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5 Important Ways Family Addiction Therapy Programs Help Addicts Recover

When we think about the impacts of substance abuse, we often place the majority of our focus on the how addiction affects the physical, mental and spiritual health of the addict him or herself. In reality, the disease of addiction affects the entire family and each family member feels the pressure

Good Samaritan Law In Ohio Help Addicts

Like the rest of the country, Ohio has been hit hard by drug overdoses and deaths. The state ranks second in drug overdoses nationwide. Additionally, 23 Ohioans die of heroin overdoses on a weekly basis. State lawmakers are working nonstop in creating legislation that will get drug addicts in Ohio the help and support they need. The Good
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The Benefits of Long-Term Drug Treatment

For many who struggle with drug addiction, it is a disease that often takes years to develop and has devastating impacts on their physical, mental and spiritual health. When the addict makes the commitment to get clean and sober for good, they must find a treatment program that fits their
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Relapse Prevention Tips For Those In Early Recovery

For those who are new in their recovery journey, being able to successfully completing drug treatment in Ohio  is a major accomplishment that should be celebrated. For those who complete treatment, it can feel as though their lives are filled with new and exciting possibilities. The beginning of the recovery journey is indeed exciting, but

Important Questions You Need to Ask an Ohio Drug Rehab

When you make the commitment to undergo drug treatment at an Ohio drug rehab facility, you are making a major decision that is capable of completely transforming your life. While you may be fully committed to make the necessary changes you need to get sober, the process of finding the right drug

Your Guide To Sober Living Homes in Ohio

If you are a newly recovering addict who has successfully completed a drug treatment program, it is a major accomplishment that should fill you with an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. You have decided to face your addiction head-on, and through hard work and determination you have overcome the underlying issues that
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Most Popular Group Therapy Programs In Ohio

If you or a family member is on the road to recovery from the ravages of substance abuse, it can feel at times as though you are alone in your journey. To a significant degree, you are responsible for doing the things that are absolutely necessary to keep you clean and sober.
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Fentanyl: A Deadly New Twist in the Drug Epidemic in Ohio

Over the past few years, the United States has been in the grips of a heroin addiction that has reached crisis levels and is showing no signs of slowing down. As with the rest of the country, the heroin epidemic has had devastating impacts in the state of Ohio. According to