If you have a loved one who is struggling with drug abuse, it is normal to feel powerless and at your wit’s end. An unimaginable amount of energy will go into trying to get them into a treatment center to get them the help they so desperately need. You have tried to reason, plead, and even beg with your loved one to see how their addiction is ruining their life, but it has fallen on deaf ears. You have come to the grim realization that if you don’t find a way to get your loved one into a treatment center they will only further spiral out of control. Addiction and substance abuse is a devasting a brutal cycle, breaking free from its powerful grip is not an easy task. Just becoming willing to get help is a huge step in the right direction. A drug intervention service in Ohio can help you get your loved one on board to better their life.

Even if you feel you have exhausted all of your options, it is still possible to get your loved one to treatment. A professional interventionist in Ohio has the experience and knowledge necessary to help you through this difficult time. They are an extremely useful tool that can be used to provide the spark needed to get an addict into a treatment center and receive the help they need.  That first vital step may start with an Ohio drug intervention.

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What is a Drug Intervention Service in Ohio?

An Ohio-based drug intervention is a specific process that involves family, friends, and others who are concerned about the welfare of the person that is struggling with substance abuse disorder. Interventions are highly structured and allow family and loved ones to come together in order to confront the addict about the consequences of their addiction and ask them to accept treatment. The ultimate goal of any intervention is to have the struggling person agree to receive help and enter a drug rehab center in Ohio.

The Main Goals of an Ohio Drug Intervention

A drug intervention in Ohio has three main goals. First, the intervention allows family, friends, and loved ones to provide specific examples of how the addict’s behaviors are impacting their lives and everyone that they come in contact with. How their actions negatively impact them just as much as they impact those who love them. Secondly, Ohio drug interventions offer a pre-arranged treatment plan with specific steps, goals, and guidelines.  The addict is given the opportunity to accept this plan, while in a safe and supportive environment. In the event that the addict refuses the offer of treatment, the intervention process allows those closest to the addict to lay out the consequences that will occur when he or she refuses treatment. It is very important that these ultimatums are backed up and followed through with if the person is to refuses to get help.
drug intervention service in Ohio

How Can Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Help Us?

When you are having an intervention with a loved one about their drug addiction, emotions can run high, which can easily create a highly tense situation. Without proper direction from a licensed interventionist in Ohio, this can make the situation worse. Having thoughts outlined will help keep emotions from running high. Becoming overwhelmed is easy in just a difficult situation, but it can drive your loved one further away from accepting the help that you are offering to them. By turning to an intervention specialist at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center 800-481-8457, your Ohio drug intervention can be better organized. This will allow you to focus on supporting your loved one in getting the help they need.

Having the help of a professional Ohio drug intervention team is critical, especially if you loved one has a history of mental illness. Coming into an intervention is often a surprise for the person struggling and will often catch them off guard. This will lead to a variety of emotions and can lead to violent behavior, especially if they are under the influence of stimulants or a mix of substances.

What are the Key Elements of an Ohio Drug Intervention?

When you enlist the help of Ohio Addiction Recovery Center for your drug intervention, you can be assured you are giving your loved one that best chance of accepting drug treatment. Entering a detox center and rehab program in Ohio will help greatly increase their chance of getting and staying clean. The following are the essential components of the Ohio drug intervention process that our experienced drug intervention team can help your family successfully complete:


Our experienced team can help your family form a planning group for your upcoming intervention. This group will consist of a core group of family members or close friends that will be in charge of organizing the intervention.

Information Gathering

With help from our intervention specialists,  group members will find out about the extent of the loved one’s problem. They will then be able to research what they are struggling with, learn more about it, and find appropriate treatment programs that fit their specific needs. The group will then make proactive arrangements to enroll the loved one in that rehab center. Having a rehab program set up and lined up will help everything move much smoother and without stress.

Forming The Team

The planning group forms a team that will personally participate in the intervention. Team members set a date and location and work together to present a consistent, rehearsed message and a structured treatment plan.  If the loved one doesn’t accept treatment, each person on the team needs to decide what action he or she will take.

Writing Down What To Say

Each member of the intervention team, with the help of our experienced professionals, will write down specific incidents where the addiction has resulted in problems, such as emotional or financial issues. This will help the members of the intervention stay organized and will also help keep emotions inline.

The Intervention Meeting

Without revealing the reason, the loved one is asked to the intervention site. They are often surprised and can feel attacked at this time. It is extremely important to stay calm and not let your emotions get the best of you at this time. Showing anger can only make the situation worse. Members of the core team then take turns expressing their concerns and feelings. The loved one is presented with a treatment option and asked to accept that option on the spot.

Following Up

Involving a spouse, family members, or others is critical. This will help someone with an addiction stay in treatment and avoid relapsing. Knowing they have support while they are in treatment can really improve motivation. This can include changing patterns of everyday living to make it easier to avoid destructive behavior, offering to participate in counseling with your loved one, seeking your own therapist and recovery support, and knowing what to do if relapse occurs.

Find Out More About Our Ohio Drug Intervention Program

An Ohio drug intervention can be the perfect tool to help your loved one who is struggling with drug addiction finally take the steps necessary to better their lives.  If you would like to know more about our drug intervention services, call Ohio Addiction Recovery Center today at 800-481-8457

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