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Columbus, Ohio Recovery Resources

Columbus is the capital of Ohio and is quite a large city with a population of just under 880,000 people. Even though it is the capital of Ohio, there are still significant issues with drug use and drug trafficking within the city. While the community has made some valiant efforts to reduce the damage done by drug overdoses, much more is needed. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse in the city, entering a local detox center or drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus is often the best chance for achieving long-term recovery and living a life free from substance abuse.

Substance Abuse In Columbus

While marijuana and alcohol are by far the most commonly abused substances in Columbus, it could be argued that heroin and fentanyl are doing significantly more damage to the community and families that make up the city. Aside from marijuana and alcohol, some of the more commonly used “hard” drugs in Columbus include heroin, fentanyl, crystal meth, crack, and cocaine. While the levels of crack, cocaine, and heroin have remained fairly stable over the last few years, they are still widely available in the city and surrounding areas. What is concerning, however, is the increased presence of fentanyl and crystal meth in the area, as these substances have been found increasingly often over the last few years.

The amounts of fentanyl found in Columbus are certainly alarming, as overdose deaths always follow in the wake of increased fentanyl availability. Additionally, heroin in Columbus has been found to contain a wide range of different cutting agents and adulterants over the last year. Just a few of these cutting agents include diphenhydramine, acetaminophen, caffeine, quinine, tramadol, and xylazine, a powerful animal tranquilizer. Other cutting agents found in heroin, which are not as surprising but are potentially more deadly include crystal meth, cocaine, and of course, fentanyl.

In 2020, overdose deaths in the city of Columbus and Franklin County were at the highest they have been in the past 14 years, according to the Franklin County Coroner’s Office. In the first 3 months of 2020, there were 191 overdose deaths reported to the Coroner’s Office, which is 55% more overdose deaths than during the same time in 2019. Things were already quite serious in Columbus, but 2020 was a devastating year for drug overdoses in the city.

Columbus’ Response To Substance Abuse

While the drug situation in Columbus is nearing an epidemic, the community, government, and charitable organizations around the city have been mounting a response in the form of awareness, prevention, and recovery programs. These include free and low-cost detox and treatment programs, homeless shelters, naloxone distribution centers, and a variety of other helpful services that people struggling with addiction in Columbus desperately need right now. Even though these programs are extremely helpful, much more is needed to address the problem and stop the climbing numbers of overdose deaths that are plaguing Columbus.

Just a few of the helpful organizations and programs around Columbus include:

  • Franklin County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Recovery Board: A mental health and addiction recovery services hub, this organization provides resources for finding care all over Franklin County.
  • Delaware-Morrow Mental Health & Recovery Services Board: The mental health board of Delaware-Morrow Counties, this site provides resources and links to care throughout northern Columbus and the northern suburbs.
  • Fairfield County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Recovery Board: This county organization provides links and resources around the southeast part of Columbus and all across Fairfield County.
  • Licking County Alcohol Prevention Program: This county-run organization provides alcohol and drug addiction treatment services and resources to people of east Columbus and Licking County.
  • State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy: This state-run website provides a directory of pharmacies where someone may obtain naloxone without a prescription. They have several dozen listings for naloxone dispensing pharmacies in Columbus and the surrounding areas.

Drug and Alcohol Detox & Rehab in Columbus

Drug use is dangerous, certainly, but depending on the drug someone is using, quitting suddenly may be fatal. While some drugs simply produce uncomfortable, strictly psychological withdrawal symptoms, certain drugs can produce dangerous and potentially fatal physical withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the specific drug someone was using, medical help may not only be highly recommended, but it may also be necessary if they hope to stop using the drug in a safe manner. Entering a Columbus drug and alcohol detox center can provide the medical supervision, medications, and critical supportive care necessary to quit using these dangerous drugs with the lowest risk possible. For more information about Ohio Addiction Recovery Center’s helpful and potentially life-saving detox programs, take a look at our Ohio drug detox center.

Addiction Recovery In Columbus

During their time in our treatment program at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, we encourage our clients to get connected with recovery communities near their homes. Columbus has a huge number of recovery fellowships and support groups with which to build a solid network of friends who are walking the same path of recovery and sobriety. There are many different types of recovery fellowships in Columbus also, with secular groups, religious groups, and spiritual groups so that anyone can find a fellowship that suits their particular views and ideals. Some of the general recovery fellowships in and around Columbus include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Central Ohio Group Fellowship (Columbus AA Central Office) currently lists hundreds of AA meetings all over Columbus each week.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: The Central Ohio NA site lists over a dozen NA meetings across Columbus every week.
  • Cocaine Anonymous: The Ohio Area Cocaine Anonymous site lists 8 CA meetings in Columbus each week.
  • Drug Addicts Anonymous: An alternative to NA, DAA uses the original 12 step basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous. There is 1 DAA meeting in Columbus.
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous: The CMA World Services site currently lists 1 CMA meeting in Columbus each week.

The recovery fellowships listed above are all 12-step-based, although these are not the only kind of recovery fellowships available in Columbus. There are also religiously-oriented groups as well as spiritually-focused recovery fellowships. There is no right or wrong path to recovery, and different people may be more or less suited to a particular type of program. Some of the non-12-step-based recovery fellowships around Columbus include:

  • Celebrate Recovery: A Christian-focused recovery program, there are currently 4 Celebrate Recovery groups meeting each week near Columbus.
  • Recovery Dharma: A Buddhist-inspired recovery program, they have no in-person meetings in Columbus currently, but they have several dozen online meetings each day.
  • SMART Recovery: Self-Management And Recovery Training currently holds 5 meetings in Columbus each week.

Aside from fellowships that are strictly for people trying to recover from addiction themselves, there are also fellowships for the friends and families of people who have struggled with addiction. It can be extremely stressful and emotionally taxing to watch someone you care about go through active addiction, and these groups are intended to provide support, fellowship, and connection with others who have been through a similar experience. Some of the support groups for the family and friends of people struggling with addiction around Columbus include:

  • Al-Anon: A fellowship for the friends and family of people who have struggled with alcohol, there are currently over 20 meetings per week in and around Columbus.
  • Nar-Anon: This group is intended for the friends and families of people who have struggled with drug abuse and currently holds 4 meetings per week in Columbus.

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