Newark Ohio Substance Abuse Trends and Statistics

Newark, OH is located just over 30 miles east of Columbus and is part of Licking County. Nearly 50,000 people call Newark home making it the 16th largest city in Ohio. All 49,000+ residents reside within the zip code 43055. The city has been increasing its population since 1990. A lot of younger people have moved to Newark over the past two decades and have built roots in the city. There are currently right around 20,000 households in Newark, OH. 31% of these homes have children under the age of 18 living with them and 41% are married couples living together. 

Newark is a place where people should feel safe, but crime rates in the city have increased substantially. The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Newark is 1 in 30 according to the most recent FBI crime data.  Newark is far from one of the safest communities in America, let alone Ohio. The city has a crime rate that is 90% higher when compared to all other towns and cities in Ohio.


Crime Rates in Newark

One of the reasons for the increase in crime rates in the city can be blamed on the widespread use of drugs and alcohol. Since the mid-nineties Newark, OH has seen an increase in the use of mood and mind-altering substances. When someone is under the influence the chance of them committing a crime will rise. Anyone who addicted to drugs will have a much higher chance of breaking into a house or stealing from stores or a car. They do this to support their habit, but nonetheless, they are making Newark a more dangerous place to live. 

Possibly no drug class has ever caused as much damage in Licking County than opioids. Prescription painkillers and heroin have become the number one drug threat to Newark and surrounding areas. Widespread use and abuse of these substances have absolutely devastated the Buckeye State and many of its small towns and large cities. There were over 4,854 fatal overdoses in Ohio in 2017, a large portion of those deaths were caused by an opiate overdose. Thankfully, Newark is taking action to help fight the opioid epidemic from causing any more heartbreak in its city. 


The Opiate Epidemic in Ohio

The widespread abuse of opiates is now a public health crisis that has resulted in record deaths overdose and a dramatic rise in crime. The traditional and predominant approach of law enforcement focuses on the enforcement aspect, with few resources dedicated to the addiction aspect of it all. The Newark Ohio Police Division has joined the Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative (PAARI) and local resources to address the addiction side of the drug epidemic in order to prevent a further rise in crime and overdose deaths. NARI is the Newark Addiction Recovery Initiative. Together, these groups are taking a three-prong approach to the fight against the use and sale of opiates. Educating the public and enforcing existing laws is very important, but the local police force stands out in a different way. They want to help those who struggle with addiction issues to find a rehab center in Newark, Ohio. 

Newark recognizes that addiction is a disease that can be treated with the help of a treatment center in Newark. Sometimes a push is needed to help a person seek help, this is done with medical intervention. Any resident of Licking County who enters the police station voluntarily and requests help with their drug addiction will be able to confidently meet with NARI members. If the person who has requested assistance with their addiction has drugs or paraphernalia on their person will NOT be charged with criminal charges. There will be no questioning of the person in an effort to gather drug intelligence and the team will begin working on getting them into a detox or rehab center in Ohio.

Narcan, a life-saving drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, has also been made more easily obtainable for Newark residents. All emergency responders now carry Narcan and have used it countless times to help save lives throughout the state. There are free classes available to those who want to learn the signs of an overdose and how to help save the life of the victim. Those who attend these classes will often leave with a prescription for Narcan and will know how to use it when necessary. Other cities throughout Ohio have implemented similar systems and have seen a dramatic decrease in fatal overdoses caused by opiates. 


Rehabs and Treatment Centers Near You

Anyone struggling with substance abuse issues should seek professional assistance for their issues. Without the help of a Newark, OH rehab and detox center it will be very challenging for one to get off and stay away from their substance of choice. It is not an easy task to overcome physical and mental addiction and, in some cases, may even be life-threatening. Some substances are just mentally addictive, such as cocaine and Adderall. There are drugs that are both physically and mentally addictive, such as heroin and prescription painkillers. Then there are substances that are not only highly addictive but which the withdrawals can be fatal if not handled properly. 

Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan) and alcohol require a medical detox to help ensure the safety of the person struggling. Without proper medication one is at a very high risk of having a seizure which has the potential to be fatal. No matter what substance one is struggling with they will have a greater chance of overcoming withdrawals if they enter a detox in Newark OH. Not only will their chances of getting clean increase, but they will also be in a safe, medically supervised environment.

