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Ohio Military VA and TRICARE Addiction Treatment Coverage

Many service members, especially combat veterans, suffer in silence when they struggle with their mental health or substance use. This is often the result of stigma, embarrassment, or shame. The truth is that even the bravest soldiers can struggle with mental health, and it takes immense courage to ask for help. Addiction is not an indicator of weakness – it’s a disease, often accompanied by trauma or other mental health conditions.

At OARC, we believe service members and their families deserve the highest quality of judgment-free addiction treatment. That’s why we’re proud to be in-network with both TRICARE and VA benefits. This enables us to extend our private drug and alcohol rehab services to active-duty military, their families, retirees, and veterans with the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Learn more below about VA and TRICARE rehab coverage or verify your benefits with us today.

Why Choose Us?

In-Network With TRICARE

Your health insurance could cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment. We’re happy to include the following amenities and services to our clients:

Primary Rehab Amenities and Services:

  • Family visitations
  • Family therapy
  • Individualized
  • Group therapy
  • 1 on 1 counseling
  • Art therapy
  • 24/7 Nursing
  • Catered food
  • Recreations
  • Tobacco and Vaping
  • Long term options
  • Dual-diagnosis care
  • Transportation
  • Yoga & Personal Training
  • Life Skills
  • 12-step Meetings

Want to check out-of-pocket costs? Contact us today for help.

Types of Military Insurance in Ohio That We Accept

For active duty military service members, retirees, veterans, their families, and dependents, various insurance plans provide their essential health benefits. Though sponsored by the federal government, these plans differ from state-funded insurance such as Medicaid or Medicare.

Military health benefits are similar to commercial civilian health coverage that one might receive through their private employer. Plans may include premiums or other out-of-pocket costs, but members have far more options for quality addiction treatment services compared to state-funded plans. Some members may even find addiction treatment is covered 100% under their plan without any additional costs when they choose an in-network facility.

Common plans include:

TRICARE: TRICARE is offered to active duty military, Reserve, National Guard, retirees, and their families. In Ohio, TRICARE is managed through Humana Military. OARC is-network with Humana Military.

VA health care: Qualified veterans may have health benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs. This type of plan is typically offered exclusively to veterans, which they may have with or without TRICARE. In Ohio, VA benefits are managed through Optum. OARC is in-network with Optum Serve.

Will Humana Military TRICARE Pay For Rehab?

Yes, generally, TRICARE plans will cover at least a portion of drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Thanks to federal law, health insurance providers, including TRICARE providers, are required to offer coverage for addiction treatment as an essential health benefit.

TRICARE, managed by the United States Department of Defense Military Health System, provides civilian health benefits to military service members and their families. That means TRICARE plans may also cover addiction treatment for your spouse or dependents.

TRICARE is managed in three regions. In Ohio, TRICARE is offered through Humana Military. As a popular civilian health insurance provider, those covered through TRICARE have access to Humana’s comprehensive network of providers.

Like any other commercial insurance provider, TRICARE may cover a range of addiction services, such as:

Your approved level of care and any out-of-pocket costs will depend on your plan type, the substances involved, the severity of your addiction, and the network status of your provider. For example, only certain substances require medical detox, so TRICARE may only approve another level of care. 

You may also have a co-pay, deductible, or other out-of-pocket cost-sharing, depending on the specifics of your policy. However, some members find addiction treatment is completely covered without any out-of-pocket costs when they choose an in-network facility, such as OARC. The best way to find out is to contact us at 800-481-8457. Our team can help verify and explain your coverage.

Will Optum Serve VA Benefits Pay For Rehab?

Yes, health benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs also offer coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Your approved level of care and any out-of-pocket costs will depend on your plan type, the substances involved, the severity of your addiction, and the network status of your provider.

VA health coverage is managed in five regions. In Ohio, VA benefits is managed by Optum Serve. Unlike TRICARE, Optum Serve VA benefits are typically available exclusively to veterans, not their families. As a popular civilian insurance provider, VA members have access to Optum’s comprehensive network of providers.

Optum Serve VA benefits and Humana Military TRICARE have different networks, so your approved providers may vary. However, the services covered are largely the same. Like TRICARE, Optum Serve may cover outpatient, inpatient, detox, MAT, or other addiction treatment services.

Types of TRICARE Plans & Treatment Costs

Like other insurance providers, TRICARE has plan levels to match the needs of members. Some plans have lower costs, in exchange for a limited network of providers. Other plans offer more freedom of choice with out-of-network benefits, but carry higher fees.

Popular plans include:

US Family & Tricare Prime: These plans offer the most affordable coverage. There is often no annual deductible, but members must stay within a network of providers. However, these plans also offer a point-of-service option (POS), which may have an annual deductible. If your plan does include an annual deductible, you may be responsible for the deductible if you go to inpatient rehab.

TRICARE Select: Select is a preferred provider option, or PPO. PPO plans offer the most freedom with out-of-network coverage. With TRICARE select, you may choose an out-of-network rehab, but will have higher costs. These plans also usually have an annual deductible.

Other Plans: TRICARE also has Young Adult, Reserve, Retired, Remote, and Over Seas versions of their Select and Prime plans. 

Not sure where your coverage stands? Our insurance specialists can check your coverage, deductibles, the amount remaining on your deductible, and any other out-of-pocket costs. We can also help you determine the appropriate level of care. You can chat with us in the corner of your screen or call 800-481-8457.

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab For Military & Veterans

At Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, we provide a full continuum of comprehensive addiction treatment services in Columbus, OH.

Our program offers:

Medical Detox: Often the first phase of addiction treatment, medical detox aims to treat chemical dependency and withdrawal symptoms. Our detox center is a 7-14 day inpatient program with 24-hour nursing, medication management, and medical supervision. Detox treats the physical component of addiction and is usually not recommended as the sole line of treatment. Learn more about our Ohio detox center.

Residential Treatment: While detox treats the physical aspect of addiction, residential treatment addresses the psychological component. Our residential rehab is an intensive 30-45 day inpatient program that includes evidence-based psychotherapy, group therapy, life skills, relapse prevention, coping strategies, education, and more. Learn more about our residential rehab in Ohio.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP): PHP is also referred to as day treatment. With similar full-time programming as residential treatment, the only difference is clients do not reside at the facility. Instead, they return home or to sober living in the evening. Learn more about our PHP rehab in Columbus.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP): At OARC, we consider IOP a level of aftercare. That means we do not encourage IOP as a first-line treatment. Our IOP clients typically first complete detox, residential, and/or PHP. IOP consists of 3-hour evening sessions three days per week. This allows clients to begin their transition back to work, school, or their home life while still engaging in treatment. Learn more about our IOP in Ohio.

Addiction Counseling: Some clients choose to continue 1-on-1 sessions with their primary counselor up to a year after they have completed treatment. The first year of recovery is critical, as it is a top predictor of long-term recovery. Individual sessions are often 1 hour per week, but cadence can be adjusted depending on the individual. 

Understanding Your Military Health Benefits

We understand insurance can be confusing or overwhelming when seeking addiction treatment. Our compassionate experts are standing by to provide transparency. We can check your benefits, costs, and provide recommendations based on your situation. We never want cost to be a barrier to care, and we often work with clients to ensure they can receive addiction treatment. Call us today at 800-481-8457 or chat now in the bottom corner of your screen.

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