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Ohio 12 Step Based Addiction Therapy Program

When you are looking for quality drug treatment services for yourself or for a loved one it is important to know that the program is the right choice. You need complete confidence that the treatment facility that you choose features a solid model of drug treatment. Having a rehab program in Ohio that is highly effective and proven to help those struggling with substance abuse issues is imperative. Since addiction is a progressive and chronic disease, the treatment model that rehab facilities employ must be able to address all areas of the problem.

It is highly important that the rehab addresses the physical, psychological, and spiritual areas of a person’s life who is affected by substance abuse. An Ohio 12-Step based addiction therapy program is an integral part of their drug treatment programming. The 12 Step based approach is one of the oldest forms of substance abuse recovery in the country. For over 75 years it has been highly effective and brings forth great change in the person who is struggling.

What is 12 Step Based Addiction Therapy in Ohio?

For those who may not be familiar with an Ohio 12-Step treatment program, it is important to understand the underlying concepts of this philosophy and how it relates to drug treatment and how it can help addicts find sobriety and long-term recovery. Clients who are active in drug treatment are encouraged by treatment staff to become affiliated with a 12-Step based support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or another similar group.

Ohio 12-Step based addiction treatment programs are based around the teachings of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The book states that the addict/alcoholics are powerless over their addiction, and that substance abuse has taken over their life. As their use has progressed, their life has become completely unmanageable and everything has taken a back seat to get high/drunk. In order to break free from their addiction, the addict must give themselves over to a higher power of their understanding. A higher power doesn’t mean God in the religious sense, it’s simply something greater than themselves. The 12 Steps is a spiritual program, not a religious program.

It is also very important that they accept the support and structure of a recovery group made up of peers who are experiencing similar situations to their own. By becoming involved in structured meetings, working the steps, and taking part in other recovery-based activities, the addict will achieve abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Having friends and peers who are also in recovery will help them partake in fun sober activities, something that may have seemed impossible for them while in active addiction.

By undergoing treatment at a 12-Step based addiction treatment program in Ohio, the addict becomes part of a therapeutic community in formal drug treatment as well as in the recovery community. Along with treatment and counseling, the encouragement and empowerment found in 12-Step groups provide the motivation for the addict to continue working a program of recovery. This type of support that is found in Ohio 12-step treatment programs can sustain the addict after the completion of formal drug treatment and provides a solid foundation as they resume their daily lives. To learn more about our 12 step-based track, call us today at 800-481-8457 to learn more. We are always standing by our phone lines, ready to help you in any way that we can.

Why Do 12-Step Addiction Therapy Programs Work For Addicts?

There are several important reasons why Ohio 12-Step based addiction treatment programs work. Addicts can attend meetings where they can listen to the stories of others and they begin to see that addiction can affect all people. Addicts are able to overcome their hesitance in following through with treatment as well as the denial about how their substance abuse has impacted their own life. Secondly, addicts feel a sense of safety and belonging in a group made up of peers. 12-Step groups help addicts break from their isolation and gives them a chance to reach out for help.

Another reason why Ohio 12-Step treatment works is that it provides addicts with resources on the recovery techniques others use to stay clean and sober. They can ask other recovering people if what they are experiencing on a daily basis is normal and have a place to go if the urges and cravings to use drugs and alcohol become overwhelming. A major benefit of 12-Step addiction treatment programs in Ohio is that addicts can meet people of varied backgrounds and interests and have become more productive, interesting and fun because they have stopped using substances.

Addicts can also benefit from this approach because of the presence of sponsors within 12-Step groups and programs. Sponsors are veterans of these groups who have substantial clean time and make themselves available on a regular basis to those who need guidance. They help those they sponsor with their sobriety and provides advice and support during times of uncertainty and serve as a role-model for long-term recovery.

Most importantly, addicts are reminded of the consequences of using through the stories of those who had relapsed after having a period of sobriety. A common saying that underlies 12-Step addiction therapy programs in Ohio is the fact that addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful. Addiction can reappear in an addict’s life at any time, and if they aren’t vigilant and possess the coping skills to work through the urges and cravings they can revert back to their past addictive behaviors.

Start a New Chapter in Your Life: Contact Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Today!

The staff and volunteers at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center have established a supportive foundation of recovery that is deeply rooted in 12-Step philosophy. By embracing this philosophy in all the treatment services we provide, it encourages tremendous personal and spiritual growth for all our clients to pursue a new life in recovery. We custom design a treatment plan around each client’s specific needs. We understand that treatment and recovery is not a “one size fits all” style of therapy. By integrating this understanding, we have built a successful and welcoming environment for both men and women of all backgrounds.

Call our toll-free line 800-481-845 today and make your desire for recovery a reality. You will be connected with an addiction specialist who is ready to help you through this difficult time in any way that they can. Calls are always free of charge and completely confidential. Whether you are just in need of some advice, want to know more about our rehab center, or would like to know more about the 12 Step approach to substance abuse treatment; we can help.

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