Canton Drug Abuse, Crime Rates, and Rehab Options

Canton, Ohio is part of Stark County and has a population of 70,909 as of the 2017 Census, making the eighth largest in Ohio. It is located in Northeast Ohio, about 60 miles south of Cleveland and 20 miles south of Akron. Canton is right on the edge of the well-known Amish country of Ohio that is part of Holmes and Wayne County to the west and southwest of the town.

Thanks to its numerous railway lines, Canton became an extremely popular location for much-needed manufacturing jobs. This helped the city boom in its early years, but this began to decline in the late 20th century. Changes in the manufacturing industry led to many factories and staff being moved to other cities. Unlike some other nearby cities that were hit harder by the closing of factories, Canton was able to bounce back. They diversified into the services economy and put a heavy focus on business and jobs in retail, education, finance, and healthcare.

Canton, like some other cities in Ohio, is currently going through a downtown resurgence, primarily thanks to its growing and thriving arts district. Many historic buildings have been rehabilitated and transformed into luxury lofts, new condos, hip restaurants, and art galleries. This has helped attract hundreds of new downtown residents to the city. Despite the rebuilding of downtown and an unemployment rate of only 4.2%, crime still poses a problem for this midwest city.


Crime Rates in Canton

With a crime rate of 65 per 1,000 residents, Canton has one of America’s highest crime rates compared to all communities of all sizes; from the smallest towns to the biggest cities. Residents of Canton have a one in fifteen chance of becoming a victim of either property crime of a violent crime. 

The most commonly abused drug in Ohio is marijuana, but the chances of someone who abuses this drug turning to crime to support their habit is slim. Other more powerful mood and mind-altering substances like cocaine, prescription pills, and heroin pose a much more serious threat to the area. People who are hooked on drugs will often make decisions based on their addiction, with little to no care about what the possible repercussions might be. 

To sustain their addiction, most people who struggle with substance abuse will turn to crime. The most commonly committed crimes by addicts are shoplifting, fraud, breaking into cars, and burglaries. These crimes of opportunity can easily produce some fast cash that allows addicts to satisfy their cravings for a short period of time and escape withdrawals. Those cravings will only be satisfied for a short period of time, and if they don’t seek help from a Canton rehab center, it will be very difficult for them to stop using.


Overdose Rates in Canton, Ohio

Unintentional overdoses are a major public health problem in Stark County and throughout the rest of the United States.  With the number of unintentional local overdose deaths in 2018, being nearly three times as many as in 2008, it is imperative that we work together as a community to reduce the number of these unnecessary tragedies.  For the past several years, accidental overdoses have been the leading cause of preventable death in Ohio.

Drug overdose deaths have risen dramatically over the past ten years in Canton and throughout the rest of Ohio. A large portion of fatal overdoses that occur can be directly linked to opiates, primarily heroin and fentanyl. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opiate that can be 100x more potent than pure heroin. Just a few specs of this drug is enough to cause a fatal overdose in a full-grown adult male. Drug overdose is the number one cause of unintentional death and injury in the state of Ohio.

There were 75 drug overdose deaths in Stark in 2018, 55 of which involved opioids, the remaining 20 deaths were related to cocaine or methamphetamines. The state has taken action to fight this tragic loss of life from occurring. Throughout Ohio, there are 19 counties participating in a research grant of $65.9 million aimed at reducing opioid deaths by 40% over three years.

In December 2011, the Stark County Opiate Task Force was created to address the growing opiate public health concern. It is made up of volunteers and paid employees who hope to bring together people utilizing resources from all sectors of the community. They are working to develop and pursue goals and strategies, including free educational classes, prescription drop off locations, and the distribution of the drug Naloxone which can reverse the effects of an opiate overdose. 


Rehabs and Detoxes in Canton

Anyone who is struggling with substance abuse issues should start their journey toward a new life at an Ohio detox center. Drug and alcohol detoxes in Canton will help those struggling safely and comfortable overcome withdrawals while in a supervised environment. Going through withdrawals alone is not easy and is rarely successful. When someone is physically and mentally dependent on drugs and/or alcohol they will have to deal with intense withdrawal pain. If they don’t receive proper medications in the correct doses the chance of relapse is high. Detox programs in Canton help those with substance abuse issues safely and comfortably overcome their symptoms all while in a medically supervised environment.

It is highly recommended that the individual continue their treatment by attending an inpatient rehabilitation facility after completion of the detox. Detoxes do little to help with the mental side of addiction, this is what residential treatment programs are for. Many people stay for in these rehabs for 30-60 days, but this period can vary from client to client. Those who enter rehab in Canton, Oh will live under the care and supervision of the staff and not at their own home. While in the facility they will engage in group meetings, learn about how to prevent relapse, how to deal with triggers, and learn more about why they began abusing drugs in the first place. 


Are Meetings Important?

It is highly recommended that they continue to work on their recovery once they complete a rehab center. One of the best ways to do this is to attend meetings and to become part of a sober support group. It is not uncommon for newly sober individuals to get off track when they get back home. They start to put things ahead of their recovery; their work, their family, and their friends. As bad as it might sound, it’s important that recovering individuals put their recovery before everything else, or they risk losing those things that they hold dear. 

Alcoholics Anonymous is the most well known and well-established recovery group in Canton, Ohio. AA has been around for over 75 years and with time has grown to have over 2 million members worldwide. There are now several branches of AA that are catered around the abuse of various substances. If you are looking for meetings in Canton, but are not interested in AA, don’t worry, there are multiple other support groups out there. There’s Celebrate Recovery, which is a Bible-based approach, SMART Recovery which is a more science-based approach, and Refuge Recovery that was designed around Buddhist principals. If you need help locating one of these meetings, please visit the group’s website for more information.

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