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Twelve Step Programs

Addiction is an extremely complicated disease, so it’s fitting that recovery would be an equally complicated venture. On the surface, it would seem that addiction recovery would be extremely straightforward: you just stop using drugs or abusing alcohol, right? But it’s not quite that simple. Just as there are many

Hope Over Heroin Movement in Ohio

Due to the spike in rates of addiction we’ve seen in recent years, there’s a major stigma against those who suffer from addiction. People tend to see addicts for their behaviors, which are very frequently motivated by the fear they have of withdrawal. At the height of addiction, addicts are

U.S. Surgeon General States Ohio Needs More Treatment Centers

Despite the many people who don’t want to believe it, addiction is a disease. Specifically, it’s a chronic, progressive, relapsing disease of the brain that affects individuals on both psychological and physical levels. Over the past century, rates of substance abuse and addiction have risen from mere public nuisance to
once the enabling stops recovery is given an opportunity to begin

Are You Enabling an Addict?

It doesn’t take much to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Of course, nobody ever intends to become addicted to mind-altering substances. In most cases, people underestimate how easy it is to become physiologically dependent on these dangerous intoxicants. They allow their curiosities to drive bad decisions, and before they
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How to Have an Open Dialogue With Your Addict/Alcoholic

Although addiction is known to be a brain disease, it’s very different from other diseases from which a person could suffer. Whereas most diseases are physical or psychological, addiction actually exists somewhere in the middle. But since substance abuse is a behavior, the perception is that people who have become

Ohio Attorney General Advocates Substance Abuse Education for K–12

Although substance abuse isn’t exactly a new problem, the scope of the issue has increased astronomically since the turn of the twenty-first century. Many people attribute the substance abuse problem and addiction epidemic we see today to the release of OxyContin in 1996, followed by Purdue Pharma’s aggressive marketing campaign
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The Importance of Fellowshipping

A fellowship is any kind of support group; some popular ones include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and others. Fellowshipping essentially means joining in and participating in these programs and with the other members. A fellowship in sobriety doesn’t necessarily need to be a group like AA or NA; it can
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5 Important Ways Family Addiction Therapy Programs Help Addicts Recover

When we think about the impacts of substance abuse, we often place the majority of our focus on the how addiction affects the physical, mental and spiritual health of the addict him or herself. In reality, the disease of addiction affects the entire family and each family member feels the pressure

Good Samaritan Law In Ohio Help Addicts

Like the rest of the country, Ohio has been hit hard by drug overdoses and deaths. The state ranks second in drug overdoses nationwide. Additionally, 23 Ohioans die of heroin overdoses on a weekly basis. State lawmakers are working nonstop in creating legislation that will get drug addicts in Ohio the help and support they need. The Good
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The Benefits of Long-Term Drug Treatment

For many who struggle with drug addiction, it is a disease that often takes years to develop and has devastating impacts on their physical, mental and spiritual health. When the addict makes the commitment to get clean and sober for good, they must find a treatment program that fits their