Ohio Drug Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Drug addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that not only impacts the life of the addict, it also significantly impacts the addict’s family and their friends. While the effects of addiction can be heart wrenching and devastating, there are options available for the addict to get the help they need in order to find recovery and sobriety. An Ohio drug intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) is one such treatment option that provides addicts the tools and encouragement they need to find serenity and long-term recovery. If you or a loved one have already completed formal inpatient drug treatment or are looking for a treatment option that will fit in with your work and family commitments, contact Ohio Addiction Recovery Center toll-free today at 1-800-481-8457.

drug intensive outpatient program in Ohio

What is a Drug Intensive Outpatient Program in Ohio?

A Ohio drug IOP center offers those who are struggling with drug dependence and addiction both one-on-one counseling and group therapy sessions as part of its treatment methods. In addition to a wide variety of therapy options, those who undergo treatment at an Ohio drug IOP center are also encouraged to attend and actively participate in Twelve Step-based support groups. Since medical detoxification is not a requirement to receive treatment at an Ohio drug intensive outpatient treatment center, many who are struggling with addiction or newly in recovery can benefit from this treatment option.

The counseling and therapy programs that are offered at the drug IOP at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center are conducted by experienced and licensed therapists and treatment staff. These professionals are capable of dealing with all facets of addiction in an empathetic manner and are able to create individually tailored recovery programs that allow patients to help them understand the underlying causes of their substance abuse. Patients will also learn the necessary life and coping skills that are needed to function on a daily basis. Programming at an Ohio drug IOP addresses several key areas centered on addiction as well as relapse prevention. Some of the topics covered include the following:

  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Progression of the disease of addiction
  • Focus on co-occurring disorders and their effects on addiction and recovery
  • Concepts of drug tolerance and withdrawal
  • Managing cravings and urges

Patients who attend treatment at a drug IOP in Ohio will also learn how to effectively communicate their emotions regarding their recovery in addition to learning how to deal with the traumatic life events that lie at the root of their addiction. Once treatment in completed, patients will have developed the healthy and effective coping skills that are needed to continue working their program of recovery.

How Can an Ohio Drug Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Help My Recovery?

When you or a loved one undergo treatment at an Ohio drug IOP facility such as Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, you can be assured that the programming, therapy and counseling that is being offered is effectively addressing the underlying causes of addiction. In addition to the support from treatment staff, you or your loved one will also receive the support of fellow addicts who are going through similar experiences. Additionally, the knowledge, treatment and counseling that you receive at an Ohio drug IOP will also help guard against the effects of Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).

The effect of PAWS can occur months and even years after active drug use has stopped and when brain functioning and chemistry returns to normal. For those recovering addicts who experience the symptoms of PAWS, they may feel they are failing in their recovery and may feel the pull of addiction drawing them back into using drugs and alcohol. By undergoing continuing care at a Lake Worth IOP, you will understand these feelings are a normal part of the recovery process and will develop ways to handle those feelings in a healthy manner.

Find Lasting Recovery With Help from Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

If you or a family member desire long-term recovery from substance abuse and addiction, intensive outpatient treatment is an important option to consider. In looking for a quality Ohio drug IOP Center, you want to look for facilities that employ a wide variety of treatment approaches to treating substance abuse. The best drug IOP centers offer programming day or night to accommodate work and family commitments and feature experienced and compassionate staff as well as proven treatment approaches that work for both men and women. Additionally, family involvement in the treatment process is another important factor to consider when choosing an Ohio drug IOP center.

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center offers a variety of intensive outpatient counseling services that can be tailored to meet the individual and unique needs of each client. From individual and group sessions to specialty programming,Ohio Addiction Recovery Centter creates a feeling of community where support and encouragement are essential for healing and recovery. If you seek Ohio drug intensive outpatient programs, please call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center today.

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