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Women who struggle with addiction have unique challenges regarding drug treatment. Since women experience addiction differently than men, it is crucial that a women’s drug and alcohol treatment center in Ohio must feature programs that address their specific needs. Trying to find the right treatment options that address the unique needs of women can be a daunting process.

The treatment professionals at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center understands the struggles women face to get and stay sober. Our Ohio women’s drug and alcohol treatment center gives all patients the tools and support needed to find lasting happiness, health, and recovery. If you want to learn more about the programs offered at our women’s drug and alcohol treatment center, call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center toll-free today.

Unique Treatment Programs That Help Women as a Whole

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center’s drug treatment programs for women are specifically designed to treat the whole individual. Our Ohio women’s drug treatment programs address the physical, psychological, spiritual and social aspects that accompany drug and alcohol abuse. Our programs have been created to be nurturing and supportive to allow women to become empowered in their recovery journey.

In addition to providing an empowering atmosphere, our women’s drug and alcohol treatment center in Ohio offers personalized nutritional and specialized healthcare as well as specific counseling services that address childcare, parenting, employment and other issues that affect women.

Our women’s drug and alcohol rehab facility features staff made up of women. Having counselors and other treatment staff of the same sex provides a level of comfort and understanding that provides an easier transition to a full recovery. Ultimately, the women’s drug and alcohol rehab program at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center will provide the tools and support necessary for women to regain control of their lives.

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What Can You Expect at Our Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Ohio?

When women enter our Ohio drug and alcohol treatment center, our experienced and compassionate staff will work with each client in developing an individual drug treatment program that fits each patient’s unique and specific needs. These programs allow addicts and their families uncover the roots of addiction and allow for full healing and recovery. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs feature the following services:

Medical Detoxification

Our Ohio women’s drug and alcohol treatment center features effective medical detoxification services. The process of withdrawing from substances create physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable and painful to endure. This discomfort is a common relapse trigger that can lead clients back to active drug use. Our women’s treatment programs use medication, nutritional and other interventions to help make withdrawal more tolerable.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Since every client is different in their treatment needs, our Ohio women’s drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility offers a wide variety of treatment services to aid in the recovery process. These include individual and group therapy, 12-step and other sober support groups life and coping skills training. Additionally, our treatment programs offer a variety of holistic therapy approaches to allow patients to heal in body, mind, and soul.

The women’s drug and alcohol treatment programs at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center are available on an intensive inpatient basis where clients can receive around the clock care while living in our state-of-the-art treatment facility. For those who cannot commit to inpatient treatment, our women’s rehab programs are also offered on an outpatient basis. With outpatient treatment, clients can receive a high quality of care while being able to honor family and work commitments.

Aftercare Services

Successful completion of a drug treatment program is a major milestone. While it should be celebrated, the real work in recovery begins after the completion of formal treatment. To help women get the extra support and motivation they need be successful in their recovery in the long term, our Ohio-based drug and alcohol treatment programs for women offer a variety of aftercare options. These include outpatient counseling, sober living, and alumni programs.

The primary goal of our women’s drug and alcohol treatment programs in Ohio is to provide all clients relapse prevention strategies to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Additionally, our programs help women find the essential resources in their community that will help them maintain their sobriety. These programs allow newly recovering addicts to build their sober support networks that are crucial in maintaining a meaningful recovery.

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