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Drug and alcohol addiction affects every part of an individual’s life. From their job to personal relationships and everything in between. Addiction not only affects a person’s physical health, but it also impacts their emotional health and spiritual health. If substance abuse is devastating your life, it is important to seek out the professional help that is found at a drug treatment center. Undergoing treatment at a residential or outpatient drug rehab facility is an essential step in achieving sobriety and long-term recovery.

The services they provide must address all aspects of your substance abuse. If they do not then the risk of a relapse occurring will increase significantly. It is extremely important that the rehab center in Ohio offers up a variety of therapies that can be incorporated into their treatment plans. Holistic rehabs in OH that also offer traditional therapy approaches are often the most successful and highly regarded.

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Holistic Rehab Centers

In order to give you the best chance at breaking the cycle of addiction for good, you must find a drug treatment that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Substance abuse is not a surface level issue and it should never be treated as such. The drugs and alcohol are the problems that everyone can see, but the problems often go far deeper than that. It is imperative that both the issues with the drugs and all underlying issues are worked on while in a holistic rehab center in OH.

An increasing number of addicts and alcoholics are turning Ohio holistic addiction treatment centers to achieve the ultimate goal of recovery. If you are looking for quality holistic drug rehabs in OH contact Ohio Addiction Recovery Center today. Our toll-free line 800-481-8457. One of our staff members is always standing by ready to help you through this challenging time in any way that they can. Calls are free of charge and completely confidential.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment in Ohio?

Simply defined, an Ohio-based holistic addiction treatment center treats the whole body and views the disease of addiction in three aspects. The first aspect of addiction is that it is a spiritual disease. This refers to how drugs and alcohol attack an individual’s soul and spirit. The second aspect of addiction is that it causes physical changes in which the addict’s body and brain. With prolonged use one can easily become significantly impaired, no longer think clearly, and become quicker to react. Lastly, addiction changes the brain chemistry of the addict and they become mentally obsessed with using substances. This can lead to the user making terrible decisions that can easily put their safety or the safety of others at risk.
holistic addiction treatment in Ohio

Ohio holistic drug rehab programs utilize the counseling, therapy, and medical detoxification services that are seen in traditional drug treatment programs. It then incorporates alternative treatment options for a perfect balance of healing. Once the body, mind, and spirit are in total alignment, an individual will experience optimal overall health and achieve total harmony. When an addict achieves this harmony from within, the underlying roots of their addiction are removed and they are able to deal with the stresses of their everyday world in a proactive and healthy manner.

How Holistic Treatment In Ohio Benefits Addiction Recovery

When holistic techniques are used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods, one will have a much greater chance of getting and staying clean. Addicts who are looking to break the cycle of addiction in their lives can experience several benefits that can increase their chances of achieving and maintain long-term recovery. A holistic treatment program in Ohio can help addicts identify the root causes that are triggering their addictive behavior. Along with understanding those underlying causes, those new in recovery will have a better understanding of the events in their lives that contributed to the development of their substance abuse.

Additionally, clients who attend our Ohio drug rehab can learn and employ various holistic-based techniques that will help them build a stronger recovery foundation. These tools will allow them to cope with the triggers and temptations of their home environment in a healthy manner. They will be able to more easily identify triggers while also learning how to easily curb any cravings that may occur. These two steps are vital to the recovery process. Knowing what one’s triggers are and how to handle them when they arise is extremely important.

The use of holistic treatment methods provides addicts a foundation for long-term recovery. Many of the methods employed in a holistic treatment center can be used outside of treatment and provide healthy alternatives to using drugs and alcohol. Learning how to be mindful will help one appreciate the smaller things in life with ease. Meditation helps people become far less reactive and spontaneous. These are just a few methods used in holistic rehabs in Ohio.

How Ohio Addiction Recovery Center’s Holistic Drug Treatment Program Works

When you come to our Ohio holistic drug rehab facility, you will see that our programs have low staff-to-patient ratios. Because of this, patients can receive the individual attention you need which can help you heal quickly. Additionally, you can feel that the therapists and other treatment staff will know and understand their situation on a more intimate level.

Everyone who enters our program will have an initial over the phone assessment followed by an intake assessment conducted by our staff. From the information gathered our staff will be able to create a treatment plan around that client’s specific needs. Drug addiction and alcoholism is not a one size fits all style of therapy and should not be treated as such.

Our experienced and compassionate staff is highly trained, educated, and experienced in the field of addiction and recovery. With this higher level of education and experience, they have the knowledge and skills in implementing programming that will bring forth behavioral changes in patients. Along with medical detox, therapy, life skills, and coping skills training one will have a variety of tools at their disposal.

Our staff can implement effective holistic approaches that include yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, and physical education, art and music therapy and neurofeedback among other treatments.

Our Ohio holistic drug rehab provides spacious, clean and comfortable residential living on five acres of spectacular ranchland. By offering housing with all the modern amenities in this type of setting, our holistic rehab program can help build up the self-esteem and self-worth of patients which promotes a happier, more healthy lifestyle that is conducive to recovery.

Following up with aftercare in our outpatient rehab center always recommended. It will help keep clients who graduated our inpatient program on the right track. They can attend weekly groups and partake in individual therapy sessions to help them stay motivated and working toward a better life.

Break Free From Your Drug Addiction with our Our Holistic Drug Rehab

When it comes to drug treatment, there are many options that you can pursue. While holistic addiction treatment programs provide a myriad of services that can be a great benefit, you still may be unsure about the treatment process. As a premier Ohio holistic addiction treatment center, we utilize a comprehensive array of holistic treatment therapies that are highly effective and evidence-based. Our addiction specialists are highly trained and have years of experience in implementing holistic-based programs and are able to customize and individualize treatment in Ohio that will fit your specific needs.

Start a new and exciting chapter in your life and call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center on our toll-free line 800-481-8457 . You will be connected with one of our staff members who are here to help you through this difficult time in any way that they can. Calls to our rehab center in Ohio are always free of charge and your conversation is completely confidential. We hope to hear from you soon so we can help you take the next step on the road to recovery.

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