Dublin Ohio Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Trends

Dublin, OH is a city located right outside of the state’s capital of Columbus. It is part of three different counties, Franklin, Delaware, and Union. Dublin’s population is rapidly growing, up from 41,751 residents in 2010 to 47,619 in 2018. New housing developments are popping up across the city along with new shopping areas, apartment complexes and condos. This city is viewed as one of the most desirable places to live around Columbus, but that does not mean that it is immune to drug abuse or substance abuse issues. 

Drug addiction in Dublin, OH is not as severe of an issue as it is within Columbus and on the South End, but some drugs have made quite the impact on this family-friendly area. Columbus Public Health and Franklin County Public Health issued an advisory in September of 2018. They did this to inform and educate about the staggering increase of fatal overdose deaths that have occurred in and around Dublin. The opiate epidemic has come through the Buckeye State has behind it is a trail of heartbreak and destruction. 


How is Ohio Fighting the Opiate Epidemic?

The advisory hopes to encourage residents affected by the use of drugs to seek local resources to help them overcome their issues. They hope that those struggling will seek help from local rehab centers in Dublin, OH or at least attend support groups in the Columbus area. The Franklin County Coroner’s Office reported that overdose deaths in Ohio have risen significantly over the past decade. Opiates are now the leading cause of accidental death in the state, claiming more lives than car accidents. In 2016, a fatal overdose killed 4,050 people, of whom 3,613 were related to opiates. A number that has risen yearly for the past seven-plus years. In 2015, there were 3,050 drug overdose deaths and 2,531 that occurred in 2014. But it’s not just opiates that have become an issue for Dublin, OH.

This trend shows that all recreational street drugs, including cocaine, counterfeit medications, crystal meth, heroin and marijuana, have all been found with traces of fentanyl in them. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opiate that can easily cause a fatal overdose in a full-grown adult. Just a few specs of the drug can kill someone who has no tolerance to opiates. In response to the recent increase in overdose deaths, public health and community partners are providing education and prevention services throughout the community of Dublin, OH. 


Options to Those Who Are Struggling

The local government in Franklin County and Dublin have made several services available to the public at no cost. Access to free naloxone, a drug that can reverse an opiate overdose has been made accessible. Free strips of fentanyl testing to limit unintentional fentanyl exposure are now available to those who want it. Treatment and support services for people and their loved ones affected by substance use disorder can now be used by anyone. Whether they are just looking for basic information or would like help finding a rehab center in Dublin, OH. 

Safe Point has also been established. This is a comprehensive program designed to reduce damage and provides access to clean needles, prevention of overdoses, drug intervention and other health services. This helps lower the number of overdose deaths and helps prevent the spread of diseases and infections due to using dirty needles. The Rapid Response Addiction and Crisis Team (RREACT) is a partnership between the Columbus Fire, ADAMH and Southeast Healthcare Division. It is currently intensifying its efforts to reach targeted areas in Columbus that have been hit hardest by overdose runs. 

Any requests for assistance in non-emergency situations can be sent to RREACT, they can be contacted via their phone line, 614-330-3413. Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) helped make this life-saving drug more readily available to those who need it. Naloxone kits are available to residents at no cost and can be picked up at the EMS Records Office off Parsons Avenue at the Columbus Fire Headquarters division. 

Franklin County Public Health provides all police and fire departments in Franklin County with additional doses of naloxone. Now all emergency responders in the area carry this life-saving drug and have led to countless lives being saved. Partner agencies are now enabled to distribute naloxone in identified high-risk communities through mobilization efforts. Free naloxone training in the community can be scheduled through public health in Franklin County and in areas of Dublin, OH. 


Alcohol Abuse in Ohio

In Dublin, OH the operation of a vehicle is illegal under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and is called an OVI (operating under the influence.) The penalties for an OVI conviction in Dublin vary according to the level of intoxication. The legal BAC (blood alcohol content) in Dublin, OH is .08%. If someone is operating a motor vehicle with a BAC above that they will face OVI charges. Anyone with a BAC of less than .17% is likely to face a low-level charge. The intoxicated person can be sentenced to three days behind bars or have to attend a three-day driving class. They may also have to undergo an assessment of substance abuse and enter a drug rehab center or detox in Dublin, OH or nearby. If convicted, one can also be put on probation for up to five years and can be required to pay a fine of up to $1,075. 

Nearly 3% of Franklin County drivers have been convicted of an OVI. 

19.7% of Franklin County residents report excessive drinking

35% of all fatal accidents that occurred in Franklin County involved someone under the influence

Columbus Oh has the highest proportion of OVI’s among America’s 15 most populous metropolitan areas

379 – Number of alcohol-related crashes in Ohio in 2017

405 – Number of deaths caused by alcohol-related accidents in Ohio

Cleveland Avenue and Morse Road is the most dangerous intersection in Columbus

I-71 is the most dangerous interstate in Columbus, OH and Franklin County. More fatal accidents have occurred on I-71 than any other road in the area.


Getting Help for Substance Abuse in Dublin, OH

Anyone struggling with substance abuse disorder should seek out help from a rehab or drug detox center in Ohio. These programs help those who are physically and mentally hooked on drugs/alcohol to overcome their issues. Attempting to stop using powerful narcotics without the help of a detox in Dublin, OH is not only difficult, but it can also be very dangerous. 

Once someone admits that they are struggling with substance abuse the next step would be to enter a detox program. Some detoxes in Ohio are privately owned while others are state-funded. They can be held in a commercial building or at a hospital. No matter who runs it or where the program is located, all that matters is that the client receives proper medication and medical supervision through this challenging time. The average stay in a detox is typically around a week, but this will vary from client to client. Their substance of choice, physical health, age, weight, and history of abuse will all come into play.


Dublin Ohio Inpatient Treatment and Rehab Options 

Upon completing a detox some people will continue their care at an inpatient treatment center in Ohio, while others may seek help from outpatient treatment centers. Inpatient programs are the preferred choice, especially when they offer a fact-based approach to substance abuse. People typically stay at these programs for 28-45 days then transition to an outpatient facility. 

While in an outpatient rehab center clients will still live at their homes and live life normally, but they will go to the center a few times a week to partake in various forms of care. Some outpatient rehabs in Dublin, OH offer individual and group therapy sessions as well as courses to help with underlying mental health issues. 


Meetings and Sober Support Groups

For those who are not able to enter an inpatient or an outpatient center in the area should turn to free support groups for help. 50 years ago there were very few anonymous support groups in Ohio. The ones that did occur only took place a few times a week and were primarily Alcoholics Anonymous groups. Now there are dozens of meetings that happen on a daily basis within just a few miles of Dublin, OH. It’s not just AA in the region either, there’s SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and many more.

Dublin AA Meeting finder: https://aacentralohio.org/meetings/

Dublin NA Meeting finder: https://www.na.org:443/meetingsearch/map-results.php?country=USA&state=OH&city=dublin&zip=&street=&within=10&day=0&lang=&orderby=distance

Refuge Recovery Meetings: https://refugerecovery.org/meetings?tsml-day=any&tsml-region=ohio

Celebrate Recovery Meetings: https://locator.crgroups.info/

SMART Recovery Meetings: https://www.smartrecoverytest.org/local/meetings/

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse issues, please seek out professional help. If you need assistance locating a detox or rehab program in Dublin, OH, feel free to contact our toll-free line at any time. A specialist will help answer any questions you might have and can even help you find a treatment program that fits your specific needs.