the most curious about the heroin detox process. Before getting sober, you
taking action

Taking Action in Early Recovery 

The first few days, weeks, and months after getting sober can be the most difficult part of your life. It’s not difficult to say no to your drug of choice for a few hours or days at a time but real recovery takes work and dedication, especially early on. The
Grateful addict

What it Means to Be a Grateful Addict 

In recovery, you will often hear the phrase ‘grateful addict.’ What the heck are they talking about? How can you be grateful when drugs cost you your marriage or when alcohol cost you your driver’s license? Being a grateful addict sounds complicated but the importance of gratitude in recovery cannot
addicted inmates

Ohio Jails Using Medication for Addicted Inmates

Hamilton County and its jail sit it in the Ohio River Valley, one of the hardest-hit parts of the country by the ongoing opioid crisis. The jail is packed with prisoners in for opioid-related crimes and while they’re forced to leave their addiction at the door, most pick it up
emotional sobriety

Learning About Emotional Sobriety 

Anyone that’s been addicted to drugs or alcohol knows that quitting is only one step in lifelong sobriety. If getting and staying clean was as simple as only not using or drinking, recovery rates would skyrocket. Yet there are several people who go back to using after a few days
Drug Intervention

When It’s Necessary For a Drug Addiction Intervention

Even if you’ve never been around drugs or alcohol you’ve likely heard about interventions. Drug addiction interventions are when a group of friends and family confronts a loved one about their drug addiction to help them get better. Interventions are extremely sensitive, so it can be difficult to tell when
Bored In Sobriety

What to Do When Bored in Sobriety

There aren’t many life experiences comparable to getting sober. When you decide to quit drugs or alcohol for good, you’re giving yourself a new lease on life that can be challenging, fulfilling, and even boring. So much of an addict’s life is spent thinking about, obtaining, or using drugs, but
Overdose rates in Ohio

Ohio’s Female Prison Population Soars from Drug Arrests

  The ongoing opioid crisis in Ohio has left its mark in hospital rooms, treatment centers, and is now stretching Ohio’s prison population to bursting. New numbers from the Buckeye State show a surge in female drug arrests which is pushing an already overcrowded criminal justice system to its limits.