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15 Recovery Books About Overcoming Addiction

A big part of recovery includes exploring new ideas, perspectives, and perhaps getting some “experience, strength, and hope” from others who have fought addiction. Recovery books can be equally beneficial for families seeking to understand the addiction of a loved one. We’re often asked about some recovery books we would recommend, so today we decided to make a post about some inspiring books about addiction and recovery.

Whether you are considering recovery or looking to expand your spiritual growth, here are 15 books worth checking out:

#1. Recovery: Freedom From Our Addiction, by Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a popular actor, writer, and comedian who shares his personal struggles with addiction and recovery. In addition, he offers valuable advice for those looking for freedom from their addiction. 

#2. Impaired: A Nurse’s Story of Addiction & Recovery, by Patricia Holloran

This book is based on the real-life story of Patricia Holloran. It focuses on her addiction to prescription opioids, which she stole from the hospital where she worked. She also shares how she was caught and what she did next. This book is inspirational for anyone dealing with addiction. 

#3. Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others & Start Caring for Yourself, by Melodie Beattie

The book provides insights from the perspective of codependency. With real-life examples, it contains plenty of relatable codependent situations with advice on how to regain control.

#4. Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction, by David Sheff

In one of the most popular recovery books, David Sheff shares how heart-wrenching it was to watch his son struggle with a meth addiction, the impact it had on their family, and how to still find hope in recovery.

#5. A Very Fine House: A Mother’s Story of Love, Faith, and Crystal Meth, by Barbara Cofer Stoefen 

This mother shares how her perfect family was impacted by her daughter’s addiction to meth, the crimes she committed, and how this intelligent and beautiful child was living hard and fast on the streets.

#6. Being Sober: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Through and Living in Recovery, by Dr. Harry Haroutounian

Former physician director of The Betty Ford Clinic, Dr. Haroutournian, reveals a step-by-step plan to help maintain long-term sobriety. 

#7. Recovery from Trauma, Addiction or Both: Strategies for Finding Your Best Self, by Lisa Najavitas

This book provides real-life examples of how trauma can fuel addiction and how to develop coping skills to help create realistic goals.

#8. Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors & The Drug Company That Addicted America, by Beth Macy

This book examines the opioid crisis in America from its early beginnings, how it transitioned from small communities to wealthy suburbs, and why it is still a crisis today. 

#9. Clean: Overcoming Addiction & Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy, by David Sheff

In this book, also by Mr. Sheff, he shares insights to help increase awareness of the disease of addiction, as well as to serve as inspiration for anyone struggling with substance abuse.

#10. Breathing Under Water: Spirituality & The Twelve Steps, by Richard Rohr

For those looking to connect with God as part of the recovery, Richard Rohn shares his insights on surrendering to God while also discussing how addicts can feel broken in all areas of their lives. 

#11. Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism & Addiction, by John Dupuy

This recovery book explores modern methods, information, and techniques for treating addiction while promoting a holistic approach. 

#12. The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations for Codependents, by Melodie Beattie

This book has been a valuable resource for codependents since first published in 1990. Melodie Beattie recounts her own experiences and recovery and how meditation helped. 

#13. Letting Go of the Thief: A Ninety Day Journey Inside the Thoughts of an Alcoholic, by Pamela D. Pesta

If you have ever wondered what it is like to struggle with alcohol addiction, you will want to take this ninety-day journey into alcohol addiction and how alcoholics think. 

#14. Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic & Addiction, by Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth shares her personal journey from dealing with anxiety as a child to her addiction and recovery with the struggles she faced along the way. 

#15. Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction & Recovery, by Erica Spiegelman

This book discusses using self-actualization as a new approach to treating addiction by enabling the addict to look within and unlock the power of healing. 

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