avoidant woman

5 Types of People to Avoid in Rehab

A doctor known by the name of Suess once wrote, “Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them”. A statement that couldn’t be any truer as all of us blindly feel our way through life balancing on that teeter totter of juvenile behavior and mature wisdom. Of course,
two girlfriends

5 Ways to be a Good Friend to Your Newly Sober Loved One

Relationships are a beautiful thing when two living beings can coexist and provide happiness to one another. Whether that is a platonic relationship or that with a lover, the idea of two people with completely different genetic make ups and opinions have the ability to care so much for each

Do Other Countries Have a Drug Epidemic like America?

America: land of the free and home of the brave. Founded on Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Equality, and Opportunity- right? Yeah, the opportunity to throw your life away with a prescription bottle of death. “Let us not forget who we are. Drug abuse is the repudiation of everything America is”, said
man in jail

How the Jail System Fails Addicts

Living in an overpopulated world driven by dollar bills and fiscal accumulation, there is a system and a place for everybody living and thriving in the United States. There’s this corrupt schematic at hand that we only see bits and pieces of when in regards to the truth. With Trump

How Ritalin Abuse Damages Your Body

Do you ever find yourself over there but really you’re still here? The places our minds try to take us. So much curiosity and so little time. It’s human nature to wander and wonder as we feel our way thru this sometimes dark and menacing world because the mind is
ohio sheriff

Ohio Sheriff Refusing to Carry Life- Saving Narcan

Right now at this very moment, there is an opioid epidemic on hand that is ravishing the country. Bodies are piling up in states like Ohio, Kansas, Florida- and it’s safe to say that the “War on Drugs” isn’t doing too well. We’ve hit a wall as far as prescription
alcoholic woman

Women in Appalachian Ohio Have Higher Rates of Alcoholic Abuse

“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world,” sang the late great Louis Armstrong. A wonderful singer and trumpet player, the musician had a way with words that often make one want to look at the more positive side of things rather than the cynical frame that takes over
dna strand

The Science Behind Genetic Factors in Addiction

There is so much that has been learned about addiction and alcoholism in the last 50+ years. A number of lives that have been saved and affected because of Alcoholics Anonymous and our grown understanding of alcoholic thinking is remarkable. However, there is still so much to be learned and
100 dollar bills

Ohio Using Millions from “Rainy Day Fund” to Fight Opioid Crisis

“Rain rain, go away and come again another day. Boys and girls want to play, so rain rain go away.” In this analogy, the rain is the opioid epidemic that is currently down pouring on the entirety of our country. Addiction and alcoholism are more prevalent today than ever. The
personal boundaries

How to Set Boundaries With Addicts and Alcoholics and Keep Your Sanity

Mother Nature and her many forms are just so fascinating. Listening to the wind howl at the moon or the rainfall in a backyard is my kind of day. I mean, have you ever just sat and watched the ocean waves and the simplicity of their motions? The tide lowers