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The process of looking for the best drug treatment options that best fit your particular needs can be a challenging process. While there are many quality options that will help you break the cycle of addiction and find recovery, you may be unsure of where to look in the first place. A common, but effective type of drug treatment are Ohio short-term treatment programs. Rehab facilities in Ohio that offer this type of treatment will give you the chance to get and stay sober without requiring a lengthy time commitment away from your family, employer or school.

short-term addiction treatment in Ohio

Do you need more information on short-term residential treatment in Ohio? Call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center can find out more about how our Ohio short-term treatment programs that can help you achieve recovery.

What is Short-Term Addiction Treatment in Ohio?

With an Ohio short-term residential treatment program, you will undergo intensive drug treatment for a period of 28-30 days. During that time period, you will reside within the treatment facility itself and take part in a strict schedule of treatment programming and other recovery-centered activities. While in a short-term treatment program in Ohio, you will undergo detoxification, counseling and psychotherapy as well as group sessions, family therapy, holistic and alternative therapies as well as other treatment options.

How Do You Know if an Ohio Short-Term Residential Treatment Program is Right for You?

In your search for drug treatment, you may have heard that your chances of long-term recovery are better with longer treatment stays of 60 days, 90 days or longer periods of time. While these extended treatment programs would give you the time you need to adequately deal with the underlying psychological issues of your addiction, every addict is different in their recovery needs. While a long-term inpatient drug program is ideal, it won’t work for every addict.

An Ohio short-term  treatment program may be the right for you in the following situations:

Time Commitment

For those who seek treatment, long-term inpatient treatment may not be a viable option due to the considerable time commitment this type of treatment requires. With a 28 to 30-day program, a short-term  treatment program in Ohio will provide you an intense and concentrated program that will provide you with the essential detox, therapy and aftercare programming that is necessary to build a solid foundation for your sobriety.

Cost Considerations

While it is true that longer term drug treatment may be more effective overall, it also comes with a steeper price tag. In general, traditional inpatient drug rehab programs that last longer than 30 days can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. If your budget can’t cover the cost of long-term treatment, or if you may be underinsured or uninsured, attending a short-term residential treatment center in Ohio may be a better option for you. You will receive the same treatment options and care, but during a shorter time period.

Is It Your First Time in Treatment?

If you are going to treatment for the first time, the thought of the process itself and the length of time you are away from family and friends can be overwhelming. With an Ohio short-term treatment program, the counseling, therapy and programming that you need happens in a time frame that is more manageable and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

What Can You Expect When You Come To Our Short-Term Treatment Program

When you come to Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, our goal is to help you fully recover from addiction and allow to transition back into your daily life as smooth as possible. During the intake process, our staff will perform a careful and thorough evaluation and develop an individualized treatment plan based on your addiction and medical history. We offer all clients safe and effective medical detoxification and are able to draw from a variety of traditional and holistic therapies that can be modified as you progress in treatment.

We at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center realize that your truly start working your recovery once you leave our facility. In order to give you the added support and encouragement you need to embrace recovery with confidence, we offer aftercare programs which include intensive outpatient counseling and therapy as well as sober living options that allow you to practice your life and coping skills in a safe and empowering environment. It is our overall commitment to your recovery and well-being that makes our Ohio short-term drug programs among the best in all of Malibu.

Lifelong Recovery is Closer Than You Think

If you desire to break free from your addiction, don’t wait another day—pick up the phone and call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center right now. Our skilled team of treatment professionals will be able to design a custom treatment program that will give you the tools and support you need to get back on your feet and get you on your journey towards healing and hope. With proven and effective treatment programming, expert care and compassionate support,Ohio Addiction Recovery Center is your first choice for short term residential addiction treatment in Ohio.

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