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Fentanyl Seized is Enough to Kill Everyone in Columbus

This world is yours- but it doesn’t stop spinning for just anybody. We have to spin with it as we hustle and bustle about trying to keep up with the hungry demands of society. It can be overwhelming at times for any and everybody- despite your walk of life. It’s entirely worth it too without a doubt, but it does catch up to us from time to time. Everything in life comes with some sort of price, but we often forget this until it’s time for that debt to be collected.

You see, we are destined to make mistakes- it’s how we learn in life. When everything is all peaches and cream, we forget about the detours that can appear from thin air. It’s all a matter of what we take away from those accidents. Some of these detours are our largest growing points, while others just add insult to injury. Everybody knows that injury just beckons for addiction. After all, most don’t want to feel pain.  

With any sort of pain, there are plenty of ways to dilute it in a healthy manner. Ideally, all physical and mental pain can be dealt with without feeding into addictive tendencies. Alas, that is nothing more than a pipe dream for the those already under the influence of their alcoholic thinking. Most addicts will feed into unhealthy behaviors to mask that pain with something. Some choose booze, some choose money. Then there is the majority of the country that has turned to opioids like the 2 kilos of Fentanyl that were prevented from distribution in Columbus, Ohio.  

Pain Relievers Causing Pain

Painkilling opiates like Fentanyl are the duct tape of the pharmaceutical world. They only last for so long before they create even more issues like drug withdrawal, addiction, or any of the other side effects that begin to occur. The dangers of Fentanyl and other prescription opiates are always looming if you decide to mess with the powers that be. The dangers of Fentanyl and other painkillers tower over that of most other narcotics.

Unfortunately, the drug is often abused for its euphoric properties and can be found on the streets in many places. Fentanyl has often been viewed at as a father or rival to that of morphine or heroin. It’s stronger in the majority of cases than most other forms of opioids. Some records show that the dangers of Fentanyl are 50 to 100 times stronger to that of morphine. In fact, in a lot of cases dealers will cut their heroin with fentanyl just to make their product that much stronger. If that doesn’t give you a good idea of it’s potency then who knows what words will.

Synthetic Drugs Meet Real Drug Bust

This is a drug that’s chemical makeup is created to administer in professional situations with medical personnel- not in Jimmy’s basement with tin foil or a shared syringe going around the room. This is why the deaths are starting to rack up like they are, and this why there’s need for a standing ovation for the drug task force members that arrested the likes of:

  • Joel Lassiter
  • Luis Delgado
  • Rashaad Williams

These 3 men were busted in a Columbus hotel parking lot with 2 kilograms(4.5 pounds) of Fentanyl. Reports say that this amount of Fentanyl was enough to literally kill the entire 860,000 people population of the alleged Ohio city. All it takes is just the mere amount of 2-3 milligrams for a fatal overdose to occur. Let that sink in.

fentanyl with spoon and syringe

The Fountain of Death

The reality of the opioid epidemic is that it affects everybody differently. Some dip their toes into things like Fentanyl and later walk away. Many many others wind up becoming an overdosing statistic drawing it’s last breath at the mercy of the synthetic opiate. Regardless of where you stand do not be mistaken, everybody who plays with fire will get burnt at some point. You see, there are many things in life that are worth the risk. Some say gas station sushi, for others it’s bungee jumping. Rest assured, fentanyl is not one of those.

Lengthy Fentanyl abuse will put kinks in the digestive system causing bowel obstruction and/or constipation. Along with the bathroom issues comes a weakened immune system, a failing respiratory system, and a struggling circulatory system. Don’t forget about the nasty withdrawals that come from being physically dependent on the devilish medicine- those sure are fun (said nobody ever).

Escaping the Escapisms

Fentanyl will steal your soul and create you into an entirely different being; one that nobody cares for. With continued substance abuse comes all sorts of psychological problems not even mentioned. Sometimes our personalities will change and we don’t even recognize the individual making eye contact with us in the mirror.

Self-esteem will begin to plummet while we become socially withdrawn from the ever building insecurities. Fentanyl will cause problems to accumulate so quickly that it will have your head spinning in the complete opposite direction of the planet we we’re trying to keep up with in the first place.

It’s pretty clear to say that playing with Fentanyl is a death sentence and to not be joked about lightly. Ohio has been desperately struggling to contain this opioid crisis for the last couple years. This Fentanyl bust is definitely a win for the good guys.  

The Dangers Are Everywhere

Be it Fentanyl or any other narcotic, alcoholism is a brutal disease that will take over every aspect of your life if allowed in. The dangers of opioids amongst other drugs will always be present, it just a matter of how long somebody wants to entertain that misery. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need a drug treatment center, please call 1-800-481-8457 or visit oarcstaging.wpengine.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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