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Can I Go to Rehab If I Have an Arrest Warrant?

When you or someone your love is struggling with addiction, the risks of getting into legal problems increase the longer they misuse substances. As such, on might wonder, “Can I go to rehab if there’s a warrant out for my arrest?”

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) or substance use disorder (SUD) can progress to the point where you commit crimes to obtain alcohol or drugs. You could also face criminal charges if you fled the scene of an accident where someone was injured while driving while intoxicated. 

Furthermore, finding out you have an arrest warrant could motivate you to take the first steps to recovery. 

Can I Go to Rehab If I Have A Warrant?

Suppose you have reached the point where you realize you need help for your AUD or SUD. Whether you are aware of potential legal problems or if an arrest warrant has been issued, you should not let your legal issues deter you from getting help when you need it. 

As a result, you can go to rehab if you have a warrant. However, it is essential to remember rehab facilities are not criminal detention centers. Nor will they excuse you from dealing with your legal issues or make them go away. You still need to resolve your criminal matters at some point. 

Can You Be Arrested While Attending Rehab?

In most cases, you cannot be arrested in rehab. This has to do with the confidentiality you are provided while in a rehab center. For example, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) provides for patients’ privacy, their health records, and other such details. 

The treatment center cannot share any details with anyone, including the police, such as:

  • The type of treatment you are receiving.
  • Information about why you are in rehab.
  • Disclosure of personal information.
  • Whether you are even at a particular rehab facility.

Although the treatment facility can release information if you have signed a release but only to those you agreed to obtain the information, like your health insurance provider or an immediate family member.

Even when the police know you are at the facility, they will usually put off the arrest until after you leave the rehab center. 

When Can You Be Arrested in Rehab

There are a few exceptions to why you can be arrested in rehab as follows:

  • You have committed a major criminal offense or an incredibly violent offense. For example, you assaulted a store clerk to steal cash. 
  • The police have received a court-ordered subpoena. Subpoenas are a court-ordered mandate that require you to present information or testify in court. 

Will Attending Rehab Help My Court Case?

Most courts understand the importance of seeking help for alcohol and substance misuse disorders. They would rather you get the help you need before facing your criminal charges. You may be wondering, “Will rehab help my court case?” 

It depends on the criminal offense and if you have a criminal record. Most courts will look at rehab favorably if this is your first criminal offense. 

Even if you have a criminal record, the court may view your desire to seek addiction treatment as a positive measure that could potentially prevent you from committing future crimes. 

Managing Your Legal Issues While in Rehab

When you check yourself into rehab, let your intake specialist know of the possible warrant out for your arrest. This information is used to help your family support specialist liaison between you and your lawyer to determine the seriousness of the offense.

In addition, your rehab treatment plan will include learning how to cope with the stress of facing criminal charges to avoid relapse after treatment. 

Should I Consult with a Lawyer Before Entering Rehab?

When you know you have an arrest warrant, you should consult with a lawyer before entering rehab. Your lawyer can give you expert advice if there are issues involved in going to rehab with a warrant.

Can You Check Yourself Out of Rehab Early?

Legally, you can check yourself out of rehab early if you have an arrest warrant. However, you need to realize that once you leave rehab, the police will arrest you, and you will have to address your criminal charges. Additionally, the court may look unfavorably at leaving rehab before completing your treatment program. 

Where Can I Go to Rehab If I Have a Warrant in Columbus, OH?

When you have a warrant and want help for your substance misuse, you can check yourself into Ohio Addiction Recovery Center in Columbus. We cannot share any details about your rehab treatment, even with the police. We will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that includes learning to manage your legal problems. For further information about our AUD and SUDl rehab treatment programs, feel free to contact us and speak with an intake specialist today!

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