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If you are caught up in the endlessly vicious cycle of drug addiction, you may feel that the chances of getting clean and sober are slim. You may have tried to quit drugs on their own or may have tried other treatment programs in the past, but have long been able to achieve the lasting sobriety you seek. The key to finding meaningful long-term recovery is finding the right Ohio drug rehab program that has the services, care and support you need to make long-term recovery a reality. While there are many quality drug outpatient rehab in Ohio to choose from, finding the appropriate program can be a challenge.

drug outpatient rehab in Ohio

An Ohio drug outpatient rehab program is a great option that many who have struggled with drug abuse have chosen to help them overcome their substance abuse. An Ohio drug outpatient rehab is ideal for those who are unable to make the substantial time commitment away from work and family, but need the essential services and care that will help them address their addiction. If you are looking for a quality drug outpatient rehab in Ohio, call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center toll-free at 1-800-481-8457 right now.

What is a Drug Outpatient Rehab in Ohio?

An Ohio drug outpatient rehab is a highly versatile program and can be utilized in a couple of different capacities. Drug outpatient treatment can be utilized after someone completes a more intense and structured inpatient program and is looking to get the extra counseling, support, and motivation they need as they transition back to their normal life. Outpatient drug rehab can also be used for those people who don’t need formal medical detoxification services and don’t require an extended stay that the treatment facility itself.

How Does An Ohio Drug Outpatient Program Differ From Inpatient Treatment?

If you are looking at an  Ohio outpatient drug treatment program, you may be unsure of the differences between outpatient programs and inpatient-based rehab programs. With inpatient treatment, you would reside in the treatment facility itself or in a dorm room type setting near the facility in order to focus on addressing and overcoming your addiction. With inpatient treatment facilities, the general length of stay can be 30 days but can be longer depending on the severity of you substance abuse

In an Ohio drug rehab program such as the one offered at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, you would be able to live at home while receiving treatment and can continue with your busy work and family commitments. You would be able to attend treatment programming during daytime or nighttime hours depending on their work, family or school schedule. Typically, an intensive outpatient program consists of group and/or individual therapy 3-4 times weekly with those sessions usually lasting a few hours each session. Unlike inpatient drug rehab, an Ohio outpatient drug rehab treatment program is longer in duration and can last anywhere from 8-20 weeks depending on the severity of your substance abuse.

What is Offered at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center’s Outpatient Drug Rehab?

As with other rehab programs, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center features a wide range of therapy options which provides a solid foundation on which to build your recovery. Among the therapy options we provide include psychotherapy, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational therapy among others. These therapy programs can be individualized by our expert therapy staff to fit your unique treatment needs and goals.

In addition to therapy, our Ohio drug rehabilitation programs also cover the following important topics:

  • Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Managing Urges and Cravings
  • The Progression of Addiction as a Disease
  • Relapse Prevention Skills
  • Co-occurring Disorders

As with inpatient drug treatment, our drug outpatient rehab program in Ohio also features family so that the family unit can be part of the recovery process.  Depending on the individual, there may also be additional mental health services available that can help in the event that you have a co-occurring mental disorder along with your substance abuse issue. Additionally, our experienced and compassionate staff can provide assistance with helping you find employment, provide you with sound financial coaching, and provide you with the community resources that you need to help you stay happy, happy and sober.

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If you or a loved one feel that you would benefit from an Ohio outpatient drug treatment program, be sure to pick up the phone and call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center today! Our outpatient treatment programs are individually tailored to meet your unique and specific treatment needs, and our experienced and compassionate staff will provide you a full range of care every step of your treatment journey. Our number one goal is to provide you with the tools and encouragement you need to make your recovery a reality. Call us toll-free at 1-800-481-8457.

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