Ohio Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Treatment

For those individuals who are seeking treatment for alcohol abuse, there are many options that are available that will help addicts break the cycle of addiction. With all the choices of treatment and services that are available, it may difficult for people to find treatment options that best suit their life. An Ohio alcohol intensive outpatient program, or IOP, can be an attractive treatment option. Whether an individual has completed inpatient treatment or is seeking a treatment option works with their employment and family commitments, an Ohio alcohol IOP will provide those in recovery the tools and encouragement they need for their recovery.

alcohol intensive outpatient program in Ohio

What is an Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program in Ohio?

An Ohio alcohol treatment IOP such as the one offered at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center offers patients one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy and counseling as an integral part of drug treatment. In addition to counseling and therapy, Ohio alcohol IOP’s are also Twelve-Step based in which those new to recovery are encouraged to attend and actively participate in Twelve Step-based meetings. One of the main benefits seen with intensive outpatient-based treatment is that medical detoxification is not required to attend programming.

What Do Ohio Alcohol Intensive Treatment Programs Offer?

All programming is conducted by experienced and licensed counselors and treatment staff. Counselors and therapists at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center are able to create individualized recovery programs that will allow patients to develop an understanding what is causing their addictive behaviors. Through counseling and therapy, patients will be able to learn the necessary life and coping skills that are needed in order to effectively function on a day-to-day basis. Some of the topics that are covered by treatment can include:

  • Emotion regulation
  • Anger management
  • Learning effective methods in coping with stress and boredom
  • Building healthy boundaries and the building of healthy friendships and relationships
  • The dangers of relapse, understanding triggers, and ways to handle environmental cues that can lead to relapse
  • Understanding family dynamics and effective communication

Those patients who undergo treatment and programming at a Ohio alcohol IOP center will also learn effectively communication skills in order to convey their emotions in a healthy manner. Additionally, clients will be able to address past events and trauma that may be perpetuating their addictive behaviors. The development of these healthy and effective coping skills will be needed for clients to continue working their program of recovery after intensive outpatient treatment has ended.

How Can the Alcohol IOP at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Help My Recovery?

In order for people to sustain their sobriety and achieve long-term recovery, they need to seek out the help and support of experienced treatment professionals as well as their peers who are going through similar experience with their recovery. When clients undergo treatment at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, they are receiving the programming and counseling that are essential in addressing and overcoming their addiction. The knowledge, treatment and counseling that clients receive at an alcohol IOP program in Ohio will also help minimize the effects of Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).

When those in recovery experience of symptoms of PAWS, they feel the effects of these symptoms for months and even years after active drug use has stopped. For those recovering addicts who experience PAWS, they may feel they are failing in their recovery and they may susceptible to the triggers that can draw them back into drugs and alcohol. By undergoing continuing care at a Deerfield Beach IOP, clients will understand these feelings are normal and they will develop effective methods in handling those symptoms.

Find Long-Term Sobriety At Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

An Ohio intensive outpatient treatment program for alcohol abuse is an excellent option people can choose as part of their overall recovery plan. In looking for a quality Ohio IOP treatment center, people will need to look for those programs that employ both traditional and holistic approaches to treating substance abuse. These programs also should have programming that is tailored to help both men and women in their recovery.  Ohio alcohol IOP centers should offer day and night programming that are flexible enough to accommodate a person’s  work and family commitments. Additionally, the best IOP programs feature experienced and compassionate staff, proven treatment approaches, and involve the entire family in the treatment process.

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center offers a variety of intensive outpatient counseling services that can be tailored to meet the individual and unique needs of each client. From individual and group sessions to specialty programming, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center creates a feeling of fellowship and community where support and encouragement are essential for healing and it helps set the stage for those struggling with alcohol addiction to achieve and maintain recovery. If you seek quality intensive outpatient programs that are proven to work, please call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center today.

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