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Types of Alcoholic Drinking

Ahhh alcohol. The juice, the hooch, grandpa’s old cough medicine, the devil’s elixir, booze- these are just a few of the slang names we use to mention the fermented liquors that we love to imbibe. Alcoholic beverages have been around since the dawn of time and cannot or will not

Ohio Store Puts Up Hate Sign for Drug Addicts

Life tends to come unexpectedly. It’s this rather chaotic event that takes place between birth and death. Of course, the in between varies for everybody, but this long drawn out schematic is a blank canvas for most at least. As human beings having the power of choice, the possibilities are
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Big Pharma and the Drug Epidemic

The chances of you reading this article and having known somebody close or a friend of somebody close who has overdosed or struggled with the battles of addiction is extremely high. The drug epidemic in this country is an ever growing problem that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime

The SB 319 Act in Ohio and the Problems it can Cause

The sands of time stop for no mortal living creature and oh what a time it is to be living right now. We are given such short lives and thrown limitless options on how to pass the hours on the clock. The hours turn to days, the days to weeks,

Drug Lobbyists’ Effects on the Drug Epidemic

There was once a point in time where everybody talked and basked in the sunlight. They would go on picnics and take their significant other with them. A loaf of bread and a little bit of honey was all that was needed to bring a little bit of internal happiness.

Ohio Overdose Rates for 2016

The Bubonic Plague, AIDS, and Addiction/Alcoholism- what do they all have in common you ask? They all share the same value and are all widespread epidemics. Sure, alcoholism isn’t contagious necessarily unless you take genetics into consideration, but none the less, it is very much as infectious a disease as
rock bottom

Why Rock Bottom is the Catalyst for Sobriety

I’d imagine that anybody who goes through the effort of working the twelve steps and actually admits to being an alcoholic- they did so for a specific reason. Let’s face the facts here, nobody really just up and does such without recognizing a need for it. Most of us used
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Why Do We Self Sabotage Even in Sobriety

You know what’s the best? When you enter recovery to better your life and the general outcome of it, but only to find the alcohol and narcotics aren’t the complete problems. At the end of the day, all of our problems start with us. It’s our style of thinking and
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Facing Addiction in America: A Recap of the Surgeon General’s Report

Addiction and alcoholism can come knocking abruptly for some and takes its time deconstructing lives for others. One way or another, the day comes where we wake up and there is no denying there is some sort of a problem. It’s blatantly right in our faces and can’t be ignored
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Most Dangerous Drugs to Detox From

Sometimes it’s so easy to take things in life for granted. We’re given this one hand of cards in this game of life and it can be so easy to use one of those cards unwisely. The revelations of it really jump out when one sits back and thinks about