When someone who is in the middle of addiction admits they have a problem and states that they are willing to receive help, it is imperative that they receive it in a short time. In just a few hours, that want for a better life can come and go. The first step in overcoming substance abuse issues is to enable the body to get rid of the substances. Not only is it very painful to face withdrawals alone and without proper medical assistance, but it is also often unsuccessful. When someone in Newark, OH, enters a drug detox, they will receive medicines that will help ease physical and mental withdrawals. 


Why is Rehab so Important?

Being comfortable and away from outside influences will greatly increase that person’s chance to get through this step. After completing a detox center in Ohio, entering an inpatient rehabilitation center should be the next step on the road to recovery. Detoxes only help the body improve, they rarely do anything to help with the mental side of addiction/alcoholism. Inpatient rehabilitation programs address underlying issues that often accompany substance abuse. After all, drugs are just the surface issue and often used to help lower the symptoms of mental health problems. Around 75% of addicts and alcoholics have issues with anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

Inpatient rehabs in Newark, OH often have relapse prevention classes and workshops on how to handle cravings. When this is combined with one to one therapy, group sessions, and cognitive-behavioral therapies, one will have a much greater chance at overcoming and learning how to handle their internal issues. In Newark, Ohio, dual diagnosis rehabs will help those struggling to overcome any mental health problems they may have to deal with.  If these issues are not addressed, one will be at a high risk of relapsing into their substance of choice. 

These Ohio treatment programs typically last anywhere from two to six weeks, but this may vary on a case-by-case basis. After completing a 28-day rehabilitation in Ohio, one will have the choice to return home or enter a halfway house. This is not set in stone, it really depends on the personal situation of each individual. They should have the option to enter an intensive outpatient program or IOP in Licking County, regardless of where they rest their heads at night.

Intensive outpatient programs are designed as an ongoing form of care and should not be used as the first line of defense. IOP meets a couple of times a week in the facility for 2-4 hours each time. While at the center clients partake in group activities and may have access to individual therapy sessions. While one can continue to work on the issues that were addressed while they were in a rehab in Ohio.


Local Meetings and Sober Support Groups

A great way to build a strong foundation is to attend some kind of external meetings and groups. This is also a great way to meet other people who are recovering from substance abuse issues. Having a strong sober support group is extremely important, especially during the first few months of sobriety/clean time. For those who were not able to enter a treatment center in Ohio, a lot of these groups have their own recovery path and solution integrated into their teachings. 

If you’ve been through rehab in Newark, OH, chances are you’ve been introduced to anonymous alcoholics or a branch off it. Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is over 75 and has become one of the world’s most respected and well-known groups. Millions of members in over 60 countries are following AA’s teachings and attending daily meetings. There are dozens of AA meetings in and around Newark on a daily basis. All groups are open to anyone who wants to stay away from alcohol/drugs. There are several branches built from the 12 Alcoholics Anonymous Steps that focus on other substance abuse. There is Narcotics Anonymous (NA) for anyone fighting drug addiction. There are Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Heroin Anonymous (HA), Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), and dozens of other branches.

Newark AA Meeting finder: Please contact

Newark, Ohio A.A. Intergroup Office Main: (740)345-7060

Newark NA Meeting finder:


What if the 12 Steps Aren’t the Right Fit for You?

If the 12 steps and the groups around them are not fitting what you need, don’t worry, there’s plenty of other options out there. A variety of other support groups and meetings have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Smart Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, and Refuge Recovery is among the most well-known and easily accessible. 

Celebrate Recovery is a group based on religion that designed its program following Jesus Christ’s teachings. SMART Recovery is an acronym for self-management and recovery training. It is based on abstinence and uses science and sensitive theory to back up the programs. Refuge Recovery is based on Buddhism’s principles and teachings. It focuses heavily on meditation and awareness. Refuge wants those involved to be able to be comfortable in their own skin and does this using mindfulness training. SMART, Celebrate and Refuge Recovery all currently host meetings online and near Newark, OH.

Refuge Recovery Meetings:

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