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Why Do We Self Sabotage Even in Sobriety

You know what’s the best? When you enter recovery to better your life and the general outcome of it, but only to find the alcohol and narcotics aren’t the complete problems. At the end of the day, all of our problems start with us. It’s our style of thinking and behavior as addicts and alcoholics that prohibit us from creating positive outcomes in life. The alcoholic thinking is what drives us to want to get high or drunk every day. The alcoholic thinking is what allows us to toss our morals and values to the side as we do something against the grain. It’s the alcoholic thinking that continuously allows us to self-sabotage and constantly gets in the way of our own selves. The act of sabotaging something is to destroy, damage, or obstruct something. So in that sense, we addicts and alcoholics are masters of disruption. Something in us is just triggered to attract chaos and things out of the norm. Whether you believe it or not, it’s just in our nature as chemically dependent individuals. However, this does not mean we are doomed to fail and ruin everything good that enters our lives. Just like addiction and everything else in life, there are solutions to the issues at hand. It’s all a matter of what one is willing to learn about themselves really.

Oh My God, It’s a Mirage

As with any predicament that occurs in life, it’s about laying out the facts of the reoccurring problem and finding a solution. Most scenarios that we find a problem with are self-created. We produce our different perspectives, opinions, and everyday understandings and keep moving forward based off of the positive and negative experiences lived through. This creates the imagery needed and that we must minimize or maximize certain exercises of doing for an intended outcome.  Simple right? Or so it seems. It really can be a matter of committing to self-awareness. Taking the time to do that little bit of introspection and discovering the way we tick is crucial. In this life, you know yourself better than anybody else is ever going to. So figuring out certain attributes of ourselves and studying them can be vital. Decide whether deep down you want to keep smoking pack after pack and why you haven’t finally quit altogether. Or maybe take a look at why you don’t like the size of your body but are unwilling to change your diet or even attempt to exercise. These are prime examples of self-sabotage at its finest.

We start interfering with our own actions and prerogatives without even realizing it. Much of the time, our subconscious is swaying decisions and making sure it’s heard in the background and we are completely oblivious to these thoughts we may be having. It seems as if something is wired in us to make our perspective on things very vague. Sometimes we don’t even know what we want at the end of the day. We all have our wants and our needs which often times are not parallel with each other, but it starts getting even more complicated when involving the brain and the way it turns its gears. Sometimes, it’s just a standard clash of the left and the right brain battling for the happiness of the owner. Despite whatever way you view your self-sabotage, it’s a defeating behavior that is preventing you from accomplishing the things you would very so please. Being in touch with yourself and recognizing your patterns is imperative. We are adaptive creatures that rule with emotion. Emotion is tricky because not only does it rule over our reflections in the attic, but emotion is a thought process that can be felt physically. It is important when boiling down to big decisions that we keep our personal belief system and emotions separate to the best of our ability.  All it takes is one good mood swing and all our certainties and principles go right down the drain. Hold onto those morals, and if that’s too tough- find somebody to help hold you accountable.

don't limit yourself

With self-sabotage follows a large portion of our character defects. Usually this conglomeration of issues includes justification and impulsivity. These are two chief components when interrupting the outlines of life we have drawn up in our heads. So much of the time, we addicts and alcoholics listen to the things that don’t matter and ignore the things that do matter. We are quick to rationalize and push aside logic all for a quick feel good. That feel good isn’t necessarily getting high but can be sex, gambling, validation, relaxation and so many other things in between. We are amazing at playing mind games and convincing ourselves of a particular reality that is often exaggerated, distorted, or ignored.

We want to believe what we want to believe, but must keep in mind that OUR voice is not THE voice. One person’s opinion shouldn’t be enough to change our minds in a direction that affects a number of decisions or our general happiness, yet we allow it to. Not allowing people to rent space in our heads is another art that must be practiced. Let the decisions we decide upon be our own thought processes. At the same time when we have those thought processes, we need to think about them. Not just to act and then think about what was done, but to really think about it before it’s said or performed. Taking the few extra seconds to look at your motives or drive behind something can make a world of difference in the end.

Sabotage Your Addiction

You may be thinking to yourself that it’s not worth the effort, but don’t be fooled. Making it through the disruptions and into recovery is one of the most rational things you can do. All the drugs will end up bringing is certified misery and torture to your mind, body, and soul. If you or a loved one have been struggling to make the next step please call 1-800-481-8457 or visit oarcstaging.wpengine.com. We have trained specialists on standby ready to help you and figure out the best treatment options for you.

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