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Ohio Adventure Addiction Therapy Program

When you are seeking substance abuse treatment options that will best address your addiction issues, there are many treatment philosophies and techniques that are available to accomplish that goal. Many treatment facilities employ effective interventions such as medical detoxification, a wide array of individual and group therapies, life and coping skills training, relapse prevention education, and aftercare services such as sober living.

Combining these forms of therapies and aftercare will greatly increase one’s chance at achieving long term success. While these interventions can help you uncover the roots of your addiction and give you the tools to succeed in recovery, our philosophy incorporates holistic methodologies that we know work, such as adventure therapy. Adventure therapy promotes team building, fun in sobriety, and may even reveal undiscovered passions.

An increasing number of private rehabs are incorporating holistic-based therapies as a part of their drug treatment program. Ohio Addiction Recovery Center is proud to be one of the first and only treatment centers in Ohio to offer holistic and life-skills based addiction treatment. Most known for its use in helping to treat troubled teens, adventure therapy has also shown great benefit for adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. It can also help with life skills, improving coping mechanisms, and can teach one to be more comfortable in their own skin.

If you would like to know more about adventure addiction programs in Ohio and how they can help you get and stay sober, call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center toll-free today at 800-481-8457. You will be connected to an addiction specialist who is here to answer any questions you might have. Calls are always free of charge and completely confidential.

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Your health insurance could cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment. We’re happy to include the following amenities and services to call clients:

Primary Rehab Amenities and Services:

  • Family visitations
  • Family therapy
  • Individualized
  • Group therapy
  • 1 on 1 counseling
  • Art therapy
  • 24/7 Nursing
  • Catered food
  • Recreations
  • Tobacco and Vaping
  • Long term options
  • Dual-diagnosis care
  • Transportation
  • Yoga & Personal Training
  • Life Skills
  • 12-step Meetings

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What is Adventure Addiction Therapy in Ohio?

In its simplest terms, an Ohio adventure addiction therapy program is a therapeutic intervention that utilizes the backdrop of Mother Nature as a means for adventure and exploration. The ultimate goal of these programs is to promote emotional and spiritual growth as well as self-discovery. When you research adventure or wilderness therapy, you will no doubt see there are many forms of this therapy that can be used in a variety of situations. Depending on the situation, adventure addiction therapy programs can range from learning survival-based techniques to a more formal and organized camping-based program that focuses on group building exercises. In the framework of substance abuse treatment, wilderness programs focus on bringing out who the individual outside of their addiction. This will help one grow as an individual and learn more about themselves on a core level.

In an Ohio adventure addiction treatment programs, clients will learn and master a specific set of skills. Maybe it will be learning how to accurately read a map or making a fire with minimal supplies. They may also learn how to gather food while in the wilderness or learn how to construct a shelter from basic items supplied by nature. Through the acquisition of these skills, clients will learn effective communication skills and will be able to create from within a strong sense of self-sufficiency as well as independence. Additionally, clients who take part in adventure addiction programs are able to build their self-esteem and assertiveness as well as learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

As they are building these skills, clients become more connected with nature and also learn they are a part of something that is bigger than themselves. Realizing this can be a great awakening for those who have been clouded by the cover of substance abuse. Becoming more self-aware and mindful will help one live in the moment and appreciate the little things. A great benefit of wilderness programs for substance abuse is the fact that it serves two purposes: as a behavioral diversion program as well as an educational program.

What are the Benefits of Adventure Addiction Therapy Programs in Ohio?

With adventure addiction therapy, those who struggle with addiction or alcoholism will experience several benefits that will increase their chances of achieving long-term recovery. First, those who take part in Ohio wilderness addiction programs are much more in control of their surroundings and can actively interact and explore the natural environment. When those new in recovery are able to reconnect with nature, they are able to connect with the world at large and they become reconnected with the most basic and pure of human instincts. A spiritual awakening and minor revelations can easily occur while partaking in a wilderness program in Ohio.

An Ohio adventure addiction therapy program is also beneficial in the fact that it removes the sterility of an inpatient drug treatment setting. Additionally, those who take part in wilderness therapy in Ohio can be free of distractions such as cell phones, computers, and television. With these distractions removed, those in treatment can focus on themselves and work toward their goals. They are able to do this with the help of individual and group sessions. These sessions and groups will help them address the roots of their addictive behavior and learn how to correct their issues. Additionally, those who participate in wilderness therapy have plenty of time for reflecting on how their past behaviors and circumstances led to the development of their addiction.

As stated earlier, Ohio wilderness therapy programs are seen as complementary and should not replace the essential programs and services found in traditional drug treatment programs. Instead, adventure addiction therapy can further help address many of the individual effects of addiction and also offers participants a chance to learn survival skills and strengthen communication and cooperation skills. Most importantly, Ohio adventure addiction therapy will allow those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction to develop a more positive self-image which will allow them to approach their recovery with confidence.

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If you are looking to take your recovery to new levels, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center’s adventure addiction program can help you get there. Pick up the phone and call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center today on our toll-free line 800-481-8457. Make your recovery a reality starting today. Phone lines are open 24/7 and an addiction specialist is always standing by ready to help you in any way that they can.

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