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Franklin County, Ohio is seeing a Spike of 88% in Overdose Rates

“Normal to the spider is chaos to the fly,” said the philosophical author Charles Addams. This is something that should resonate with all as we look into our daily routines and reflect on life. There are so many walks of life out there that it would be unfathomable to think that they are all the same with their black and white everyday practices.

Keeping that in mind, we then take a look at somebody under the vice grip of substance abuse dependency and the butterfly effect that occurs in relation. The thing with chemically dependent people is that they don’t think in the same capacity as that of “normal” people. This does not make them special by any means, but it makes them stranger to everybody else’s customaries. The mind of an addict is that of a strong one but also fragile in different ways than that of a normie.

Addiction is a mental disease that will ravage the mind and body as it discards its empty shell and moves onto other unsuspecting chemical participants. Our country and the mid-western state of Ohio can attest to what is normal now a day for the opioid epidemic affected area. The overdose rates in Franklin County are not the only ones to make the headlines with a few other major counties such as Montgomery, Warren, and Butler following suit.  

The Facts Don’t Lie

Yes, the future is continuing to look a bit bleak for the addicts residing in the struggling great state of Ohio. The overdose rates in Franklin County are just one red flag that will hopefully catch the eyes of some of the bigger fish on our societal food chain. For too long now there has been an excessive amount of premature deaths in correlation to the opioid epidemic sweeping the United States up and dumping it in the trash.

The drug overdose rates in Franklin County have risen 88% in within the last year and there are no signs of slowing down on the horizon. Unfortunately, in a country that is severely in debt and money rules everything, the pharmaceutical companies can get away with prescribing legal death- death that creates the terrifying statistics that makes up the overdose rates of Franklin County.

The opioid battalion responsible for spiking the overdose rates in Franklin County and the rest of the victimized state includes opioid forms such as:

These are common in the arsenal of substance abuse and are liable for 80 percent of the deaths in overdose rates in Franklin County, among the equally as high percentages in other major Ohio cities and the rest of the United States looking for a solution to the war on drugs.

time for change

Winding up a Statistic

Honestly, the statistics don’t lie. 2016 was more than a trying year for addiction with Ohio at the top of that list- and 2017 is expected to top that. Setting records in overdose death rate is not the way anybody envisioned the future. This is the time for the “Jetsons” and enormous technological advances that benefit mankind. Instead, overdose rates in Franklin County and the rest of Ohio just continue to increase dramatically with loved ones dying left and right. It’s more than safe to say there’s a massive predicament at hand.

The overdose rates in Franklin County saw 286 deaths in just the first half of 2017- nearly double the 143 overdose deaths that were seen in the first half of 2016. At this rate, addicts across the country need to buckle up for an unfortunate ride unless recovery is sought and treatment services across the nation are increased. There were 353 overdose deaths in the punch-drunk county for the full year of 2016. With death tolls buzzing, so far the overdose rates in Franklin County are on pace to reach somewhere near 536.

Other overdose rates in Franklin County aren’t looking any prettier while certain statistics make eye-opening displays like men making up 72 percent of those deaths. Some of the studies on overdose rates in Franklin County show 76 percent of these deaths were white people with a 5 percent increase of overdose deaths in black residents. 4,149 Ohioans died of unintentional overdose deaths in 2016 which is already a booming 36% more than 2015. 2017 is not turning out any more promising.

Time for Change

It is a marvelous time to be alive because you’ll never be younger than you are today and life is such a gift. Opioids of any sort will steal this psyche and the vessel that holds it. Those under the hypnotism of alcoholic thinking cease to possess the character inside that makes us the beings we were born to be.

As a number of people falling in love with opiates grows on the daily, so will the statistics continue to rise. The opioid epidemic has brought things to a point where handling Narcan (the opioid reversal drug) is becoming part of that normal perception addressed earlier. Unfortunately, it’s only a requirement in some areas whereas others are still hesitant to accept addiction and power that comes with it. Even the areas that love the idea of recognizing that it is an expensive drug and the funding for it sometimes difficult to create. Hopefully, Ohio is ready to make some changes as the overdose rates in Franklin County should override all disagreements of funding. Something needs to change soon and a prevention drug shouldn’t be the only solution.

An Answer to be Found

Alcoholic thinking is a terrible disease that consumes that mind and operates in stealth. Often times things will become devastating with death teetering nearby as addiction takes over the mentally and physically. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need a drug and alcohol treatment center, please call1-800-481-8457 or visit oarcstaging.wpengine.com. Our team of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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