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Ohio Drug Epidemic Results in Major Arrests

The drug situation in the United States has gotten serious indeed. Across the country, men and women of all ages and from all walks of life are finding themselves beholden to the self-destructive urges that result from a substance abuse problem. Unfortunately, despite knowing the risks that are inherent in

The Value of Good Sponsorship in Recovery

Addiction is a really complex disease, very much different from virtually every other disease that exists. It’s only relatively recently that we came to learn addiction was a disease rather than a moral affliction, but popular opinion is still that addicts are bad people. In fact, surveys show that opinion

The Main Problems With a 28 Day Treatment Model

Addiction is an incredibly complicated, enigmatic disease that’s unlike virtually any other disease that exists. Whereas most diseases are either physical or psychological, addiction exists somewhere in between. People who become addicted to alcohol, drugs or even a number of addictive behaviors experience rapid deterioration of their physical, mental, emotional,
cognitive behavioral therapy

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help With Treatment?

Addiction is an incredibly complicated and almost enigmatic disease that we’ve only just begun to understand. It used to be that addiction was seen as an issue of morality rather than a disease, resulting in addicts being treated as bad people who were deviant and consciously choosing not to exercise
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Carfentanil Overdose Deaths Overwhelm Ohio First Responders and Crime Labs

There are many substances that have proven to be prone to abuse. Oftentimes the ones that most readily come to mind are alcohol and marijuana; while these substances are two of the most frequently abused of all mind-altering substances, there are many others — like carfentanil and many others that
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The Disease Model of Addiction

There are many different substances to which people can become addicted. Some of them are ones that humanity has quite a long history with — like alcohol, opium, and marijuana — while others have more recently been developed and reached widespread use, including prescription painkillers and the numerous designer drugs

Ohio Program Offers Amnesty to Heroin Addicts: Police-Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative

In recent years, we’ve come to learn that addiction is actually a disease. In particular, it’s a brain disease that’s characterized by an obsessive, compulsive fixation on imbibing chemical intoxicants. However, the disease is unique compared to most other diseases. Despite it being a disease, addiction actually represents a culmination
12 steps to change

Twelve Step Programs

Addiction is an extremely complicated disease, so it’s fitting that recovery would be an equally complicated venture. On the surface, it would seem that addiction recovery would be extremely straightforward: you just stop using drugs or abusing alcohol, right? But it’s not quite that simple. Just as there are many

Hope Over Heroin Movement in Ohio

Due to the spike in rates of addiction we’ve seen in recent years, there’s a major stigma against those who suffer from addiction. People tend to see addicts for their behaviors, which are very frequently motivated by the fear they have of withdrawal. At the height of addiction, addicts are

U.S. Surgeon General States Ohio Needs More Treatment Centers

Despite the many people who don’t want to believe it, addiction is a disease. Specifically, it’s a chronic, progressive, relapsing disease of the brain that affects individuals on both psychological and physical levels. Over the past century, rates of substance abuse and addiction have risen from mere public nuisance to